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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Swimming Dragon, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    Anyone train outdoors? wat r the benefits? personally i prefer it, so long as the weather is ok.. bearing in mind i live in Ireland! :rolleyes:
  2. weepingpalm

    weepingpalm New Member

    swimming dragon: youre not the only one. i often train outside. i think it is good to train on several different surfaces, to better prepare yourself for anything, and to make your self more aware. for example, its more difficult to train in sand, or gravel than on concrete, and you need to sturdy your self so as not to lose balance. anyways, just a personal opinion.
  3. G-Rout

    G-Rout New Member

    I'd love to train outside, at least during the summer (I live in Norfolk so in similar situation weather-wise), but I simply just don't have the room, I live with my parents so I can't make many modifications to the garden unless it can be passed off as landscpe gardening. However theres a little bit of patio which is great for practicing traditional forms and the more static parts of the syllabus. (Also near enough to the computer to record it and review my techniques etc).

    Any advice on how to put up bags etc with the use of a wall or only one I've had so far is sinking a wooden post into 6 foot foundations and hanging it off that :D

  4. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Can't wait now that it's nice. Me and a few of my classmates plan on making a habit of training outside. Can't use weapons outside, though. That's my only regret.

    Of course,I've been told that Sifu will have us train outside in the winter once we get up in level... I'm hoping that's an urban legend, lol. It gets cold in PA in the winter!
  5. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    I enjoy training outside and do it as much as possible. I like to go outside early in the morning in the summer. It's certainly better to train outside for some forms that move around a bit more and for using longer weapons.
  6. wcrane

    wcrane Valued Member

    nothing better than training outside on a beautiful spring day.75-80 degrees slight breeze out by the river. gonna do it this week-end.
  7. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    g-rout... if u can get some thick rope from a ships chandlers maybe, synthetic is as good as any, wrap it round ur post , using large screws 2 hold it in place.. u can use this as a striking device for empty hand or weapons. great for stick / staff 4 hanging punchbags... unless uve got a strong rafter/ roof support to hang from, the only option is a wall bracket.these vary in price and quality and unless they r fitted really well, they can option is to copy a good design and get it made by a metal worker... hope dis helps (i'm somewhat of an addict as regards devices and equipment... te hee)
  8. ChiisaiSenshi

    ChiisaiSenshi New Member

    I believe outside definitly has is benifits. The fresh air being the main one. I also agree with the point made earlier about training on different surfaces. It is good to be compotent on diferent surfaces, you may not get attacked on a nice hardwood floor. (Hopefully, none of you will get attacked).

    I would traing outdoors if it wasn't for the fact I live in a block of flats.
  9. G-Rout

    G-Rout New Member

    Cheers swimming dragon...the post option was my only option really....have been thinking about something makiwara-esq for quite a while now..just gotta approach the subject at home for the wall brackets I've already explored ever option's not going to happen unfortunately.
    Cheers again
  10. PangQuan

    PangQuan New Member

    train under all conditions rain, snow, hills, dirt, grass, concrete, wood, hills, and so forth.

    this will train you to be ready under any environmental condition. what happens if you get in a fight when its raining and your walking through a park with on a hill of grass? if your not ready you will lose.
  11. Martial One

    Martial One Martial Way student


    I think training under adverse conditions is good, it can help you to better understand how to use different conditions to your advantage.
  12. clockman75

    clockman75 Banned Banned

    training areas

    You can train anywhere, where there is enough space. My sifu said that.

    I learned all my stance drills in a kitchen.
  13. 7starmantis

    7starmantis New Member

    Why can't you use weapons outside?
  14. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    I love to train outside. I'm trying to learn some weapons and they can hit the ground w/o damaging anything.
  15. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Yes training outside is good. The fresh air and the sense of space is a great thing to have. If your seriously training you should be getting outdoors anyhow to do your running and your road-work.

    It's easy to get push-up from all different angles outdoors. Situps can be had just about anywhere and pull-ups and chin-ups abound.

    Where I live in Hong Kong the parks are generally great to train in. In the mornings you see people practicing Kung Fu and all the associated weapons. It really blows tourist away to watch people as old as their granny going at it gracefully with the Tai-Chi sword. Down at the large grass area there is usually an area where there are always young girls doing that WuShu weapon with the chain and the little red flag of sorts on one end. Interesting.

    Lots of push-hands and WingChun stuff as well. And everyonce in a while a guy with that big ass halbred with the rings on the non-edge side of the blade.

    And then there's me with the Muay Thai pads and a bit of ground work and the Balintawok escrima. lol.

    So yes - outdoors is optimal training ground.
  16. PangQuan

    PangQuan New Member

    probably depends on where you live. Here in the USA we can because its not concealed. Plus I only practice in public areas with wushu steel or wood. I save combat steal for home and more private locations.
  17. wazzabi

    wazzabi sushi eater

    i think the most important thing you get from training outside it getting used to doing Martial Arts with shoes on in a reallistic terrain ie gravel, grass, concrete. it better prepares you to use your Martial Art in an emergency as it will most likely be in the grass, gravel, or concrete.

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