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  1. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    What type of shoe do you train in?

    i train in these

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  2. tellner

    tellner Valued Member

    The preferred training shoe in our Silat group is the Converse All Stars Hi-Top. But people train in anything from kung fu slippers to steel-toed work boots
  3. blindside

    blindside Valued Member

    I use an Asics split-sole from a couple of years ago, I don't like the gum rubber sole like on the model you posted, the sole feels too "sticky." The gum rubber also wears out faster than the harder plastic when working on carpet.
  4. Ahmad89

    Ahmad89 Agent of Chaos

    Tabis! :)
  5. gungfujoe

    gungfujoe Please, call me Erik. :)

    I really like Bushido's shoes. I used to be a big fan of Discipline Footwear, until I started a class in a facility with hardwood floors. The harder rubber soles seem to get really, really slippery in Discipline's shoes on hardwood. On the flip side, the softer Bushido sole will wear out much more quickly on carpet. Both of these are fairly expensive ($50-60), and not anything you'll find in a local athletic shoe store, though. That's a problem given that shoe sizes vary so much from brand to brand. For example, I normally wear size 10-10.5 (US) depending on brand, but my Bushido shoes are size 9.5. I originally ordered 10's, and they were too large. I'd have guessed they were 11's if someone handed them to me and said "try these on."

    I also have a pair of BLT shoes (BLT being a MA supplier in NYC, I think). They're dirt cheap ($7 or $8), but I'm not crazy about them. They offer no support whatsoever, so I couldn't see working out in them for more than a few hours at a time, and if you ever need to kneel on a hard surface, the shoelace eyelets will dig into the tops of your feet rather painfully. One of these days, I'll try the Feiyue shoes that I often hear about. They're more expensive, but still very cheap, and similarly designed (basic canvas shoe with a rubber sole).

    I've heard great things about Adidas Sambas for MA training, and a few of my students wear them. I haven't gotten a pair myself, primarily because they too are pretty expensive, and I already know that I like Bushido's shoes. Given roughly the same price, I might as well order a pair of Bushido's shoes on-line.

    Back in college, I used wrestling shoes, but most of them don't have full soles (the sole is smaller than the bottom of the boot), so they mess with your balance quite a bit.
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  6. Dehitay

    Dehitay Valued Member

    Now I'm somewhat confused. None of the styles I've taken train with shoes on. Are you referring to martial arts training or physical training in general? If martial arts training, which martial art?
  7. g-bells

    g-bells Don't look up!

    I train in JKD and the shoe i wear is damn good for mobility and you can answer in MA training or other:)
  8. blindside

    blindside Valued Member

    The question you should be asking is "why don't they train with shoes on?" Most of the "shoeless" martial arts are derived from asian traditions so that you don't get the mats/training floor dirty. If you can afford dedicated training shoes, what would the issue be with using them inside?

    Most of the Chinese and Filipino martial arts that I have seen don't have any issue wearing shoes in training. In my case, I don't wear them when I am in the Kyokushinkai Karate class, but wear them when I do kenpo or kali.

  9. Genkuro

    Genkuro Valued Member

    Feiyue are good, need a wee bit waring in, the sole is a bit "U-shaped" to start with, flattens out.
  10. fi3nd

    fi3nd New Member

    Feiyue are my personal favorite too, alongside tabi. i typically don't wear tabis outside, so when i need something extremely light, extremely grippy, extremely comfortable and pretty much disposable, i go for the Feiyue...

    though i just ordered a pair of Mooto Wings, which, to be honest, sound absolutely sick.

    i'll post on those once they come in.
  11. shaolin fighter

    shaolin fighter Banned Banned

    Wrestling split sole shows or tiger brand kung fu shoes. Either one are good for m.a.'s
  12. Semper Fi

    Semper Fi Valued Member

    I wear these. Had em for a few years now.


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