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  1. Bryan Bondurant

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    I spent years, close to a decade in Southeast Asia where I studied Martial Arts and Steel. I already have my conclusions but want to pose a few questions for anyone interested in the subject including Guros.

    Who was Lapu Lapu?

    Was Lapu Lapu a Muslim or Christian?

    What was the Sulu Sultanate?

    Where was the first college in Southeast Asia and what was the language?

    Who brought steel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines?

    Where is the oldest blacksmith grounds in Southeast Asia where evidence of smelting was found?

    How did steel migrate through the islands?

    Why did rebel Filipinos stop training with knives for combat and when?

    This is a start if anyone is interested in FMA history, go for it,
  2. Simon

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    Why not create an article and help educate?
  3. Bryan Bondurant

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    There are plenty of existing articles on many subjects concerning FMA. I am more interested in personal knowledge and conversational interaction, no worries if you find it a bit of a bore.

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