two-legged Tomoe-Nage?

Discussion in 'Judo' started by Adam, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Now, I know the tomoe-nage is usually done by flipping the opponent over your head with only one foot, but I've been experimenting with a two-footed variety, and it seems to me that I get more power out of the throw that way. Any thoughts on this? Any reason why you should prefer the the one-legged variety rather than the two-legged one?
  2. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    I strong legged opponent (me ;) ) if he scouted it can stand there whilst your hanging off of him (me).

    Then I'd do Daki Age (not nice, look it up ;)

  3. Jim

    Jim New Member

    A two legged version would be called 'Monkey Throw' or 'Hanging Gardens' depending on which Ido practisioner you spoke with.

    It's good vs. a fighter who wants to hang onto you but also keep their distance (like a wrestler), but it's also a true sacrifice throw in all senses of the words - you mess it up and Col's gunna make you sorry. ;)
  4. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    If you are gonna do it, you have to make sure their legs are quite straight. Also with the double leg you lose the option of going Yoko (side version).
  5. Specter

    Specter New Member

    I must disagree, I do a two-legged side TN. I do this by crossing my right leg over my left, and then shifting my left out so that i'm standing more to the left of my opponent than in front of him, but instead of planting my left food and moving back into a normal stance, I swing it all the way around, plant it on the opponent's right hip, and drop onto my back. Once he is in the air, balanced on my left foot, I reach my right foot up and simply push him off to the left, pushing him up just slightly with my left leg. If you do it correctly, you don't kick the guy up over your body, just balance him and drop him back down on his back, so that he doesn't have time to turn. I've seen this turned into an arm bar as they go down, but I have not been taught this yet. Instead, I simply follow him with my legs, which usually allows for a quick and easy mount. Hope this was somewhat understandable, it's a difficult throw for me to describe. Luck.
  6. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Specter, any chance of a photo?

  7. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Yeah Specter, my brain melted half way through reading your message. :confused:
  8. Freeform

    Freeform Fully operational War-Pig Supporter

    Damn! Was it the good half? ;)
  9. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    The technique described above is commonly known as a Circle Throw in Catch wrestling.

    If anyone has a book such as Gene LeBell's Grappling World (The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds), it's in there and looks, er, just like a Two legged Tomoe-Nage...
  10. Specter

    Specter New Member

    Okay, my digital camera wasn't allowing me to download pics, but Daniel Wooltaze attempted one in the 2004 California State Senior Shiai held at Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno, CA, and if all goes well video footage will be coming soon. To clarify my other post (wow it even confuses me) you simply do a Yoko TN, but instead of kicking the guy up over your head, you lift him just off his feet, and then use your legs to pivot him onto his back and drop him to the ground (do that in one motion, don't try to turn him onto his back and still keep him balanced on your leg). If done right, opponent ends up in same place he started, can't roll out of it, and it sets up for a quick cross arm bar. Good luck, hope this helps more than my last post =P
  11. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN New Member

    Perfect description. Except being a left hander all the directions were reversed for me ;)

    I always thought it felt a little like o-goshi - the slightest 'lift' and his balance is broken. Didn't Shozo Fujii used to do a 2-leg tomoe?

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