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Discussion in 'Fight Discussions' started by roninmaster, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    ok wow that has to have been the closest call in ufc title history. i meen if he hadnt have landed that triangle we'd have this new person as our champion. i dont like to call submissions lucky since they require a whole lot of skill to pull off. but damn it was a hell of a close one. However its obvious that anderson though skilled. has really needs to work more on his wrestling and not his superior reach to avoid takedowns.

    though i did lose my bet on nelson :(
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  2. Ranzan

    Ranzan Valued Member

    Glad Nelson lost as he is a bad example for the sport. Matt is an absolute wrecking machine. Silva Vs Sonnen - My god I was screaming at the tv grabbing my hair it was intense stuff for me, all came together with that triangle. I agree with him cutting it close but it is not luck. Silva Vs Chael #2 I foresee in the near future. All in all UFC 117 did no disapoint great card. Plus we actually got to see Silva fight which is always good.
  3. Pitfighter

    Pitfighter Valued Member

    silva is on another level. Father Time is the only one who can beat him now. Personally i felt he coulda turned it up anytime during the fight. I'm not really sure why he didn't just close guard and force standups. I mean Chael was trying to avoid gettin tied up but I really felt Silva coulda just wrapped him up and got stood up. I even think he was letting Chael Tag him and even giving up on stuffing the takedowns. Maybe his rib injury did hurt but I just felt silva was letting Chael into the match waay to much.

    Sadly missed the rest of the fights.
  4. Mr. O

    Mr. O Valued Member

    I concur pitfighter. Watching the first round it looked like he let sonnen hit him to show he could take it. Hardly a bruise on his face after 5 rounds of being pounded compared to Sonnens mush!

    Also I have a feeling he was planning to triangle him all along (he just had a harder time doing it than expected) after the BJJ bashing Sonnen dished out over the past few weeks, about never wanting to be in between another mans legs?!?! Did you hear Silva shout BJJ at the end of talking to Joe Rogan? Why did he come on in a bjj gi? It certainly looked like it was a "you run your mouth about BJJ, well Ill beat you with it" type of move.

    Alls he needs to do now is wear that black belt some more, as it was obvious he'd bought it off ebay that night! :p
  5. Gripfighter

    Gripfighter Sub Seeker

    the silva fight was odd but very exciting I watched it with about 12 other guys and everyone of us was standing up screaming at the telly they need to get him against gsp before there both to old (or silva loses his mind again), and I think there's no doubt sonnen will get another shot it just remains to be seen if it will be before or after belfort.

    I enjoyed the jon fitch fight as I like him and don't like thiago alves very much plus I usually root for any student of dave camarillo's (except for the turd burglar koscheck) he showed some great wrestling skills.

    the first thing that comes to mind with the Guida fight is pain that looked sore as hell, anyone else think they need to get him some better people to fight,Takanori Gomi springs to mind ?

    I thought that matt hughes got a great victory last night was spectacular but a part of me thinks he should quit while he's ahead but fighters rarely do.

    I wasn't impressed with roy nelson or Junior dos santos at all really one just made the hole thing look like ufc 1 (although he is a good boxer/brawler have to give him that) and both were gassed in the first round I don't think either of them can hang with lesnar or valasquez but if one of them has to santos is probably the better choice (even tho nelson actually showed better stand up skill so maybe I'm just being fattiest).

    all in all it maybe wasn't as good a card as some people hyped it up to be (when your a pride fan few ufc cards ever are) but at the same time its been two fantastic pay per views in a row for the UFC so I cant complain ROLL ON COUTURE VS TONY
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  6. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    dude thats what im hyped about now!!!

    its taking it back to old school. the one loud mouth( atleast i think what you call the stuff coming out tonys mouth is speach:confused:) striker who thinks all the MMA training is a bunch of hogwash, comming out thinking its gonna be a standup war. can you say GROUND AND POUND

    on the other hand, he mentioned training for 9 months for this fight so its possilbe that he may no some stuff. however i have been doing jiu jutsu for about a year and im no where near as good as the guys who were doing it for 15, so it looks like bad news for tony if he cant keep the fight standing.
  7. roninmaster

    roninmaster be like water

    oh they posted the post fight interviews!!!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5gkYDNzb9Y"]YouTube- UFC 117 Silva vs Sonnen Post Fight Press Conference Highlights[/ame]
  8. Ranzan

    Ranzan Valued Member

    Couture vs Tony will be epic.
  9. Theforgotten

    Theforgotten Drifting Aimlessly

    Please forgive me for being the turd in the punch bowl, but I don't think that Couture v. Toney is going to be competitive at all. Toney is up there in years and Couture is, well, Couture. It is going to be a huge PPV, though. An elite boxer who is actually going to get in the ring with an elite MMA competitor. My money is on Couture, but it should be highly entertaining. Plus, I want to hear Toney's post fight banter, which is worth the price of admission alone. Roll on, indeed :).
  10. Ranzan

    Ranzan Valued Member

    I said epic not competitive. The fight will go in the history books.
  11. Theforgotten

    Theforgotten Drifting Aimlessly

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. I agree that it is going to be epic.
  12. The Decay of Meaning

    The Decay of Meaning Valued Member

    I really think that although Anderson is still in the top 3 in the division, he has primed and defending the belt will slowly get tougher for him.

    In the Maia fight he had cardio issues and Maia actually outboxed him in a few flurries the fifth round. Which is strange.

    And the Silva riddle has been solved. Attack him when the bell sounds in round 1, countering Silva's punches, then threaten to take him down. Anderson was afraid of Chael's takedowns, which forced him to keep his hands low. You can't strike as freely when you are vary of the takedown.

    Also, on the ground in guard, posture up, cover up and punch him in the face and body.

    GSP and other wrestlers will be more eager to fight Anderson now that they see his weaknesses.

    I think this fight was similiar to the Machida vs Shogun 1 fight, in that it eroded a lot of Machida's mystique. Looking forward towards the rematch.
  13. yannick35

    yannick35 Banned Banned

    UFC 117 was a very solid card of fighting and i have enjoyed all the matches.

    Sonnen vs Silva needs a rematch, but still it showed that Silva could be beaten at one point. Still is BJJ is top notch but Sonnen as gotten a lot better too.

    Matt hugues still got some fight in him and he did not beat a nobody in Almeida, he is a black belt in BJJ and an amazing MMA fighter, the submission was amazing, not sure if Hugues will go for another title run.

    Finch vs Alves, Finch was very good but i dont think he got the tools yet for another rematch agains GSP. Alves should move up a weight class, he is too big for 170, and is cut is way to hard, he didnt look good at all in this fight.

    Dos Santos Vs Big Country, Dos Santos is really fast, ouch, Big Country would be amazing if he would get in real shape, he got the talent to go all the way but losing a lot of that fat would help him out.

    I did not see the prelim fights, i really enjoy Skycrapper coming back and knocking out is oppoenent that was an upset too.

    I am ready for UFC118.
  14. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    I for one am not interested in ever seeing Couture fight again and put someone on the cage and lay on him for several rounds. The Tony vs. Courture fight could literally be the worst fight ever!
  15. The Decay of Meaning

    The Decay of Meaning Valued Member

    He could just stop weight training for a while and cut some muscle mass?
  16. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Or the best...Toney comes out...weather's the first round of inevitable GnP and then KO's Randy in the second! Boxing wins!
    Or Randy slams Toney into the mat..wedges his head against the chain link and elbows his face into a bloody mess! MMA wins!
  17. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    Or to has beens come out and Toney can keep it standing while Randy leans on him on the cage. How ever many rounds later I wake up! :bang:

    (Do not get me wrong I love Randy and enjoyed watching Toney in his prime. I am just not interested in seeing either of them fight anymore)
  18. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Heh..."wall and stall".
    I hope it's a little bit more exciting than that.
    Do you really think Toney can keep Randy standing for 3 rounds? Better wrestlers than Toney have tried and failed surely?
    But worst punchers than Toney have rocked Couture.
    I think it's interesting. :)
  19. Brian R. VanCis

    Brian R. VanCis Valued Member

    It could be interesting. However, based on Randy's fascination with placing people on the cage and pushing on them I see this fight going there. That is my fear! I just cannot watch another Couture fight.
  20. Pitfighter

    Pitfighter Valued Member

    Randy Couture should crush Toney but it is a freakshow and I'd rather that the UFC had passed on the fight and let a smaller show embarass James Toney.

    But back to UFC 117. I wish Roy had won. Not so much cuz I was rooting for him as much as I was hoping for the chance that the fatman would whoop on Meathead supreme Brock Lesnar. He does need to get back in shape to win though.

    Despite his weight issues Thiago needs to fix his training first. He gets beat cuz everyone knows he's goin for a standup KO. Don't get me wrong he does that well and it got him far but without mixing it up his title dreams will always be just outta reach. Moving up in weight won't fix that.

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