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    So we received a story at the end of class yesterday about the origin of black uniforms from master yang. he mentioned that although many tkma people like to mention the hwarang, to the north(in goryeo territory) were a rough equivalent called jo-in(조 인?). they wore all black with a black sash and a headband with a feather in the middle.

    anybody know anymore? all i could get was a rock sandwich for asking why we dont use cuffed tops&bottoms with headbands (yeah, im THAT guy in class).

    anyways, to broaden the topic, here is a quote from the übermeister:

    "My understanding is that it was a special appointment by the king in olden times. In fact, the kuksa might simply have been an instructor for the children of the king, not a military advisor or anything to do with MA. But that's the connection that IHS uses when explaining the color scheme for his wangsa dobok (king-teacher uniform). The fairly recent use of the term "kuksa" by the ROK gov't, where it was applied to leaders in several various and sundry arts and which I explained in posts #324 & #325, doesn't speak to any specific MA connection either. Therefore I personally don't see anyone claiming this title, whether legitimate or not, as pointing to anything that a serious MAist should be concerned about."

    color scheme seems pretty important. master yang has two different color uniforms: gold with reddish gold trim for bbelt promotion, and blue with gold trim for every other occasion.
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    For me, I wear black and require my students to do the same simply out of a practical view of training equipment. In HKD arts we tend to assume a one knee position at the end of many joint lock projection throws, something that wreaks havoc on the knees of a white uniform, especially during outdoor training. Black does not show wear, sweat, and soil like white uniforms do.

    Plus it really sets us apart at the local tournaments we attend...The black dobak has a stigma around here, due to a large chain of schools in the 70's that only allowed students with national titles to wear black uniforms. :evil:
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    FWIW, I didn't mean that color schemes were unimportant, but rather that it's futile to spend time worrying about whatever MA title someone claims and who issued the title (in other words, is the title and any accompanying rank actually legitimate or is it self-proclaimed/self-bestowed).

    As I understand it, the color for the wangsa robes was gold, and the trim colors were limited to lavender & green (green is most likely a choice due to the twin dragon emblems used to signify royalty — oh yeah, that was only during wartime, in peacetime twin phoenixes were to be substituted for the dragons).

    I would like to point out, choladeva, that if you take the colors master yang uses for both of his "special occasion" uniforms, that you're left with a fairly close approximation of the 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow) which is fairly unique to korean philosophical thought. The one that's mostly gold and trimmed in reddish gold sounds very similar to the 'gold with lavender trim' color scheme that's traditionally reserved for korean royalty (puce or maroon may be a better/closer choice than lavender or purple). :thinking:

    As for a utilitarian uniform for training purposes, I've grown accustomed to the plain black dobok (but colored trim is acceptable if it's deemed useful and necessary).
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    Simple, because black is badass!!!

    The Cobra Kai wore black, so we wear black!


    KIWEST Revalued Mapper

    Cobra Kai??? :eek::eek:Didn't the guy from the Cobra Kai get his head kicked in :kick:by the Karate Kid :karate:and didn't the aging Mr Miyagi do something similar to his instructor?:fight2: Doesn't sound like someone you would want to emulate shibby! ROFL:evil::jester:

    PS. But I do agree with you that Black is a GREAT colour for our dobohk!
  7. Shibby!

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    They may have lost in the end, but they were badass while doing it, AND they did jump kicks!

    Daniel Son was lame.


    Cobra Kai - Strike first, strike hard, no mercy!
    Miagi - Wax on wax off!

    I cut up a KS uniform and made it into a Cobra Kai outfit for Halloween. It was excellent. If only i got away with going sleevless to class.

    KIWEST Revalued Mapper

    Got any pictures of that Shibby?
    Daniel may have been lame but wasn't it a jump front kick (Crane technique) he used to beat the other guy when he had injured his leg? Oh dear..showing my age now. I really SHOULDN'T remember all that stuff. And neither should you, you are half my age! LOL
    And their motto may have sounded tough, but it didn't really work for them did it?
    I like the "winning in the end" idea better. "Wax on- wax off"...and "Paint-a-fence" WTG! (Especially if you are the instructor getting their car waxed and fence painted for free!...hmmm now there's an idea........:evil:)
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    It's sad that they had to invent the crane kick as the finishing technique when there as so many good kicks already. I like the "never back down" finishing roundhouse myself.
  10. Shibby!

    Shibby! Valued Member

    Ill try to dig a few out! :)

    Hahah! Ace film! well i thought the Cobra Kai were, they are what got me into MA, i always liked the bad guys! :) :)
  11. KIWEST

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    I only like the bad guys when they get away with it! LOL
    But the suits WERE good. Sleeveless uniforms for the summer. :cool:Maybe worth thinking about. Not good for Eue Bohk Soo tho.....and I would need to do a lot more of those bicep curls before I got my skinny arms out!:eek:
    I remember reading that the black suits were one of the things that attracted KJN Barry Harmon to KS.
    And OTL is right about the black suits setting you apart at open tournaments. Not sure that is always helpful though...
  12. unknown-KJN

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    Hi, Shibby!

    Maybe you'll like this...

    Wax on, wax off... (wax prolific). As in, Miyagi spends too much time philosophizing and not enough time practicing (unless you count the PRACTICE of duping a punk kid into doing his chores - painting the fence, varnishing the deck, waxing the classic car collection, etc. - LOL). :D

    We all know that the Karate Kid series of movies was rife with cornball characters & dialogue, so you hafta admit that Shibby! has a point. And from MY perspective...

    Redeeming factor in Karate Kid = Cobra Kai

    Redeeming factor in Karate Kid 2 = asian hottie :evil: (Tamlyn Tomita is still hot BTW)

    Redeeming factor in Karate Kid 3 = ??? :dunno: (the series probably should've stopped before reaching this point)

    PROOF of Ms. Tomita's hotness:
    (NOTE: she's on the left, next to Diana Lee Inosanto)

  13. Shibby!

    Shibby! Valued Member

    Agreed!!!! :)

    Damn she is still fine!!!

    Nah number 3 was BAD! and so was 4!!!
  14. unknown-KJN

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    Sorry for going off-topic, but I feel compelled to comment...

    Number 4???

    Sorry. To me the "Karate Kid" will always be Ralph Macchio, so if you are referring to the movie made in 1994 as #4 (with Pat Morita as Miyagi and Hillary [Million Dollar Baby] Swank as his protégé), think again. FWIW the title was "The Next Karate Kid" not "Karate Kid, part IV."

    If OTOH you meant the recent remake, then I plead the fifth since my mama always told me it was better not to say anything than to say something that wasn't nice. And there was absolutely nothing good to say about that horrid remake starring Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith. :yeleyes: (not that I actually bothered to see it after reading all the bad reviews, plus it was pretty obvious it sucked by viewing the theatrical trailer)
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    You are correct UK, Ms Tomita is hot, and from the photo's of Diana Lee Inosanto I have seen I would say she wasn't so bad either!
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    You wanna see a good 'finishing roundhouse', watch this guy. Oh yes, and by the way, his arms were broken soon after the start of the fight — one quite badly broken (he has a plate, or two, in at least one of his arms as a result of that fight). He continued to fight, however, knowing that his arm was broken, and assuming that the other was just badly bruised... I've met and trained with him. Tough guy still!

  17. Herbo

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    haha very nice video. On second thought, why invent the crane kick when you have the kyokushin wheelkick?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5z7xc7sC-k"]YouTube- Kyokushin karate fighting (wheelkick)[/ame]
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    Nice video's Ollie and Herbo, and love that wheel kick Herbo! Very nice.

    But that crane kick from Karate Kid appears to me to be just a front jump kick with flappy arms!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYE4fNQKTs4"]YouTube- The Karate Kid finale crane kick![/ame]

    Having said that, love the film as a piece of pure fun with the good guy winning in the end! Don't you just love Holywood!
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    I haven't had time to look into it but it looks like
    Shilla had the hwarang and Koguryo had the kyongdang.
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    Man! I need to brush up on my history... I was thinking that the elite warriors of Koguryo were called Sun-Bae (or Sun-In or somethng beginning with "sun"). :bang:
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