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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Pretty In Pink, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Pretty In Pink

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    Basically looking for somewhere in Thailand that has a good two week course. Somewhere you guys would train. Places would have to be around Phuket or Bangkok, and preferably be just thai boxing. I can do bjj when I get home. Want to train probably twice a day.

    So far I've got this place:
  2. kuntaoer

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    Chadderz, I would suggest you make contact with this friend of mine who lives in thailand
  3. Dead_pool

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  4. Mangosteen

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    go to krabi if you haven't booked a hotel in phuket.
  5. Pretty In Pink

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    Okay, got a great response from someone on a different site:

    Hi Chadderz,
    If you don't want the holiday/tourist heavy areas and maybe if you want to be in the heart of the stadium fighters environment then I'd recommend the following in Bangkok.

    Petchyindee is a great place. The gym built brand new premises now and the amount of fighters there is great. The owner 'Boat' looks after you really well too.

    Eminent Gym is great, Ognjen Topic (Lion Fight Champ) is there along with a lot BKK stadium regulars.

    Banchamek Gym is great (Buakaw Banchamek's gym) and yes he trains with you and he is a really nice guy too. He is very good at one to one and taking the time to show you stuff. If he has a fight coming up, don't be offended if he has not time for you lol Also Simon Marucs (Lion Fight/Glory) may be there if you're there. Another great guy.

    F.A Group is great and was home to one of the stadiums greats in Petchbonchu Benz, but he has left for Evovle MMA now, still an all round great gym.

    PK Seanchai MuayThaiGym is home of the legend himself, I mean what more can I say. Pakorn is there too and I think even Singdam Kiatmoo9. Its an official YOKKAO training centre so enquire before you arrive.

    Saisaprapra is fantastic too. Rungravee is there as well as a host of all other stadium fighters and a lot of foreigners too etc.

    If you want to escape Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is home to Sitmonchai Gym. An amazing place with a lot of great fighters passing through. The home of Porsanae...just look at his highlight reel and you'll see what they're about!

    Samart Payakaroon (Prob the best of all time) has just opened his own place on Koh Samui if you want island life with training side.

    Again this all personal opinion and each to their own etc You'll find the training structure is the same in most places. Twice a day maybe 2-3 hours each session with morning and afternoon runs. Some places have more english speakers than others so it may get a bit lonely but Bangkok has a lot to offer you. Or on the otherside there may be too many fighters in the gym for your taste which means not a lot of individual padwork or one to one.

    Hope it goes well for you.

    All the options I could hope or want really :)
  6. Travess

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    Wait, what? You are seeing other forums??? How could you?!

    Sounds like the only thing left to do is choose, and get training - Don't be stingy with the updates.

  7. Unreal Combat

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    Peychyindee, Sitmonchai and Sasiprapa are great gyms.
  8. Pretty In Pink

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  9. Tamad

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    i trained at Sumalee gym for a month last May on my way back from Legacy gym Boracay.

    Nice camp, really good onsite accommodation. Far enough from Phuket distractions which is a good thing, but it can be quite isolated.

    It attracts a lot of Scots there, resident fighters were Craig Dickson and Jordon Coe but I think they may have moved on now?

    Training schedule same as every Thai camp, however we did spar everyday (light sparring boxing and Thai)) which was good.

    Jackie was the main instructor, very skilled teacher and I really liked Kaeng to train with.

    Overall for Thai boxing would I recommend this gym - yes!

    Clean, well run and organised, good standard of instruction and will work to your level. Accommodation of a high standard which does make a difference tbh.

    Same with any gym you get out of it what you put in. If you work hard, listen and show willingness to learn then you get extra attention, pointers and interesting and varied rounds!

    Hope this helps dude
  10. Pretty In Pink

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    Cheers man :)
  11. Tamad

    Tamad New Member

    Any update dude on where you training, how is it etc ?
  12. Pretty In Pink

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    Yeah I just arrived tonight. Local time is now 21:30

    First training session tomorrow starts at half 7. I met a few of the guys. Lads lads if you get what I mean. All about making fun of everything and everyone. Nice guys all the same. I hope they will take me more seriously after training :)

    Briefly met Jackie, very nice, polite man.

    Roll on tomorrow ^^
  13. Frodocious

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    Good luck, I hope it goes well! :)
  14. Tamad

    Tamad New Member

    Good stuff.

    Keep us updated, sure you will have fun and pick up some nice tweaks to your game.
  15. Pretty In Pink

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    So far so good. Had my first two training sessions and they were awesome! Learned loads. From tomorrow I'm going to be training three times a day, which is 5 hours everyday! Should be fun :)
  16. Tamad

    Tamad New Member

    Hope your having fun and not to burned out training!!

    Looks like you got some boys from Southampton there Rick Faye lineage...

    Bit of extra kali practice :)
  17. Pretty In Pink

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    Yeah I met them properly last night!
  18. Pretty In Pink

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    [ame=""]Keng Teaching a Leg Throw - YouTube[/ame]

    Got taught this throw and thought it was really cool.
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  19. Tamad

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    Nice. Its a throw I never was taught when training Thai but interestingly in Sanda its used quite a lot and I have been using it a fair bit recently.

    I still have a natural inclination to catch the kick at the end as if I'm scooping or passing it. I find it harder to catch it deep by the knee such as this or lead hand if transitioning to take down.

    How you finding it there? They still have the pet pig?
  20. Pretty In Pink

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    Yeah it's alright. The pig is huge. I think they bought it thinking it was a micro pig apparently?

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