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    Hello everyone,

    my name is Robert and i am 23 years old. I am training Muay Thai now for one year and have problems with my flexibility. I have read a few pages about flexibility training and really like the Tom Kurz Way of doing training. Im doing this way of training now for 3 weeks.

    So actually my routine looks like:

    Every morning (7 days/week ): dynamic leg raise to front, back and side ( 3 sets with 10 reps )
    Mo, Wed,Fri evening : warm up with dynamic stretch, the MT class and after this doing some isometric stretches followed by a few relaxed stretches.

    < -- ( i think this brings me a lot )
    Tue, Tho, Sat evening im trying to do deep squats, death lifts lunges...and later im doing isometric stretches.

    My isometric stretches are : the horse riding stance, and the front split ( ) and often this

    Im doing 3 sets of mostly 3 times tension and relax deeper. in the deepest position i try to stay for 30seconds.

    Now i was reading i should to a long tense in the deepest position for about 30seconds ? Without relax so long in the position ?

    For the relaxed stretches i do 3 sets each staying 30secs in the position. Im doing mostly the same stretches.

    Because my deep squat isnt really seep :'( im doint a few third world squat sessions a day ( in the working time :p )

    But im ways... WAYS away from the front split and the side split :p
    Is it just a question of 'more time' or does i have to do more ?
    more static stretches ?

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    Welcome to MAP.
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    I like Tom Kurz too, but it's probably worth mentioning that you have to do EXACTLY as he says. I know a few people who've jumped into isometric stretching without the proper preparation and ended up with some fairly serious injuries.
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    Hey, thanks for the replay.

    ive read a lot on this great board mostly from Van Zandt.
    So i switched my routine to

    3x/week strength trainig ( deep squats, lunges front and side, deadlifts ) and after this, ive doing isometric stretches , the horse ridind stance described by Kurz and .

    For the PNF ive doing 3 sets of
    - going in the position relax 10seconds
    - contract for 10 seconds
    - going deeper and wait again for 10 seconds
    - contract for 10 seconds
    - going deeper and wait again for 10 seconds
    - contract 30 seconds and leave the position.

    Every morning im doing dynamic stretches ( controlled front, side und back lifts ) after this im doing "3 world squat" ( couze having problems to go comfortable deep in squats. )

    The other 3 days of my muay thai class training im doing as warmup dynamic stretches and after the training 2 or 3 relaxed stretches.

    Is Foam rolling a good way stick up ?
    Is my way a good, and correct way ?

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