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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Apotheosis, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    I'd take the fight right now; I'd get killed, as it's way out of my weight class and I'm not even close to being in shape for competition but I'd still take the fight.
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  2. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    I like Ross a lot. I've seen a fair few of his fights and his record really is deceptive - I know I wouldn't wanna stand up with him! I think his main problems are his height (he's short for 185, he's practically a midget for 205) and his ground game. A couple of the fights I've seen him lose he's been winning in convincing fashion until he gets caught with a submission
    He and Bisping should put on a fight that'll show up these whinging Yankees! :D
  3. freak

    freak Valued Member

    shamrock was right about kalib's rib situation...if you had a broken rib, you would be in so much pain you wouldn't be bale to walk off and say "thats it, i have a broken rib, i'm done"...you would be on the mat in a hell of alot of pain.....i can't say he should have sucked it up because i didn't feel his pain, but it wasn't a broken rib...good fight though
  4. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    :yeleyes: Our plan is working, soon the entire U.K. will have beaten the stuffing out of each other and we will take over uncontested. There will be a Mc Donalds and a Starbucks on every corner, we'll replace all beer with Budweiser and fill your television with infomercials, tea will be replaced with instant coffee, MUHAHAHAHA! IT WILL BE HELL ON EARTH! :eek: :yeleyes:
  5. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    it wll be NJ?
  6. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    LOL! Yeah like NJ but with just slightly less foul odor. :D
  7. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    You're getting pretty close with the McDonalds and Starbucks :bang:
  8. DCombatives

    DCombatives Valued Member

    Wow. Few people are as "Go America" as I am, but the visual that went along with this post made me shudder. Ehhww! Now even my stomach is turning.
  9. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Not sure about that, I have cracked 2 ribs and I wasn't on the ground. Some people have better pain tolerance than others, not to mention adrenaline blocks a lot of pain.

    Wasn't Kaleb supposed to have a fractured fibula throughout TUF 3? If that rumor is true, it could mean this guy is both tough and has a high pain tolerance which would explain his somewhat "non-reaction".
  10. freak

    freak Valued Member

    true enough...it just i played hockey for 8 years and i have seen 4 people break a rib and they needed help getting up cuz they were in extreme pain, but as you said, some people have a ridiculously high pain tolerance and can show little affect from something like a broekn rib
  11. special43543

    special43543 Special Member

    This is a chance to fight in the UFC. A lot of fighters would kill to fight in the UFC, and these guys say "no, I am not mentally prepared". I can understand if your skull is cracked open, but these guys are suppose to be top of the line up and coming fighters. You are not suppose to doubt your skill against another opponent and think he is going to beat you. Chris Leben came back and fought just as hard as he did the first time. Now he has had several fights in the UFC and he is kicking ass. If you want to fight, then fight. You don't have to win the fight in order to look good. Display your skills as best as you can, and try to come away with a win. Leben lost twice on that show and he still gets to fight in the UFC.
  12. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    Absolutely right. You don't turn down a a shot. I was extremely disappointed in Tait because I had thought he was too close to call on his fight. He deserved another shot but didn't take his chance when he had it.

    Gotta love Ross though. He may get his head handed to him by Mike, but give him credit for stepping up. I pick Mike to win the whole thing for the Lt. Heavyweight class. I'm just disappointed he won't get to fight Matt on the way to the contract.
  13. Stan O'Kella

    Stan O'Kella Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Who could turn down the chance to get a "6 figure contract" These guys are supposed to wanna be professional fighters, show some backbone and have a go!!

    As for the cracked rib, I did mine sparring and was able to finish the round with a feeling of discomfort. It was only after I stopped moving and cooled down that the pain really kicked in, within 30 mins everything hurt. Moving, breathing, talking you name it was agony. So i can believe that Kaleb had cracked his rib, and didnt just woos out. The break between rounds is where the pain would really have kicked in and explian his quick verbal tap on starting again.
  14. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    In a slight bit of retrospect, is it any wonder that Dana is going with established fighters for the next season of TUF? He's probably had it with all the excuses that he has been handed by the drop outs. I don't think you'll see any of the Season 4 guys have to leave because of girlfriend issues or some other nonsense.
  15. kmguy8

    kmguy8 Not Sin Binned

    had not thought of that... funny
  16. CinMike

    CinMike Valued Member

    It might not have been a cracked, but a dislocated rib. Yes, it's possible to dislocate your rib.
  17. jsmith

    jsmith Valued Member

    I thinks it's funny how professional everyone from TUF 1 looks in comparison.
  18. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    You couldn't be more correct after last night's episode......
  19. Jester

    Jester I elbow, therefore I am.

    Apparently team Quest has a factory that spills out cursing redheads that **** on things. Rory = no heart.
  20. Apotheosis

    Apotheosis Valued Member

    Made me laugh, and yea Rory just rolled over.

    First episode last night- A bunch of fighters running around acting like pre-teens, calling people "gay" and messing with each other's gear.

    The fight wasn't all that good, Rory didn't put up much of a fight and Ed didn't seem to care if he won or not. I like how Tito called Rory out, and let him know that he just quit. He didn't even try to resist the RNC.

    Second Episode- I loved how we got to see two fights, make that three for the day.

    Josh vs Jesse- Jesse came out ver aggresively, and took Josh down. Josh showed some good defense against the RNC, Jesse had his back and tried to get the RNC for nearly the entire first round.

    Second Round, Jesse seemed gassed and just charged at Josh, leaving his neck open and getting caught with a guillotine choke.

    Bisping vs Pointon- Bisping was overconfident, and Ross caught him with a big right hand but for some reason didn't press the action. Bisping came back with some jabs, and Ross caught him with a left. The guy has a lot of POWA, but Bisping managed to avoid some nasty hooks and then caught Ross with a FLYING KNEE which stunned him. He then managed to tee off with knees and punches until the Ref stopped the action.

    Ross was overmatched, but showed he has some power in his hands and is pretty good at striking. I hope Dana gives him another shot, because if nothing else he loves to fight.

    I see Bisping rolling over Josh in the finals, he has better cardio,striking,grappling. In fact he seems better in all aspects.

    I also see Kendall beating Ed in a closer fight, he seems to have better striking and he doesn't seem that bad on the ground.

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