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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Mushroom, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    What an awesome show... especially on Free TV!!!! I loved it top to bottom!

    It was nice to se Kenny Florian win... I wasn't overly enthused to see him again (just never impressed me too much) but I sure liked that fight. The Luke vs Joe match was awesome and I think it was a great example of a "grappler" vs a "striker" (each of course with cross training in both) and it was nice to see both guys respecting and having trained to counter each other. That fight had me standing up and yelling and rooting for both (although I really wanted Luke to win). I can't take anything away from either guy... Joe impressed the heck out of me and I will pay to watch him on PPV. Luke, in my opinion, barely lost and I will watch for him on more shows. Highest respect to both guys!

    The Rashad - Brad match was awesome too, especialy from a striker point of view and again I was impressed with Rashad's "cunning" (fight plan - he always takes his guys apart). Brad impressed me too with his sheer heart and raw talent. I was happy to see Rashad win (one of my picks from the very beginning) but can't take anything away from Brad. As for Sanchez and Diaz... I had to root for Sanchez because I "know" him from TUF1 and I thought he put on a good show. With all the crap that was talked before the match, I was happy to see Diaz beat (and I found his end of the match remarks a bit classless... the guy beat you, give him credit :rolleyes: )

    Awesome show... can't wait for TUF3... hmmm I probably have enough injuries to qualify for the tryouts and my age would make me a novelty... look for me on TUF3....
    *runs off to get back to training
  2. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    it was a great show, i loved all the fights, Diaz lost my respect though, he got beat pure and simple. i could understand him being upset with the paycheck and the way Sanchez kinda exploded overnight, but not showing ANY respect for him as a person or his talents after getting schooled is just pure arrogant and unprofessional.

    Its good to see the show has taken off and is gaining momentum.....i'll be 18 in 9 months....TUF 4 HERE I COME!!! LOL
  3. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    The show was great. It was nice to see how Kenny Florian has progressed as I always thought he got a lucky elbow on Leben to make it to the Finals of TUF 1.

    Luke v. Joe was pretty much how I figured. I liked both those guys from the show so I was happy to see Luke go the distance. Both those guys have a lot of heart but Joe had better ground skills than any of the guys that Luke beat on the show.

    What a surprisingly good fight for Rashad and Brad. Brad had a lot of heart but his lack of experience showed. He can only get better with more training. Rashad looked good but needs to drop down a weight class to keep going in the UFC. He'll make a good Lt. Heavyweight. Go Spartans Babe!

    The last fight was great too. A couple of really good ground guys were a real pleasure to watch. However, I'd like to see a rematch so Diego can put the hurt on Diaz.

    It was a great show. It was good for the sport and good for the UFC. It's also good for us because we'll see more MMA on network TV.
  4. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Haha. . . I'm still watching it, and not reading anything except the ones I've seen so far!!!

    I'm disappointed that Luke lost, I thought he was a one-of-a-kind fighter you don't see every day.

    But Joe is an awesome guy too -- they both fought their hearts out. . . . and I respect that.

    Now, if Stephen Bonnor, Kenny, and Nate ALL got contracts or got to debue themselves without winning The Ultimate Fighter. . . . .

    I think we'll see more of Luke. Any more thoughts on this?
  5. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson Valued Member

    I thought it was a great night of fights too! I was very impressed by the stamina of Brad - I really thought he would get winded but he held up well. I was glad to see Rashad pull off the win though - he definitely earned it.
    I was also hoping Luke could get the win, but it was a great fight and kudos to Luke for escaping all of the submission attempts by Joe.
    I was cheering against Diego (too much arrogance) but he did a great job in his fight and deserved the win. I look forward to his next fight whoever they decide it should be.
  6. UGFighter

    UGFighter Valued Member

    I was dissapointed to see Diaz lose... I guess it was his game plan, or Diego's wrestling skills allowing him to get the takedowns and get on on top which got him the win in that match - barely any punches were landed on Diaz from in his guard.. while Diaz was working away with little punches on Diego that were actually connecting.

    In the stand up, Diaz pwned Diego as he has absolutely nothing standing... he is a very one dimensional fighter and a good wrestler some decent striking like Trigg, GSP, Hughes, Riggs, Karo will prove to be a very bad matchup for him and quickly expose him to be the B class fighter he is I believe.

    I also thought it was deleted the fight was never stopped to check Diego's cut, he was bleeding like a mad man - there was blood all over Diaz and the mat.. I've seen stand ups to check the cut with far less blood than that. But, thats UFC looking after their next big thing I suppose.

    Yes, I don't like Diego if it isn't obvious already :D

    Cummo/Stevenson was an awesome fight.. excellent display of heart from both guys - Cummo, if you saw the fight, say no more.... Stevenson, massive heart to fight after not training for 2 weeks due to tearing his clavicle from his shoulder bone. First pick Vs Last Pick, who woulda thought it?!

    Rashad/Imes, didn't impress me at all in terms of skill, only Brad's heart.. sadly, apart from Arlovski, no one in the UFC heavyweight division does much for me so I really have no interest in it, mainly only their welterweight division and some LHW match ups between Babalu, Couture, Liddel, etc.

    Florian/Kit - easy match up for K-flo... although, he does look much improved with his integration of striking into wrestling to get the takedown and his stand up has come in leaps and bounds since we first saw him on TUF. Still think he's too small at welter, he needs to go down a weight class or pack on some quality mass and strength so he's cutting to make weight instead of weighing in as he walks around at if he's to be a real force at that weight.

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  7. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    to be honest, as close as that evans- iames fight was, and the fact that it was a split decision {IMO brad did a VERY good if not better job} i'm gonna say the ratings monster ate that one, they needed a minority win.
  8. MarioBro

    MarioBro Banned Banned

    I heard a rumor that Brads mother died like yesterday or the day before...anyone? She was at the fight to support him too...I hope it was not too much for her, watching her son fight :eek:
  9. IrishStomp

    IrishStomp Valued Member

    I was dissapointed with Luke losing, I'm sure Stevenson's ground skills were better but to me, it just seemed like he was being outmuscled and therefore, had to just go with everyone he was doing and wait it out, more than anything.
  10. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Apparently she died of a heart attack on the 6th, there is a small "Article"(so small I am hesitant to call it an article) http://www.ufc.tv/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=1837

    Very tragic, and shocking, I have no doubt its going to be very tought to deal with.
  11. shaolin_hendrix

    shaolin_hendrix Hooray for Zoidberg!

    IMHO the coolest final 4 would've been Luke Cummo vs Jason Von Flue, and Rashad Evans vs Kerry Schall.
  12. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    I send a message to Luke last night on MySpace. Hopefully he'll reply.
  13. mai tai

    mai tai Valued Member

    is this rush limbough on the other end of the line
  14. totalkayos

    totalkayos Valued Member

    are you guys following this season at all? i'm pretty impressed with ortiz's training methods and he seems to be a pretty nice guy.
  15. special43543

    special43543 Special Member

    nice usage of the search function...but there is already a thread called tuf 3. 4 pages since the new season has started, so yes, we have still been following it.

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