UFC 85 - Spoilers

Discussion in 'Fight Discussions' started by nicolethai1, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. nicolethai1

    nicolethai1 Valued Member

    OK I know it's a bit past the event, but I only just managed to watch it and can't seem to find an existing thread?

    I wasn't expecting much from this but there were some pretty good fights.

    I'd gone off Bisping a bit recently, but he really impressed me having gone down a weight class. He's looking really sharp, a whole lot quicker and an even more well rounded game.

    Looks like Matt Hughes' days are definitely numbered now. Thiago Alves looked fantastic, however. Great to see some decent Muay Thai skills coming into the UFC.

    Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann also looked impressive.

    Any thoughts from anyone out there?
  2. Robbles

    Robbles Valued Member

    Matt Wiman was outstanding in his battle with Thiago Tavares. Mike Swick did in fact look very sharp. He had some excellent takedowns and reversal. I wish Marcus Davis had let his hands go all around Swick's face, however. Bisping did in fact look sharp, but Jason Day wasn't putting up much resistance.

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