UK rigged against the poor report says

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    I think this means class warfare is back as an option!

    Race report: 'UK not deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities'

    The UK "no longer" has a system rigged against people from ethnic minorities, a review set up by No 10 says.

    The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities said family structure and social class had a bigger impact than race on how people's lives turned out.

    Which is quite a Trotskyist approach for a conservative government to take.

    I wondered if there was a connection:
    Munira Mirza - Wikipedia
    Oh look who organised the report:

    "Early on, Mirza was involved in revolutionary politics,[13] including being a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, a small group that dissolved in 1997.[14][5] She contributed to its magazine, Living Marxism, which was dissolved after losing a libel case to ITN over the Bosnian genocide. The magazine was replaced by the Spiked website, for which she has written articles.[15]


    On 24 July 2019, following her former boss Johnson becoming Prime Minister, Mirza was appointed Director of the Number 10 Policy Unit, replacing James Marshall.[1] Mirza has drafted financial policy in this role.[32][33][34]

    Johnson has spoken of her as "extraordinary", "ruthless", and one of "the five women who have shaped my life".[35]

    In 2020, ITV political editor Robert Peston said in The Spectator that calls for the BBC's "cultural re-education", which many assumed came from Johnson's former adviser Dominic Cummings, actually came from Mirza and her husband.[36]


    What a tangled web, Boris Johnson, spiked online, brexit, and a revolutionary communist party!
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    Considering Cameron and his crew re-defined what "poverty" was just to make it statistically look better in regards to how many poor kids existed in the UK, just shows what kind of party we have here.
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    I always new they were corrupt, but usually right wing parties use identity politics to disguise class based politics, it's quite unusual that they're doing it the other way around, perhaps they think they've got the working class vote so controlled, they can use that to deny race based identity politics too?

    It's super wierd so many of the contributors of Living Marxism, are now right wing libertarians/covid deniers/ brexiters / Tory party members or employees.

    Grifiters gotta grift I suppose, (insert das capitol joke)
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    Lol they release the race report saying no racism yet the previous Tory race report says yes there is institutional racism.

    The met hired a freaking neo-nazi, they really not want to acknowledge that agency plays into structures?
    I guess that would make politicians culpable.

    Also ONS data from 2 weeks before point at an interaction of race, geography and class leading to disparities across your life span - poors, minorities and northerners! Rise up! And let's share power with women.
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