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  1. nForce

    nForce Banned Banned

    Ok let me explain;

    I am going malaysia for a month and im going to the north, i currently here in the UK study muay thai, but ive heard they do the same thing under Tomoi in the north of malaysia, is this true, and any info on camps?

    I know this might not be related to Silat but i guessed some of you guys might be from malaysia so you could help

  2. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    Whereabouts in Malaysia are you going nForce? I recently returned from Malaysia (Penang mostly) where I trained Silat Lian Padukan, which has Tomoi influences amongst others.

    My teachers may be able to help.
  3. nForce

    nForce Banned Banned

    we can go anywhere in malaysia, just where there is a camp
  4. britsilatinmt

    britsilatinmt New Member know nigel then?
  5. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    I sure do britsilatimt. Do I take it we have a mutual friend?

    nForce - I'll have a word with my teacher (Nigel) when I see him later this week. Is it purely Tomoi that you're interested in, or would related disciplines be of interest?
  6. nForce

    nForce Banned Banned

    purely tomoi, becuase i train muay thai here in the uk, and tomoi is just basically another name for it, so it would be great if they have some camps over there

  7. britsilatinmt

    britsilatinmt New Member

    haha...yeah, nigel's a great guy and an amazing martial artist as well
    best wishes
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  8. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    That he is - I consider myself very fortunate to be able to call him my teacher!
  9. nForce

    nForce Banned Banned

    did you manage to speak with him?
  10. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    Hi Nforce - I did manage to speak to him - but I've barely stopped since. Unfortunately he doesn't know of any pure muay thai / tomoi camps himself.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    Out of interest - if it's Muay Thai you want and you're not picky about the exact location, why don't you go to Thailand?
  11. nForce

    nForce Banned Banned

    Cos my friend is muslim and would really prefer to goto malaysia
  12. pete_e

    pete_e New Member

    Hmm - not an attitude I'd agree with personally, but that's just me.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip - it's a beautiful country and the people make you feel very welcome IME.
  13. zenbaseballbat

    zenbaseballbat New Member

    did you find anyone?

    if you are desperate, I know of a teacher who claimed to teach it, im not sure if he teaches authentically or not. If you are desperate i'll try and find his number, but i cant attest to how good he is

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