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    For those of you who wonder what sorts of attacks you're likeliest to encounter (in the US, at least), here's a summary using the latest (2003) statistics from the US Department of Justice. It's pretty easy to get the facts from the Bureau of Justice Statistics site (thanks to blogger Brian Jones on Aikido Journal for his self-defense article pointing me to the BJS site). According to this, in the US you've only got a 2.3% chance of being attacked and 76% of those attacks will be unarmed; and, there's roughly a half chance or better that you'll know your attacker:

    Criminal Victimization, 2003 (Excerpts from the report, which is much longer)

    In 2003, there were 23 violent crime victimizations per 1000 people.

    During 2003, 24% of all violent crime incidents were committed by an armed offender; 7% by an offender with a firearm.

    The presence of a weapon during a violent crime was related to the type of crime. For example, rape and sexual assault incidents were the least likely (11%) and robberies the most likely (45%) to occur with an armed offender.

    The type of weapon also varied by the type of violence. 3% of rape/sexual assault incidents occurred with a firearm present, compared to 25% of robbery incidents. The rate of firearm violence in 2003 was 1.9 victimizations per 1,000.

    In 2002, firearms were used in the majority of murders (71%).

    Strangers to the victim committed 32% of the violence against females and 54% of the violence against males. Robbery was the crime most likely to be committed by a stranger for both male and female victims.

    Of those crimes that were categorized as rape/sexual assault, guns were involved in 3%, knives 6%, and other objects in 2% of instances.

    In cases of aggravated and simple assault, guns were involved in 5%, knives 6%, and other weapons 9% of instances.

    During 2003, 48% of all violent victimizations were reported to the police. The percentage of violent crime reported differed among the specific types of crime. Robbery (61%) and aggravated assault (59%) were most frequently reported to police.
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    Sounds about right to me in my experience. Most of my clients are prone to carry a knife a bat or a 2x4.
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    It will vary according to areas, the time of year etc. but during my work in ER's and amublances the majority of the wounds that we saw/treated from fights/brawls/attacks were of the stabbing or slashing kind. (Obviously excluding the concussions and broken noses from punches)

    Generally not with some fancey, expensive knife from a knife dealer...
    more often than not they were with a kitchen knife or a fruit knife.
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    yeah, i even keep a bat in the car just in case, once i get good with the chucks ill keep a pair in there also. never plan to use em, but you never know if you might need em.
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    Thanks for the stats wer. I had always wondered what my chance of getting attacked with a weapon were.
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    HEY! I had some guy try to mug me earlier this year. He lost......
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    So tell us -- how far did it go and what did you do? Where were you along the continuum from "I gave him a look and he changed his mind" or "I bought him a beer and now we're friends" to MA techniques to "I shot him"?

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