UK Cop jailed for murder

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    The other problem with these sexual social scripts is that any of us might have had sex with someone who only did it because they thought it was their social obligation to do so and we might never know.

    I know I've had sex with women because it felt like the easier option over possibly hurting their feelings. Not the same as sleeping with someone in the context of an undercurrent of physical threat or sexual objectification, but still a result of social scripts.

    The ubiquity of derogatory and violent porn must have an effect. I've mentioned before how taken aback I was going into university at 26; I only had 8 years on those kids, but I saw a huge step backwards in the ability of those boys to acknowledge women as full people in their own right. Many could, but a disturbing amount couldn't form meaningful platonic relationships with women, and would unconsciously not bother to listen to women unless they found them attractive. It was like hanging out with men from the generation before me. I'd always suspected it was down to the explosion of "lad culture" that happened after I'd left school, but hadn't thought about the sudden availability of hardcore porn.

    As for attitudes toward women, the biggest predictor I've found is how someone's dad treats their mum. If they put down and minimise them, don't take them or what they say seriously, there's a good chance their sons won't see women as people in the same way as men.
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    Maybe, but not that long ago almost everyone thought hitting kids was best for everyone involved. The reactionary types were probably bemoaning the abolition of slavery and lack of wars with France.
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    The police comissionar who said Sarah Everard shouldn't have "allowed" herself to be arrested by a serving Policeman and women need to "learn" when and how they can be arrested has lost a vote of no confidence by various other councilors and MP's and yet STILL won't resign. Saying he made a "mistake" in an interview. What an idiot.

    Edit: And now he has resigned. Although still saying he misspoke and what he said didn't reflect his views. And also saying that he was doing the "honourable thing"...even though it's taken him 2-3 weeks, widespread condemnation and a vote of no confidence to suddenly gain some honour it seems.
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