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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MajesticB, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Ok, I need to address a few things.

    #1. You don't need to eat that much meat. Three steaks a day is ridiculous, its too much saturated fat, cholesterol (yes even top cut sirloin if you can afford 3 of those every day...), etc, you don't need it.

    #2. A lot of people mentioned to cut back the sugar. Very good idea. More calories yes, more junk fook no. This includes frozen meals too.

    #3. Regarding the slowing down metabolism thing: it's been mentioned before, I've even read it in magazines in hardgainer articles. I'm going to agree with my nutritionist and say you do NOT want to slow down your metabolism. Metabolism is what breaks down food and processes it into usable goods in your body. You need this to build muscle and store energy. Trying to slow down your metabolism is going to effect your training and recovery as well. This isn't the path you want to take to put on mass.

    #4. I highly recommend you see a nutritionist. They can sort you out, give you a proper meal plan, calorie specific for your body, lifestyle and goals.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and even say that protein is a little over rated with yours (and my) body size and condition. The two most important things right now for you to have is at least 50% of your food source from good quality, clean low glycemic carbohydrates, and you need to be busting ass in a gym.

    If you are eating healthy and have a protein shake after your workouts, you should be getting an easy 100+ grams of protein every day. Right now you don't need any more. What you need is lots of energy for your workouts, non-crap food, lots of water for proper hydration, and a good night of sleep every night. And you need to be on a good weight training program. Not over-training, and not under-training yourself.

    One last thing - time. Give it time. Your body is going to get out of its comfort zone for a while while you carve out a new life. Then your body is going to thank and reward you for it. Give it a month or two and stay off the scale. The mirror will tell you whats going on.
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    holy crap, thanks for all of the replies.

    Yeah, I will admit that my weight gain was fat and water, but I was mostly curious to see if I could really gain weight if I needed. My mom is an M.D. and was talking about how for some people it is darn near impossible to gain weight (or lose it, as the case may be, although she said it wasn't impossible).

    pgm, actually I used to eat those things everyday. My favorite being the double six dollar burger from Carls Junior - 1500 calories in the burger alone. But then again, I didn't see the purpose in gaining weight if I am going to die of a heart attack at 30.

    While I do believe I have a good workout plan going (I have a personal trainer that my mom hooked me up with), I realize it will take awhile to gain muscle weight. That I have no problem with, and I understand fully. What I am kind of irritated by right now is stupid things like, wrist size. I can overlap my fingers around my wrist, it is so ridiculously scrawny looking (but further up the arm it gets bigger as there is muscle there). I don't suppose there are workouts for wrist muscles? I doubt that if there is, that it would make much of a difference in size.

    I've only been weight training about a month now, and I have tried to go 3 times a week, but this past week only got to the gym 2x.

    Perhaps I will go see a nutritionist, but I will have to check out pricing first, I'm already spending quite a bit on other things.

    Crap, these are my favorite, especially the lasagnas with riccotta cheese, those are wicked awesome.

    Anyways, thanks for the advice. I think I have heard about everything I need to to get started (again). Of course if there is anything else you might have to say in response to this post, go ahead, I welcome it.
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    There's no muscle around the wrist, just tendon. You're an ectomorph so will have frail looking wrists. You can't do anything about this.
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    I'm not sure if I believe that. If you build up the muscle in your forearms I think your wrists would start to look not as frail. That and you can always use some synthol if needed.

    Edit: That last part was a joke BTW.
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    Bwuahaha... I show everybody the synthol pics now. Still unbelievable.

    As for your wrists, I'm right there with ya. But integ9 is correct. Build up your forearms, build up your grip strength. Your wrists wont get huge, but they'll get a little better and with a strong grip and larger forearms, nobody will notice your wrists.

    BTW - you have ...um... weak... hands too. :)

    (that thread was very motivational for me, I hope you enjoy it)
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    Eat more beef!! Drink more milk and couple it with a decent sandwich.
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    lol, awesome link, I especially liked your little translation to a family-friendly article name.
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    ^BWAHAHA! That link is amazing :D :D :D. Thanks
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    He's got a way with words, no?
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    Quality link, I was laughing throughout reading, but there's some stuff in there I'll be definitely looking into so that I can "de-vaginize" my hands. LOL! :D
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    Can I just post a nice little disclaimer - please beware the language on that link, it is not appropriate for this site! I won't take it down because I think it's very useful, but if you don't like bad language, don't read it! :)
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    Added your disclaimer to my post. Was going to put it up originally for the same reason but didn't want to attract more attention and get it deleted... :eek:

    Thanks for leaving it up. :D
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    You cant beat a bit of grip work.

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