Tong-il or not Tong-il? That is the question.

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    First off i'd like to apologise for the title of this thread. :D

    OK, on to business. As (some of) you (may) know, the TAGB study under the original (finalised) syllabus laid out by GM Choi in the 1960's/1970's, our BB patterns are as follows:
    1st Dan: KwangGae, PoEun, GeBaek
    2nd Dan: ChoongJang, EuiAm, KoDang
    3rd Dan: SamIl, YooSin, ChoiYong,
    4th Dan: UlJi, SeJong, TongIl,
    5th Dan: YongGae, MoonMoo, SoSan

    as you can see, the curent ITF syllabus (to which the TAGB is now unaffiliated) is different to that of the TAGB. The glaring difference is that KoDang is replaced by Juche, and that the order of the patterns is different. The one other difference (that i know of) is that the end of Tong-Il is altered... i'm assuming the alteration is the current ITF version, but i don't claim to know, i'm just guessing.

    So! all that said, the question i have is:

    Does anybody know what the difference between the two Tong-Il patterns is (ammusing thought... 2 Tong Ils ;) )? The current ITF version is here, on one of the ITFs site, or here, on my site. I've googled, but got no luck. If anybody knows of a link i'd be really grateful.

    The only thing i know is that the TAGB version might have a Back Kick in it near the end where the ITF version has a Side kick.

    ok, done.... thanks for reading this even if you can't help.

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    I'll have a proper look when I get the time.

    I'll have a look on my Legacy CD as well. I'll have to dig around for it though :D Projevt for the weekend ;)
  3. Liamtkd

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    aah, don't worry yourself mate, unless you want something to do :D

    cheers though!

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