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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by LetsGetItOn, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. LetsGetItOn

    LetsGetItOn Valued Member

    This is related to my other post where i ranted on about the state of Martial Arts, Kickboxing and MMA at present, and the sheer amount of bodies out there offering paper-titles that are worthless...


    These have to be the bodies that you see as the ones that have the most prestigious titles, and are the bodies that are doing good for the sport of Kickboxing, regardless of discipline - ie Full Contact, International Rules, K-1 Rules, Muay Thai, etc.

    My Top 3

    WKA - World Kickboxing Association - prob the oldest, most recognised body

    behind them it would probably be WAKO then WKN.
    I know very little about Muay Thai bodies so i have not factored these in.
  2. UNarmed

    UNarmed Valued Member

    k1 world max is probably associated with one of the most prestigious titles in my mind. Mainly i think because they have some of the best fighters in the world.
  3. LetsGetItOn

    LetsGetItOn Valued Member

    Without a doubt Unarmed, K1 is one of the most prestigious, respected kickboxing organisations in the World. However, i think they are unique in the sense that they are a promotional organisation (like the UFC) as opposed to a Governing Body. But yeah, you're bang on as far as prestige goes, k1 beats them all, particularly with their style of kickboxing.
  4. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    I personally think the WKA has nothing on the ISKA these days! Quality of courses, referees and judges is far more superior and better controlled
  5. LetsGetItOn

    LetsGetItOn Valued Member

    I always got the impressions that ISKA was more of a promotional body than a sanctioning body. I know they 'are' a sanctioning body (to be honest i haven't really paid that much attention to the ISKA events of late) but to me, the wka always seemed to have more reputable World champions, and not just a load of Americans with titles. Maybe i'm wrong.
  6. God'sGift

    God'sGift Valued Member

    I also like ISKA as one of the top bodies. There was never a time I would not hear about them on ESPN or even when such top organizations like K-1 were mentioned.
  7. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

  8. LetsGetItOn

    LetsGetItOn Valued Member

    The PKA were around many moons ago but seem to now just be some sort of kickboxing club(s), certainly not the same PKA as old.
  9. LetsGetItOn

    LetsGetItOn Valued Member

    Just to add a little extra to this thread, i have recently become involved with two bodies that i have found to be excellent when it's come to assisting myself with my promotions - the IKA- International Kickboxing Association ww w .ikaskickboxing. com. , and the World Ring Sports Association.

    Both organisations have helped me both greatly recently.
  10. Kwan Jang

    Kwan Jang Valued Member

    The original PKA was taken out of the picture when Don and Judy Quine had a power struggle and court battles with Joe Corley. During this time, the courts put a freeze on the org.'s promotions and the other leaders of the old PKA (mike Sawyer, Tony Thompson, ect) formed the ISKA and diversified it from the full contact/national rules used by the PKA to include the other rule sets.

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