USSD Remakes Tak Wah Eng's Forms?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Gufbal1981, Apr 13, 2007.

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    Belt rank is not for me and that is all there is to it. Kata is not my thing though I do some of it, sparring is not my thing any longer though I do some of it.
    That is the answer, some of the time. I do it but it is not as much as other I do. I am telling you as honestly as I can.

    As far as the LAPD and Corps...""""Kindly find one post where I said that you were not with the LAPD or with the Marines. You're confusing me with the rest of your detractors""".

    Well we would have to go to Bullshido and pull up the thread there for your off handed remarks. In the inner circle location :D And over at San Jose Kenpo, which was deleted by the way, and you know that don't you :)

    But again I do train in all of it but I do more of other items I have explained. I do kicks but not high ones (but I can if needed). Foolish though in my opinion.
    I'd rather kick low then when they Go down kicK them in the head (if I so desired) but more than likely that will get you into jail big time (adw) with shoe as a weapon. Not a good idea.

    I think taking angles and kneeing in the back side is not that hard and then the quick choke...Good night. :cool: Done it more times than I have fingers and toes in the street with badass'es. Why I am so secure in my abilities, I have fought similar to you, and many hard wins. Not one loss in my time at it... ;) But I do have injuries, bad ones and still bothers me, but not enough not, to continue training.

    I was talking to Dave Crouch at the Chow Memorial and he felt the way I trained was ideal for me. He is a Chiropractor so I think he is a good source for confirmation on what I do...

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    Danjo mentions:
    Time really seems to expand and contract for you doesn't it? I have not been with John for years and I'm not an expert. I can tell bs when I hear it though.

    So how long have you been with John? I have a feeling you were with him and Joe at the same time, and playing the two ends to the middle shame on you. :D

    That video was a joke and we knew it and who knows how it was trimmed. Give it a break, Mr. No Show...

    I was thinking since you post so much at work, (school) how many others are helping you out? :topic:

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  3. Gufbal1981

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    I disagree with you about Taiji not being training. I actually study Chen style Taiji and there's a lot of useful things in there. There are sweeps, joint locks, hi-leg crotch carries, strikes and more. Although, you do have to be able to break down the forms to find the techniques, it does have a purpose. That's how I practice my Taiji though. I break it down and find the practical application. There are other benefits such as health, learning how to spiral your energy and others that I haven't figured out yet.
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    I'm gonna give my next girlfriend a piece of coal and call it a diamond. She just has to find it :p
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    I mentioned that because it is done all the time, I train in it, it is done at home and in the mornings to limber and allow the kinks to get out of the body...Not at the school much, but is done sometimes if I am really stiff and sore and all that.

    It is a form of training though, you are right about that. :) It all is good, IMHO...
  6. Gufbal1981

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    LOL! let me ask you this though...would you like to be told every single thing in your training, or would you like to figure out some things for yourself?
  7. BGile

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    Kempofist, an old chuck of coal will be a diamond some day, they say.
    John Anderson Music and others. Great song.

    To be led to water is one thing, to make you drink is another, (old horsemans talk) ;)

  8. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Is Gary Agreeing with me again? I'm shocked! :Alien:
  9. BGile

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    I actually agree many times, sometimes I don't, it seems the times you offer a different thought or not perfectly clear it gets arrainged the way the reader wants it presented, in their own mind. One way of catching what is on others minds :cool:

    Go to San Jose Kenpo and you can see that to be the way. LOL Sometimes I point it out, most of the time I just observe and return like for like.

    Riddles are good sometime, and sometime they are not appreciated :Alien:

    To be :ban: is not what I want, at this date and time :D

  10. KenpoDavid

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    You'd be wrong about that. But seeing as it wasn't an MMA fighter that told you so, you probably won't believe it.
  11. KempoFist

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    Care to elaborate?
  12. KempoFist

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    No finding things out myself is part of the process. Usually that's finding out what works for me at the moment, rather than just winging it and seeing what happens. I like to be told the foundation of proper technique before I just start throwing **** against the wall to find out what sticks.
  13. Gufbal1981

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    I am just asking you a question to find out your train of thought. Please don't get angry at me for that.
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    What's with all the hissy fits?
  15. KempoFist

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    Oh come on. I'm not angry at all. It's my job to make others angry ;)

    My thoughts on kata are they can be fun. Fun to compete with mostly. As far as useful for gaining specifically fighting prowess, I see it as I getting coal when you want a diamond. Doesn't build skill but can give you ideas that can possibly extracted with enough time and effort.
  16. KempoFist

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    Is it hugs time yet? :)
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    Sort of like love making in my opinion, the dance is fine as long as you still can do the other. :saz:

    Gary :Angel:
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    Except you already said that you don't do things solo (kata) nor do you like contact. So where does that leave your love-making analogy?
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  20. BGile

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    Always an exception once in awhile, this is one of them. :D

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