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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Krysdaggr, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. Krysdaggr

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    In the past I have not really ever wore any sort of protective gear when fighting with sticks. I do make my students wear headgear and I have occasionally. Recently due to life circumstances, I had a double mastsectomy and reconstruction starting on Jan 11, 2002 and still going on, I have had to start thinking about wearing some sort of chest protective gear when I "play with the sticks". Does anyone recommend one shest protector over another for stick fighting? I need one with the most protection over the breast area but want as much full circle movement as possible. Thanks Linde
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  3. waya

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    For stick fighting with that much chance of a serious injury resulting you may also want to look into Kendo armor.... it seems a bit much I know, but it is designed to be hit by a stick instead of a kick or punch..

  4. pesilat

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    Yes, but Kendo is much more restrictive about targets ... so there are areas that Kendo armor doesn't adequately cover that will get hit (such as the thumb and thighs ... I forget whether Kendo armor covers the stomach or not).

    My suggestion would be to go to and check out what they've got.

  5. Freeform

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    Yeah, it covers the stomach. Have you looked at the TKD chest guards? I've never used them but they may be of some use, Waya and Chazz will know better than me.

  6. waya

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    TKD Chest protectors are ok, but I don't know that I would let someone swing a stick at me and trust mine to soften the blow much lol. I would suggest heavy fencing gear possibly for the chest protection, but I can't recall just how heavy it is.

  7. Krysdaggr

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I am just interested in the chest being protected. I did try on a friends TKD chest protector and it is a little too thin. ya'll have been alot of help on this. There was something I tried on years ago approx 1985 at a tournament call Koshiki gear but can;'t seem to find it, probably would help if I knew how to spell it. Thanks Again. Linde
  8. waya

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  9. Krysdaggr

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    Thanks all. I have contacted each web site ya'll offered and asked them if they think their gear would protect me from a glancing blow from sticks. Ya'll have really helped me with this. Linde
  10. Pablo

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    Olympic/Western fencers also use a breast protector with a design that gives mobility and protection.
    Try your local University, many have fencing clubs.

    Here are some suppliers:

  11. Krysdaggr

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    Thank you!
  12. Mike O'Leary

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    HEY>>> Linde......

    Years ago We used to train with Mr. Presus...... we would do full contact and use plastic plumbing hose covered in pipe insulation the foam type...

    and of course we would wear the traditional Canadian Hockey helmut..... and gloves.......... (Ya i know... that was the old days...) but the idea of full contact escrima with the plastic pipe and foam insulation around it... has merrit..hahahhahaha

    hey... got a new one..... Schmirnoff on ice.......... beats ciders all to hoot...

  13. Krysdaggr

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    Mike You will have to prove to me it Beats pear ciders!!!!!

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