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  1. callsignfuzzy

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    Thing that impresses me about Josh, even in what I percieved as a loosing effort to Tait, was the guy's defense on the ground. When they say he never gives up, they're not kidding. Did anyone catch the end of R1, when he punched over his shoulder at Jesse? Still, Mike seems to have much better kickboxing (flying knee, yeah!), so I think he'll probably get a KO, TKO or descission.

    Did anyone else sorta have their heart break at Matt's expression when they told him he wasn't going to fight? That was just terrible. Felt so bad for the guy.

    I think maybe they should have let Ross go a little longer, once he started to stand back up. That said, I would probably have stopped it before he got the chance.

    I couldn't belive that Rory and Ed are both older than me, because they both acted like a couple of kids. Eh. Shame Rory's head isn't where it needs to be, might have been a much better fight.

    For MW's, I'm predicting Ed. Truthfully, I'm split, but I think Ed had a much better outing in his last fight. He likes to press the action and if he can get under Kendal's reach, he might have a nice GNP victory.

    Either way I'm looking forward to the LHW match more.
  2. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    Jesse, needs more time doing Jujutsu/sub-wrestling and striking. He once again made the same mistakes common to wrestlers trying to crossover. He dominated Josh on the ground but had no idea how to finish and he used way too much physical effort to accomplish things rather then letting positioning work for him. Just a case of not enough time doing MMA yet. Kind of a shame he's out as he has some real potential.

    This is the first thing they do at my school with new people that are wrestlers: They pair up with one of the senior JJ guys and roll and the senior student just hangs in there not really trying to submit them and waits till they gas out to show them why not to do that. You're totally wiped out and they've barely broken a sweat; makes the lesson real loud and clear.

    I was wrong on the Jesse vs. Josh victor, but I figured Rory was going out. I predicted a first round victory but he put up more of a fight then I thought he would. Ed would have had him but ran out of time in the first round.

    P.S. It's kind of funny as I'm at the early phase of training myself where I get dominant position and then don't know how to finish. "I'm winning, I'm winning, uh, what the hell was I doing?" :D
  3. Jason762

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    Yeah, I gotta admit, I did. I don't even like him much, but still felt sorry for him...
  4. faster than you

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    Bisping's use of the lead leg was beauitful. particularly one lead roundhouse which visibly stunned ross.
  5. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Yea, I was kind of shocked no one told him beforehand...talk about a rude awakening.

    Kendal and Mike are going to win.

    Kendal went up against Kaleb who I thought was the clear favorite and managed to beat him, Ed should be easier to beat. But I could be wrong, like everyone kept repeating the last episode"Anything can Happen".

    Bisping seems overall better than Josh, however Josh will give it his all. He really is a workhorse.

    Anyone hear Kalib's comments about the injury?

    This is a quote:

    "Thank you for your interest and criticism. The injury to my sternum occured in the first round from a roundhouse kick, however it wasn't until the knee in the second round that I felt it was appropriate to bring it to the attention of the referee, as I thought that the doctor should look at it before the fight continued, fearing permenant injury. The referee however ignored me completely as did my corner and the doctor in between rounds, the only people who seemed to care were Tito and Kendall. The injury I suffered was a costo-chondral seperation, as two of my ribs were torn off of the catilage of my sternum one more severley than the other, and it will never be the same as bone and cartilage do not grow back together so easily. Most people are unfamilliar with this type of injury, which takes longer to heal than broken ribs. For two weeks I could not sleep on my sides and it took approximately 10 weeks before I could do a single sit-up. It was extremely disappointing to see Ken Shamrock attack my character like he did, and to have him ignore me after the fight, one would think that he would give me the benefit of the doubt until some contradictory evidence presented itself. Forming opinions and making assertions with little or no evidence however is what made Ken into the great genius we see today and we should not expect this to change any time soon. I like Kendall and none of this should take away from his win, I still talk to him and wish him the best.

    Thank you. I'll be fighting on the 24th of June. Training with Colin Daynes(96 Olympic Team for Greco Roman Wrestling) and Kultar "The Black Mamba" Gill(Superbrawl Champion, K-1 vetern). Was in Las Vegas training with Forrest at the Xzience center, a great guy who went out of his way to accomadate me. He is a 230-240lb machine, and I left depressed with two black eyes. My training has been hampered by the injury, which forced me to take 10 weeks off but I'm working hard and I have great people around me. Thanks to those who have continued to support me through my recovery and training, see you soon."

    Apparently he really was hurt, so much for Ken's comments.
  6. NewLearner

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    Sounds like he really did get hurt.
  7. Sever

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    The lineup for the finale show is:
    The finals
    Mike Bisping vs Josh Haynes
    Ed Herman vs Kendall Grove
    Two other feature bouts on the card are Kenny Florian vs Sam Stout and Keith Jardine vs Wilson Gouveia
    Untelevised matches will be:
    -Matt Hamill vs. Jesse Forbes
    -Kalib Starnes vs. Danny Abaddi
    -Rory Singer vs. Ross Pointon
    -Solomon Hutcherson vs. Luigi Fioravanti
    -Mike Nickels vs. Wes Combs
    Notice how Noah, Tait and Kristian aren't on there? You don't say no to Dana White :yeleyes:
  8. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    DAMN!! I really want to see Matt v. Jesse and Rory V Ross.
  9. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Why are they untelevised?

    Seems like a bad business decision, Spike is running a TUF 3 marathon all day. Why not show all the fights?
  10. freak

    freak Valued Member

    i agree, those fights would be pretty good to watch...my predictions on the finals is michael and ed
  11. jsmith

    jsmith Valued Member

    So you'll buy the dvd when it comes out.
  12. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    That and you'll tune into the next THRILLING episode of UFC Unleashed
  13. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    I won't buy the dvd, the fights won't be worth paying for....and I MIGHT watch the next UFC unleashed, depending on what else is on tv.
  14. Pacer_3

    Pacer_3 New Member

    Great Finale

    great finale. I was impressed by the fights.

    [EXPAND="Spoiler"]Kenny florian just shocked the crap out of me. I thought it would be a longer wait before he dominated Stout like that.

    I think ed got robbed by being on the wrong team. Judging by the improvement in Kendall's game, Tito knew what he was doing in the training. Ed would be awesome if Tito had picked him. Kendall surprised me, but with those long spider legs it shouldn't have been much of a surprise.[/EXPAND]
  15. gornex

    gornex Valued Member

    I agree, i thought all the fighters did well, i liked the battle of leg kicks lol. I was a bit dissapointed with old short fuse though.
  16. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    [expand=spoilers]Yeah, I think that was the best finale yet. The Kendall/Ed fight, dare I say it, may have passed the forrest/stephan fight from season 1 in my book.

    I have to say, despite his shortcomings, josh impressed the hell out of me with his ability to just plain scrap.

    Kenny Florian just showed why everyone needs to know how to grapple, even if you are a striker.

    Also, I loved seeing Matt whoop Jesse Up! I couldn't stand that kid from day one. Maybe now he'll truly realize he's not as good as he thinks he is.[/expand]
  17. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    It was a great finale, although I have one problem with it.

    (Don't think it is a spoiler, but Mods feel free to disagree)

    Why was Couture entered into the Hall of Fame tonight? The crowd was very small, and it would seem more appropriate if he had been inducted during UFC 61 where he has a big audience.

    [EXPAND="Spoiler"]Jardine vs Gouveia was pretty good, shows the power of Leg Kicks.

    Kendall and Ed was a war, both guys showed they deserved to be in the finals. I could not believe Ed did not tap during some of those submissions. Glad they both got a contract and look forward to their future fights.

    Bisping is a beast, aside from the two mistakes he made in the first round where he let up after he though Josh was KO'D and then the knee to a downed opponent he dominated. Great striking, great ground game, Josh was out-matched talent/skill wise but he had great heart and had some great escapes.

    Florian wowed me, I thought he would win but I had no idea it would be so quick, I believe two minutes. He is very good, I look forward to 155 weight class fights with Pulver coming back.

    I was happy to see the Matt vs Jesse fight, Matt showed he had better striking than he used in the "cat fight" although he did drop his hands too often. He showed he can take you down, but he really needs some BJJ work as he is basically clueless once he has you down. All he does is throw bombs and doesn't try to improve his position at all. No submissions either.[/EXPAND]
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  18. kmguy8

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    Untelevised results

    here are the fights you did not see.. who won and how

    [EXPAND=results]From Sherdog's PBP
    Wes Combs (Pictures) vs. Mike Nickels
    First stanza starts with some sloppy striking and a clinch up against the fence. After a quick scramble, Nickels was able to secure a rear naked choke for the victory at 3:10 of the first round.

    Matt Hamill vs. Jesse Forbes
    Hamill out-classed Forbes big time in this match. The Ohio wrestler scored a early takedown and put on a savage display of ground and pound for those in attendance. Forbes had a triangle attempt midway through the round, but Hamill was able to escape to his feet, where he scored the final takedown of the fight followed by more elbows and punches forcing the referee to stop the bout at 4:47 of the first round.

    Luigi Fioravanti (Pictures) vs. Solomon Hutcherson

    Excellent battle here with both men trading strikes and going for submissions. At the 4-minute mark, Luigi caught Solomon on the chin with a solid left hook that knocked him out cold. Before the ref could intervene, the Florida native was able to land 2 extra punches on his already sleeping opponent. Luigi Fioravanti wins by KO (Punch) at 4:15 of the first period.

    Danny Abaddi vs. Kalib Starnes (Pictures)
    After another long intermission, Kalib Starnes took to the cage to face Danny Abaddi. After about a minute of sprawl and brawl action, Kalib was able to take the fight to the floor. Showing good control and tight positioning, Starnes moved to his opponent's back and forced a tap via rear naked choke at 2:56 of the first round.

    Rory Singer vs. Ross Pointon
    The fights starts with some circling, with Ross looking to land a big shot. At the 30 second mark, the British fighter lands a huge left that drops Singer. As Ross dives in to finish with strikes, he gets caught in a triangle choke and taps at 44 seconds of the first round. [/EXPAND]
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  19. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Thanks KM, anyone know where I can find those fights for free?(Yea, I am cheap)
  20. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    since they were not televised.. only the camera crew of UFC and news outlets who were at the show have that footage
    they will not leak it for fear of lawsuits / getting canned

    ussually you can see these fights once a DVD is out OR it has been on TV so somebody can rip it and put it up on youtube...

    you'll have to wait for the DVD release.. give it a day or two.. then search youtube & the other free vid sites

    sorry to be the bearer of bad news

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