Traditional Jujitsu Books?

Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by Ozid, Oct 26, 2012.

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    The quote was -
    Uke – (受け) One who recieves* – The antagonist in the kata.

    It depends if the kata is teaching how to recieve an attack or how to initiate one.
    Either way the 'uke' / etc is the one who recieves the 'shoe-ing'
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    Yes! A very good point indeed.

    Care to expand?
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    Along with all the books mentioned above you could acquire kodokan judo and best judo--they have a lot of the same techniques as Japanese Jujitsu especially the throws and chokes. In the back of Kodokan judo you will find a pictorial guide to all the two man katas.
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    Had a similar thread myself, and was recommended The Canon of Judo by Kyuzo Mifune. Should still be fairly applicable to you as the terms Judo and Jujutsu were used interchangeably back then as, at the time certainly, Judo was more self defence orientated and they were incredibly similar arts (read this on wikipedia so could be very wrong)

    Also if you watch:

    [ame=""]Mifune - The Essence of Judo (dubbed) - YouTube[/ame]

    you can see this guy is awesome bearing in mind he's about 65 when it was filmed...
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    Back in the 60's my dad did judo, but he was talking to the jujitsu instructor when I was a kid, he obviously knew all the breakfalls, but he knew a lot of the wrist work and hand strikes as well. Apparently his judo teacher taught that as well.
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    Jujutsu isn't one singular system. It's a generic term used to refer to a set of skills or combative approach taught within a number of systems. Many of these systems had other terminology for what most would think of as jujutsu.
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    "At the time a few bujitsu (martial arts) experts still existed but bujitsu was almost abandoned by the nation at large. Even if I wanted to teach jujitsu most people had now stopped thinking about it. So I thought it better to teach under a different name principally because my objectives were much wider than jujitsu" Jigoro Kano

    This was what I was trying to explain, albeit poorly. But yeah you're right, Jujutsu is an incredibly broad term, I think similar to Kung Fu, in that it relates to a huge number of arts.
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    Almost like saying "fighting" on occasion...
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    Ju Jutsu The Science the Art
    A study of Tenshin Shinyo Ryu Ju Jutsu by Derek Fairhurst

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