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  1. VillageIdiot

    VillageIdiot New Member

    Hey I live in Alberta (Canada) .
    I'm wondering if anyone knows about tournaments. I have found a bunch in a few sites, and I noticed that last week when I looked there was like 3 for Nov, and this week there's like 10 for Nov. So I'm assuming that They just aren't all added (or perhaps planned) until a month or so before. But if anyone knows of a few good tournaments in or around Alberta (around being lower eastern BC, Northren Montana or other close by states, lower westren sask), I'd like to know details. I'm trying to do 1 - 2 tourny's a month, and I'm looking for Dec, Jan, and further into 2004 events. I'm new to the WTF side of things, but I have some ITF experience too, so basically any open tourny's or WTF.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. Artikon

    Artikon Advertise here ask me how

    Check out the Alberta Taekwondo Association Website for tournment info in the area and dates.

    Just out of curiosity, who do you train with in Calgary?

  3. Sekmet7

    Sekmet7 Valued Member

    I dont know of any in Western Canada, but if you ever decide to enter some of the tournaments on Ontario, let me know! I can help you out there.
  4. VillageIdiot

    VillageIdiot New Member

    Thanks guys.

    I'm trainging at CTA (Master Froese)
    I used to train under Mr. Gibson (A JJ Lee school)
    Alta tournament site is the one I was referring too. It was weird, one day (last week) they had 3 listed for Nov. And then a day or so later (this week) it had a bunch. But it also has a bunch of other tourny's listed, like in other countries. lol Not my thing (yet).
    Thanks again

    Hey thanks. When I'm good enough (maybe next month..... or maybe several months lol) then I'll look into long range tournaments. For right now, I' stick to around here. But I think it'd be a little silly to go that far to compete with a white belt. lol
    Thanks again.
  5. Artikon

    Artikon Advertise here ask me how

    You're most welcome, you might also want to check out this unofficial site,

    Good site fairly informative, just moved to a new server and the message board should be up again soon.

    Please tell Master Froese Dave in Leduc says hi, I consider him a friend/instructor of mine as well. Hope to see you at the next tourney, whitecourt is always a good one to go too.
  6. Martial-Pal

    Martial-Pal New Member

    tournaments are always nice!
  7. VillageIdiot

    VillageIdiot New Member

    I will pass the message along to him. But I am actually training under his daughter, Deanna (I'm still very new, so I hope I got her first name right. lol). But I'll pass it along the line to him.

    We were just talking about the whitecourt tourny today.
    I wanna goto the Sundre one, but I fear I may not have Pads in time....unless I wanna pay a fortune for them. lol

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