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Discussion in 'Karate' started by kerling, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. kerling

    kerling Hidden haito style


    I was wondering if you live in the uk and practice shotokan karate what your sensei name is!

    I know few sensei's in uk and have trained with them in a training camp in Edinburg. Just wondering if I know the names.

    Regards Kerling
  2. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Zoltan Dienes?
  3. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    I used to train with Sensei Mike Tan
  4. kerling

    kerling Hidden haito style

    Note many uk shotokan people here I would guess from only 2 reply's

    Regargs Kerling
  5. xubis

    xubis New Member

    I train with Steve King and Seb King
  6. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    One of which wasn't even from a Shotokan practioner :D There are a few Shotokan-er's about here, I think they're just being shy
  7. captainmoomoo

    captainmoomoo Valued Member

    Hi All, although I now do WTF Taekwondo, I did manage to get up to 2nd Kyu in Shotokan under Sensei Eric Pitch, who was with the KUGB at that time. Great instructor.
  8. xubis

    xubis New Member

    Or lazy, can't be bothered to type and click ;P
  9. Scaramouch

    Scaramouch Lost Soul

    I am 1st Dan Shotokan Karate but I know longer train due to lack of a club in the Scottish Highlands (that I like anyway!). I now do CKD, aikido and occaisionally judo.

    I trained through the late 80's and early 90's with KUGB instructors. My first, main instructor was Cyril Cummings 6th Dan - despite the surname a great bloke! He teaches in the Birmigham area. During my time with the KUGB I trained on courses and gradings with Enoeda (died this year), Ohta, Andy Sherry, Bob Poynton, Terry O'Neil, Frank Brennan, Steve Cattle and Billy Higgins. Any of those ring a bell?
  10. kobudo_tob

    kobudo_tob Valued Member

    Really? I did my Nidan (2nd degree) with Seb King in Sept. 2001. Steve King did the Cardio-warmup.

    Tell them Tobias and Jim say hello.
  11. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    i train with sensei Bob Anderson at Peterlee Martial Arts Club in County Durham
  12. xubis

    xubis New Member

    That is cool man! I will tell them you said hi, we often come down to leeds for Steve Leeks comps, maybe we should meet up next time?
  13. Paul Herbert

    Paul Herbert New Member

    Hi - I trained with Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda in London for the past 10 years and now my main instructor is Sensei Yoshinobu Ohta. Another Sensei I endevour to train with regularly is Dave Hazard.
  14. cockney

    cockney New Member

    My first club instructor was Clive Needham great guy,
    Chief instructor Ray Fuller, Thames Karate Assoc.
    Malcolm Phipps saishinkai.
    currently Cheif instructor Robert Curtis, Ryoshin Karate Assoc.

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