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    hi all

    after much deliberation i am dipping my toe back into internal arts after a 20 year absence. the reason is a mixture of age/health and the fact that i have to go to work the next morning so no more BJJ for me and lets not even talk about my hamstring injury!

    what i am looking for is a teacher/club in the areas listed above. in particular bagua or hsing-i (Xing yi).

    i will always be interested in the more martial side of any art.

    any recommendations?

    PS. I'm about to check out the wudang tai chi as i have heard good things

    thanks again
  2. Mushroom

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    Hoefully one of the more learned members can help. Quick google shows one class in Covent Garden.
    Seeing where you are, itll be a bit pricey to go.
    Look up local colleges or Universities?
    West Herts College is just off Watford high street..have a look in there.
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    there's a Wudang class in Barnet, I imagine he might try that one.

    I've trained in this line myself, and it's decent. Though not at Barnet but I know that instructors son, decent guy. TCC will be easier to find than bagua or hsingyi. There's some other threads here that have this kind of info for IMA in / around London you can check out.

    I live in Enfield and I'll be happy to train you in tai chi chuan, I've been training tcc and other bits and peices for 10 years - inc. some HY and Bagua..

    I can let you know the lines/ teachers I've trained under.
    You can learn form(s), neigung. qigong, tui shou, drills, self defence application, san shou and stand up grappling. You can shape your learning as you wish,

    No pressure, no obligation just informal training in Trent Park. PM me if interested.
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