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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by KempoFist, May 27, 2007.

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    LOL! He received a flash ko while standing, which caused him to lose the ability of his legs. He got KO'ed again while on the ground and Rampage brought him back to consciousness with a follow up strike. It's the same thing that Tito did to Shamrock in the 2nd to last fight they had. He kept reviving Shamrock with more strikes. It was a good call by Big John.
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    Yes it helps thanks,
    Now I think the levity will begin, and not soon enough for me :D The pressure was mounting ;)
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    Very funny. :mad:

    Maybe I've done too much boxing, when I've been rocked good in the head and start to feel light headed, I usually go down low to attack the legs or bail out to recover because I know if I try to stay up I'm going to pass out or get nailed again and get KO'ed. I'm not like some really tough guys that can stay up and shake it off.

    When I've been knocked out, I have never seen the punch or kick. I wake up not knowing how I got to the ground. This is different than getting dazed.

    Maybe I'm just reading too much into what I thought Chuck was going through.
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    I know what you meant, but if I didn't comment, would I be living up to my reputation? I have an image to uphold you know :D
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    It's all good :D
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    Kempofist is this you?

    Hi KempoFist, (edit)

    I was wondering if this is your group?


    I saw what Nuck put up one time and thought there was slight tone I noticed in your thinking and then of course the action. :p

    Not a put down, but do you think this is a good situation and why did they really have to go there? First line of defense was crossed and recrossed and then the sucker punch to a guy who was using a tech that has been around since the begining of the species, the peripheral vision being faster than the tunnel. this is also very useful.

    Vision and the rods and cones...

    This is informative but you have to read it first. LOL ;)
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    Gary, I'm not sure who you are addressing in your post. You quote me but your subject line (Kempofist is this you?) refers to Kempofist.

    Anyway, what is on the video is "what makes good T.V." which does not mean it reflects necessarily what is the "right thing to do." People get in fights, especially when there is a crowd and alcohol involved... stuff like this happens. But I'm not going to take the role of an enabler and say, "boys will be boys." When I say "it is all good" or when I say "good times" I mean that no one got seriously hurt AND you can LEARN from it. The key is that you can learn from it and grow. Use it to progress and come out of it stronger and better than before. There is also the bonding aspect that people go through things together and they gain a bond, a friendship, a brother/sisterhood. Good times in fighting can be a bonding experience between even those that never knew each other before.

    I emphasize that does not mean it was the "right or best thing to do" or should be condoned as appropriate in all cases. The few no holds barred fighters I've ever met, coincidentally have been some of the most humble and respectful people you could ever meet. They would take someone out in a flash if they had to, but they have nothing to prove. They are simply bad asses and don't have to prove it, they are what they are. When people feel they have something to prove and this comes from an insecurity they have in themselves, that is often what is portrayed on T.V. Who knows how much of that is true or how much of that is hype. Problem is that people believe what they see on T.V. to be true even if it is just hype.

    As for Peripheral vision, I think you read too much value into it. EVERY sense and trigger has ways that it can be used BETTER based on technique, instinct, and experience. In other words, it isn't that peripheral vision is better than tunnel vision, it is in HOW you learn to use each to get the most benefit. There are techniques for learning to turn your head so not to try to process all the data but only see what you need to see. There are techniques for learning to process the outlines of things to tell quickly what is moving or what "does not fit into the picture."

    Every sense is important if you can use it. You won't be using a lot of peripheral vision if you are wearing a helmet that restricts your arc of vision, etc. In low light situations, again senses are limited and you got to learn what works best for you in that situation.

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket, learn the techniques that work best for you to use all your senses in a combat situation.
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    Hi Rebel,
    Yea I goofed that one up. But thanks for the post. (I edited it)

    This is a good work out.
    Spartan work out for the movie. Wow.

    [ame=""]300 Workout - YouTube[/ame]

    I started today ;) Got to a couple of pushups :D

    I did my normal work out and was told I need to start the one above if I want to really be in shape :p I am happy with my meager hour today. :cool:
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    We have seen this one before but it is a good one to show...

    Reminds you of what instant play back and camera technique can do to make a fight look better than it was, or more complicated.

    This was mentioned by Danjo on another forum:

    The whole "No one can deal with multiple attackers" was started by the BJJ guys in answer to that question. In Brazil, ther eis an honor system when two guys decide to fight. No one jumps in and it's considered a disgrace to do so. That might go a ways to explaining why the Gracies were never worried about it.

    Good observation IMHO...

    So if that is the case maybe it has changed and why they prefer the octagon or a ring to just a good street beating.

    Gangbangers are the terrorists of America, we should be allowed, no jail time if you go to their hang out and exterminate. Just as long as you are a concerned citizen and not affiliated with a gang. ;)
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    Actually, an indicator of gettign even more TF in KTFO is when you not only ask "What Happened?" but when it is followed up with "Did I win?". then you know they were _really_ KTFO.
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    Glad to see such a balanced approach Gary. Why'd you leave the police force again?
  12. BGile

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    Actually these thoughts are something I have to mention since that is where it is going to go unless some justice is done and the local terrorists of the cities are stopped.

    It is history and it is being replayed and it will be the same ending I am afraid. People cannot take the kind of imbalance that is going on now.
    Katrina was an incident and a warning, I figure that has been heard.

    I have read some of the concerns of the "chiefs of police" and it is not from the bad guys, it is from the civil unrest that will come when the solider returns, and is seeing the same problem at his door step.

    We don't have the power to stop it either I am afraid.

    So why should it be a crime to exterminate these parasites?

    Because of our laws and our proper thinking and the way we are as a group of good citizens...But for how long?

    Time will tell and the extremists are at the door step.

    My thought anyway.

    The amount of death due to these types of persons a year is staggering.

    I might just start a thread and really expose it for you to understand the horribleness of it, and how it is in the Cities and Barrios of our nation.

    The war over in Iraq is nothing compared to the war in our streets of USofA.
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    Well, given that I teach these kids, I do have some insight. If you would talk to your cousin David Brewer at the LAUSD, he might be able to clue you in on it a bit better.
  14. BGile

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    You are very funny guy Danjo :D The one you mention is not :p

    But this one could be. Never know do you?

    There is a good possibility that this one is related though. Since color and race are a clue. Again a personal attack, that makes another for you. :ban:
    Supreme Justice is a good thing I figure.

    I liked this movie it is about Prejudice, and Extreme thoughts.

    I watched some older UFC quarter finals, pathetic to the max. They have sure gotten better, who are fighting. The refereeing was better. Guy was hit in the back of the head, stood them up and continued.

    Then the fight last night on Showtime, guy went down after getting hit in the back of the head and they called it a knockdown, clean shot to the back of the head. LOL

    Referee's, some need to learn the rules. :confused:

    One thing about the fight on Showtime, I'll say I sure agree with the winner, he does not put much of his training or conditioning into sparring mostly bag work and hard training, only sparred 12 rounds for the fight....Good fight. :)

    Actually he wanted more sparring but did not have the money to pay somebody to beat up. Lucky for them, he is tough.

    I always thought one of the reasons Ali was so good, was because his sparring partner was Larry Holmes.

    Oh well, it is late...
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