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  1. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    Hey my TKD family. Whats up?

    Well guess what, im out of that dreaded depression. I am doing so well it's astonishing. My coordination is returniing, power and strength and speed are beyond imagination(thank you weight lifting)

    I kinda took your advice, and I Didn't sparr for a few weeks, instead focused on technique, took it easy. I still was more intense than usual. But guess what Im doing great.

    Thanks once again for everything, I appreciate it. Only thing still lingering in my twisted brain is guilt, and anger a bit. I believe I should of been 3rd degree about a year ago(yes i've missed more than 1 testing) Besides that lingering guilt/anger, im doin fine.

    How about you all?
  2. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Hey glad to hear that you're back on track Labatt ... in your case "guilt" can be a powerful motivator.... learn from it and move on! Stop the guilt trip already!

    Are you still on schedule for June?

    I won't be testing for 3rd until maybe possibly a1 1/2 - 2 years!
    I am in no hurry... after earning black the rest of the degrees are just "sprinkles on the cake" so-to-speak
  3. John G

    John G Valued Member

    Keep kicking Labatt ...

    You’ll get there eventually; I have a three year minimum wait till my next grading.

    Funny thing about time, everything’s eventual, just something’s seem to take longer than others.

    Time seems to drag on (like my posts) waiting for the weekend to arrive, yet it tends to speed up when it comes to the un-pleasantries in life (death, taxes and a trip to the dentist springs to mind).

    Before you know it, you become a silly old bugger like me spending more time writing about time rather than spending what precious little time I have left enjoying it.

    For me, I hope the next three years drags on so it feels like fifteen. Imagine the amount of knowledge one could acquire and the experiences to be had if one could cram fifteen years into three.

    Thank goodness time is man made.

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  4. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    Great posts.
    Kickchick, what gup are you? Same question to John.

    Kickchick, 1 thing you said intrigued me.

    "I am in no hurry... after earning black the rest of the degrees are just "sprinkles on the cake" so-to-speak"

    I was always taught and always thought that once you achieve a black belt, now your REAL TKD training has begun. As my master likes to put it.

    Im just 1 year overdue for 3rd degree, why do you have to wait so long guys/gals?
  5. KarateKid1975

    KarateKid1975 New Member

    Good to hear you're back, Labatt :) I got the word that I am finally going to test for brown (I miss my brown belt test twice in two schools) in July. It will be a big stepping stone for me :) You will get your 3rd degree. The third time is a charm ..... or at least in my case it is.
  6. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    In my case aswell :)
  7. kareem

    kareem New Member

    hey guys kareem the dream is back, but anyway i was just wondering what federation did u belong to labatt. oh yeah i was a second degree 4 almost three years be4 i took my third degree test. well anyway its great to be able to talk to other tae kwon doist, or as my good friend calls it taekwondodians.

    "break a leg muhahah just kiddin"
    your friend and mine kareem
  8. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    ... as posted in my sig I am 2nd dan (Sept. of 2002)

    Don't misunderstand me Labatt, I am not down-playing the degrees earned after black... it is just that, true now I am too busy "really" learning and polishing my technique that earning a new rank really isn't as monumental as it was pre-black belt. That to me, getting my black belt was a one of many major achievements in my life.
  9. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    Nice post kareem, you can call me that :)

    I understand kickchick, but when I Was getting up towards black, I always that when I Get my black belt, this is one it's time to take off and soar. Alot of people quit after getting there black belt, but their training is only beginner, it's like your not a child any more, your a teen or something like that. Im glad your still going, go out and soar!

    I still believe that there is an unimaginable amount of stuff to learn.

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