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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by ninjabumon, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. ninjabumon

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    Does the ninja have his own form of breakfalling and rolling? You better believe it. If we had a heading or topic, we would call it Ukemigata Taihenjutsu. Under that, there would be several subheadings. Ukemi means breakfalls. Gata is an older translation of Kata. Taihenjutsu would represent body way, or body movement.

    Here is what we have:

    Kaiten-Zenpou Kaiten (Forward Roll)
    Koho Kaiten (Back Roll)
    Sokuho Kaiten (Side Roll)
    Nagare-Taichi Nagare (Lateral Body Drop)
    Yoko Nagare (Side Body Drop)
    Jun Nagare (Backward Body Drop)
    Gyaku Nagare (Twisting Body Drop)
    Ukemi- Zenpou Ukemi (Forward Breakfall)
    Koho Ukemi (Back Breakfall)
    Sokuho Ukemi (Side Breakfall)

    Oten- Cartwheels
    Zenpou Tenkai- Front flip
    Koho Tenkai- Back flip

    Tobikomi - Leaping into a dive roll
    Tobiori- Leaping over something and rolling when landing
    Shoten- Running up obsticles or walls.

    These are no ways all we do, but it will sure help you I hope.

    Country Ninja,
    Tracy Crocker
  2. Doug Tweedy

    Doug Tweedy New Member


    I meant to tell you before, that one of the most interesting things about ukemi and rolling in this art is the application of strikes and kicks "hidden" in the rolls and breakfalls. These are aspects that I have never seen before in any of my prior MA experience. It is so great to see in this art all the views of techniques and see how many ways you can explore each of the techniques that we do. It goes back to the idea about the Kihon Happo. I love the concept of the "8" laying on it's side represents infinity. Eight versions of eight techniques. Eight versions of each of those eight versions...over and over endlessly. The learning cycle is endless. It isn't about MORE techniques, it's about UNDERSTANDING more indepth about each technique....

    My thoughts on it anyhoo...
  3. Sonshu

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    There are other breakfalls that other styles use that Taijutsu does not?

    Its interesting to experiment and the ones we have are quality. Interesting point is as I cross train - Im a big guy 15st I can kaiten with little noise and small jujitsu people sound like rhino's

    We are the silent rollers with no doubt - people often ask why I am so quiet!

    Listen when you are with people of other arts - its good to hear!

  4. Shadow_Fox

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    is a forward roll just a summersault?
  5. Darzeka

    Darzeka New Member

    Yeah - put both fists on the ground as you are crouching down.
    Tuck in the head. Allow your body to roll. Then plant feet as close to your bum as possible and use the momentum to stand up.

    Multiple, leaping forward rolls are fun. But be careful of the head and neck (keep it tucked in).
  6. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    are backflips and frontflips really necessary in ninjutsu?
  7. Darzeka

    Darzeka New Member

    You can learn them if you want.
    We don't need to - its just a thing from how agile you are.

    They do look very cool though. I'm gonna try to learn them after my next grading and my shoulders finish healing.

    They are useful as ways of moving around though and you can move very far with them. I wouldn't try one in the middle of a fight but running away? flip over the wall and you gain about 20 metres on the guy trying to climb it.
  8. Solane

    Solane New Member

    Hi Shadow_fox

    Sorry to say a forward roll is not a summersault.

    A summersault is where your whole body leaves the ground and does a complete rotation in the air.

    A forward roll is as Darzeka mentioned a roll across the floor where you use 1, 2 or no hands depending on your skill level. But you are in contact with the ground the whole time you actually do the roll, the force of the ground is spread diagonally down the back from the lead shoulder across the back down to the opposite hip.

    Beginners start by learning to use both hands to roll one slightly in front of the other, as you progress in skill and lvl you are taught to roll with one hand as the 2nd might be holding a weapon or injured or held by an opponent to finally no hands for the same reasons.

    Learning to roll properly is very important in my belief and should be taught to all children in school. Being able to roll forward or backwards is important to stop you falling flat on your face or back and taking injures from a trip, fall or push etc.

    Being able to roll has saved me from serious injurys in everyday life.
    About 6 years ago when I was 25 I was out cycling with a friend in the summer and as we got near to his house, I was thrown over the handle bars onto a gravel road as the front brake broke off the frame and wrapped around the wheel.
    There is a moment where everything goes into slow mo as your brain trys to catch up with what is happening at that moment, but then reality kicks in as I realised my face and head were about to meet the road, and instinct kicks in big style as I let go of the handle bars pushed off from the bicycle and went into a forwards roll. My legs got caught in the frame and the bicycle did not let go untill I was lying still on my back, My first thought was where my glasses were as I was not wearing them and they were brand new that week. I picked them up as they were next to me checked that they were fine & put them back on, it was at this point the pain kicked in and I heard my friend laughing his head off. I then stood up and he shut up as he saw all the blood.
    Why blood?, because I was only wearing shorts and tee shirt as it was summer, I was also not wearing a bicycle helmet as they had only been out a few years were not compulsory and I had borrowed his dads bicycle.
    Considering all the blood I looked worse than I was, I had a couple of bruises on my arms, knees, back and shoulder with cuts to my palms, left arm and right knee. With no head injuries. The bicycle was bent out of shape.

    I firmly believe I received so few injuries because I was taught to roll and breakfall and they have become second nature to me. Otherwise I think I would have lost alot of my face and received huge head and neck injuries.

    Thanks for reading my reply hope it was not to long. :)

    Train safe and have fun

  9. Darzeka

    Darzeka New Member

    Solane, what you descibed with the roll is what we call a "side roll" where you will roll down one shoulder to the opposite hip.
    I prefer to put one fist on the floor and scoop the other arm through to make the roll more easily controlled.

    But a forward roll is basically a rolly-polly - something you did as a kid. From a normal stance crouch down, put both fists down evely spaced from your body then allow your arms to bend as you go over to prevent slamming your back on the ground and tuck your head in. As you finish the roll tuck your feet into your bum and use your momentum to stand up ( the closer your feet are to your bum the easier it is to stand up).

    I wholly agree with the idea of rolls and breakfalls saving you once they are second nature. I had a mate spear takle me soon after I started training (we were drunk and didn't believe me spear tackles are dumb attacks) so as he tackled I got a headlock on and he did a clumsy leg lift takedown.
    I kept the head lock on as he slammed he and breakfalled with the other arm. It was on uneven wooden decking and I managed to keep the headlock on without killing him as well. He still doesn't believe me though.

    Solane, have you done any breaking rolls or breakfall rolls?

    They are useful but hard to get the timing right.
  10. Solane

    Solane New Member

    Hi Dareka

    Lol this could get fun, what a huge opportunity for missunderstandings. :)

    I did 8 years of judo before taking a break and going to University then about 9 years of Ninjutsu. I have not trained for about a year so I am a bit rusty but that happens when you move jods :) I am an Orange 1 in Judo and 1st Dan in Ninjutsu I am not to bothered about grading and have missed loads over the years, I enjoy the training more than anything and it did keep me fit. I am based in the UK.

    So I have had a lot of exposure to rolls and breakfalls.
    Yes a rolly-polly is a forward roll.
    But as Ninabumon says the roll that I explained was the "Kaiten-Zenpou Kaiten (Forward Roll)" and is what I think of as a proper forward roll as the judo forward roll is very similair. To me a side roll is a side roll where I stand facing you and roll to my left or right while still looking forward at you.

    If I understand you right then yes I have done "breaking rolls or breakfall rolls" in the past and they can be very effective when used right.

    I have always had trouble keeping the correct technique names with the technique, and seem to have forgotten a lot of the names but not the techniques themselves over the last 19 months of not practicing. I will need to brushup on them. :)

  11. eninpodotcom

    eninpodotcom New Member

    The "tenkai" or flips (front, back, cartwheel) are characteristic of Togakure Ryu which utilizes them quite frequently in its Taihenjutsu.

    Whether they are required for rank or nor is strictly up to the instructor.
  12. Shadow_Fox

    Shadow_Fox New Member

    so it doesn't really matter?
  13. eninpodotcom

    eninpodotcom New Member

    Asone poster stated before, it depends upon you ability level. You will get more credit for trying and doing improperly than you would not trying at all.
  14. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    is a sokuho Kaiten basically a shoulder roll?
  15. Solane

    Solane New Member

    yes if you mean a side roll. The force of the roll goes across the back from one shoulder to the other. That is if I'm thinking of the correct technique. :)

  16. eninpodotcom

    eninpodotcom New Member

    The way I have been taught to do Sokuho Kaiten is to stand in Shizen no Kamae with your gaze fixed on a spot in front of you (your opponent) and do Katate Zenpo Kaiten to the right or left while maintaining this fixed gaze.
  17. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee New Member

    I was wondering this though in ninjutsu do you know how to climb on walls or run on them?
  18. Darzeka

    Darzeka New Member

    That is just something you can learn anywhere and is only useful if you are going to climb walls or run along them.

    For the most part we learn a way of looking at your body, its possible movements and what affects it will have upon someone else and vice versa.

    All the ninja "assassin" type of thinking stems from thier need to get into places quietly and easily. I have no need to climb walls or jump from roof to roof or poison people.
    Wall climbing itself is something you can teach yourself and running along them is something derived from understanding your balance - which you get from training lots.
  19. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee New Member

    I thought all those stuff were only in movies.And do you think you can jump over s person who is like 6 ft tall or 5 ft is it possible I think Bruce Lee did.
  20. Cougar_v203

    Cougar_v203 4th surgery....Complete!

    if you kick them in the balls you can :D

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