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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu Resources' started by Brad Ellin, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. Brad Ellin

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    Hey all, taking nominatinos for the top 10 threads in the Ninjutsu topic area and I need your input. I have a few in mind, but would like to see what others have to say. Not just looking for the most discussed thread but also the most informative and educational.
    Give me your input and I'll post the best of the best at the top as a sticky. Here are a few of my nominations in no particular order:

    Training in Japan

    Why do you practice Ninjutsu

    Begginer asking for help

    Newbies posting on Ninjutsu (My favorite :D )

    Things that are not Ninjutsu

    Aura Sensitivity

    These are just a few. If you have the time, go back to the beginning and read thru. Re-open some if you desire. You may have missed a thread in which you have a valid opinion, idea or information.

    C'mon, don't be shy :p
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  3. Brad Ellin

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  4. sshh

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    I would like to replace my #9 pick with the latest ukemi thread, as the other one deteriorated into a bunch of useless drivel.

    Also, I was wondering about the ratings system. Sometimes I rate threads that I think are really good or really bad (rarely get the motivation to rate something as really average though), and I assume some others are rating as well, but I don't see any rating stars next to any of the threads.

    Is there some sort of statistical reason such as waiting for a minimum number of ratings before averaging them?
  5. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Don't know, that would be a good question for the computer gurus that run this madhouse.
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  8. Keikai

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    I see you took the time to read Brad's first post and took the time to get to grips with the threads true meaning by not posting the TOP TEN THREADS OF THIS FORUM!!!!

    This is not a thread for posting links to other sites!!!!! :bang:
  9. Shinobi_Of_Iga

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    Well, he can delete these if he wants... this is my first time on a forum. Hope you enjoyed the links anyway.
  10. Brad Ellin

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  11. Ninja*Rina

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    no need to shout, I'm sure it was simply a misunderstanding.
    thanks for this Kurohana ;)
  12. sshh

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    Is the ratings system working now?
    I noticed a few threads with stars by them.
    4 are tied at 5 stars, and one has 2 - all others have none. Have all those others just not received enough ratings votes to have a significant score to display? Or has rating just now become possible?

    Was bored and decided to do some statistics on the top-ten best threads (based on popularity):

    By number of replies:
    1. General Ninja Chit Chat
    2. Is Bujinkan Training Methodology Really Effective?
    3. Ninjutsu for Self-Defense?
    4. Starting Ninjutsu - Help
    5. Manchester Dojo
    6. Ninjutsu Survived, but the Samurai Didn't?
    7. Introductions
    8. Ninjutsu Striking Technique
    9. Grappling Techniques
    10. Cricklade This Weekend
    narrowly beating out
    11. Ok Im back with better with of the difference between BBD and BD

    By number of views:
    1. Is Bujinkan Training ... Effective
    2. General Chit Chat
    3. Ninjutsu Survived, but . ..
    4. Ninjutsu for Self Defense
    5. ... Difference Between BBD and BD
    6. Manchester Dojo
    7. 30-second video clip
    8. Hayes and Hatsumi
    9. Authentic Shinobi Shozoku
    10. Ninjutsu Terms and Definitions
  13. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Most of those with rating scores are the result of me rating them in hopes others would see them and follow my example. IF I see more threads start getting ratings, I'll start compiling the List we spoke about a few months ago.

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