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  1. kickingfist

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    Did you find out why?
  2. kickingfist

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    I no longer train with ussd I train in muay thai kick boxing.

    I find ussd shaolin kempo unrealistic to defened yourself.Do you train with villaris? I know bill hoff of ussd was looking to open ussd schools in florida.
  3. kickingfist

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    I know why would you? :confused:
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    I train at Shaolin Self Defense Center, you actually had a link in one of your posts a few days ago. It is Professor Thomas Ingargiolas organization.
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    I am sorry kempojer i dont train at professor Ingargiolas schools. I heard nothing but good things about him and his instructors.

    I heard he just got his 9th degree from kimo and nick cerios wife, is this true?
  6. Matthew Barnes

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    It's true (with clarification)

    Saturday, April 29th Professor Ingargiola received his 9th Dan from Professor Kimo at the Cape Cod Martial Arts Academy banquet. Professor Nancy Cerio was there and was kind enough to witness the promotion and sign the certificate. We are really grateful for her support both to us at CCMAA and to Professor Ferreira.

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    Thats cool! matt thanks for the info.
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    I heard master joe moscatelli left ussd. He ran the east part of ussd.Have you guys heard anything?
  9. kickingfist

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    I'll ask my friend whos still with ussd.
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  11. kickingfist

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  12. Red J

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    He had heard of plans of a small expansion, but nothing like what you are referring to. I think it was just a couple of East Coast guys moving locations. I haven't noticed anything yet.
  13. ShaolinKempoKa

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    I personally LOVE U.S.S.D., And am traning to become an instructor. My instructors are THE nicest people I've ever met before. And the style is very aplliable to the street, while having alot of tradition thrown in. (The shaolin temple endorsement is also good for us.) ;) The grandmasters of ussd are the only two white disciples ever in shaolin history. And the belt system makes you want to strive for your next belt, we don't just give em away. It really makes you feel like you accomplished something. And the tests are very hard. I've been doing this for 3 or 4 years now and i'm just under 1st kyu. (green-brown.) It takes a very long time to get to black belt, and i like that. It's just a really positive enviroment, and we get to go to the shaolin temple again and train with the monks in 2009! :) Lots of kung fu and karate focusing mostly on shaolin animals. Well I hope you got some good info outt'a this.
  14. ShaolinKempoKa

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    Umm... Master moscitalli prolly spelled wrong. Is the master of connecticut, I train there. lol it's funny to hear that. He's a really nice guy. And no they don't let RED BELTS run dojos. lol you guys come up with some misconceptions. Does villari run acadeny of kempo martial arts? :)
  15. DAnjo

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    Hey man,

    well, I'm glad that your'e having a good experience and I hope that you keep training hard. I think that you'll find a lot of people a lot older than you that have some very strong opinions about the USSD etc., so just realize that there's a lot more out there than what you've experienced. I believe that you are getting ready for 3rd kyu rather than 1st if you're a green-brown stripe, but that's just a technical point.

    The tests at the USSD are usually very long and exhausting and they show that you have a lot of stamina in order to get through them.

    Like anything else, it's often the person that makes the art work, but as you can see, there are many out in the rest of the world that have opinions as to the various art's effectiveness in the street. I think SKK can be a pretty good one if it's taught right and as you get older, you'll be able to check out other things and make comparisons for yourself. Always hold yourself to high standards however, and train hard. And most of all listen to those who've been around and see what you can learn from them. Not only in your school, but on these forums also.
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    Well in case you saw it, my last post here was a bit more harsh than I would have intended, but the points I made I feel are important so I'm going to make another attempt.

    The USSD system is something I am quite aquainted with, and I can tell you firsthand that it's very important that you test what you are learning, because as I've said (I think the threads still around here somewhere) alot of Kempo schools, especially those of Villari or USSD lineage tend to focus alot on implausible technique and less on reality through live sparring. Alot of teachers can make things appear to work very well, but they fall apart under resistance that would be much what you'd experience in a real fight (and I've proven this first hand to my students by intentionally duping them into believing a flawed technique in order to teach them proper objectivity when learning how to fight. These students aged from 10-50).

    I wouldn't say so from a fighting/self defense point of view. The Shaolin Temple (actually Shaolin Kung Fu as a whole) is not what it was considering the Chinese Governments destruction of the Shaolin, and transformation of what they taught into modern Wushu, which has little applicability to real fighting or self defense purposes. Although incredibly athletic and quite entertaining, it's not much more than gymnastics with kicks and animal mimickery.

    I haven't researched this myself, but I'm fairly certain that this claim is either skewed or at best misleading.

    That's awesome. It's good to hear your school actually at least upholds standards and gives you a workout. Alot of USSD schools have given up on that. A few guys I train with were USSD instructors, and they hated the way the organization here on the East Coast has just fallen apart and allowed beyond substandard individuals attain a Black Belt or higher.

    That's cool. If not for just the experience and a good time I'd like to go one day. Of course I'd have to somehow live down the accusations of paying to visit a tourist trap but hey, I call it a cultural experience :)

    Just make sure you know and are honest with what you are learning. The only real way to know if what you are learning really works is to do it. Kempo guys are notorious for advocating point sparring over REAL sparring, and claim that they can't spar with their techniques because they are "too dangerous." If you hear that, this may hurt but trust me it is nothing more than a cop-out.

    Train hard, and good luck man!
  17. Almost A Ghost

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    I'm pretty sure Villari aliented alot what instructors he had left when he posted instructor "job opening" positions on a few years back. I would post it, but unfortunately, monster doesn't have a public archive of job postings.

    Basicly, it was an "Instructors College" crash course.
  18. ShaolinKempoKa

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    Yes typo i meant 3rd kyu. And i'm positive that USSD is right for me and it works. (I've had to use it once in a minor situation.) And we do MOSTLY free sparring. So I'm 100% confident that USSD is right for me. Just remember, what you hear is sometimes different than what you actually experience, ok? :) Thank you.
  19. DAnjo

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    Well, I'm glad for you.My year and a half with the USSD wasn't a very pleasant experience in terms of what I did, saw, and heard. I even bought out the last 6 months of my contract by paying back the "discounts" I recieved over the previous year and a half for signing up for two years. But I'm glad you seem to have found a place you enjoy. Have fun with it.
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  20. KempoFist

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    Awesome then. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress to black belt :)

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