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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Ero-Sennin, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Warm Up

    2x3 min rnds (1:00 break) double end bag, dynamic stretching during break


    Exercise 1: Punch out on heavy bag
    2 min break
    Exercise 2: Sprinters "step drill" (Imagine placing one foot on a 12 inch box and striking a running pose, then hop a little and do the pose with the opposite leg up. It's sort of like jumping split squats without the lunging)


    3x10 50lbs explosive barbell curls (curl bar half way up, let bar fall back down then full curl as hard as you can) - 10 reverse crunches with leg lift on serious incline platform)

    1x10 115lbs explosive bench press (push bar half way up, let fall back down and explode back up for full repetition)
    2x10 95lbs explosive bench press

    10 reverse crunches on incline again after each set

    *** Doing explosive weight lifting movements are not easy doing right after Tabata. It took me all of the curl session to not feel like I was going to puke everywhere***

    5x3 min rnds :)30 break) - rope skipping. Intervals of high knees, fast skipping and slow skipping were done during every round.

    ::Long break period discussion GI Bill benefits with another veteran in the gym::

    3x3min rnds :)30 break) Sparring

    ** Sparring was decent.
  2. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I'm hoping for some video footage before the end of the year, even if it's just with block boards saying EPIC TROLL VID :p

    Have you seen this?
  3. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    I'll get around to filming at some point : P. Once the amateur team gets going it's already been mentioned about video taping sparring sessions to view them and see our weaknesses and strengths so those will probably find there way on the thread. As far as working out goes . . . it's kinda' weird to ask some guy in a boxing gym to film you working out!

    I did see that video, right when I clicked on it and watched it before I wrote this post! Kinda' a sad video to watch for somebody who wants to start fighting isn't?! :cry:
  4. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Morning Workout:

    5x3 min rnds heavy bag work. Nothing intense, just working on some different things.

    4x10 65lbs - Explosive Barbell Presses (press halfway, let weight fall, explode for full rep)

    2x25 crunches
    2x25 leg lifts
    (abdominal exercises done immediately after 1 set of weights)

    3x10 65lbs - Explosive Barbell Rows

    3x15 45lbs standing lateral crunches per side (1 set done immediately after rows)

    3x10 pushups (pushups done immediately after lateral crunches)

    2x10 10 lbs - No idea how to explain this shoulder exercise, but it's hard to do with 10 lbs and the number "10" is deceiving.

    2x10 superman/cobra (each set done immediately after shoulder exercise)

    2x15 10lbs single rear delt raises
  5. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    1x5,000 reps - Te Djinn YellowBamboo Double Dream Hand strikes on concrete pillar, full force to build up bone strength and harden skin.

    - Rest Day -
  6. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    You need to try harder... I did 1x10,000 reps - so there! :p ;) :)
  7. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Morning Workout

    5x5 min rnds - rope skipping

    5 or 6 (wasn't keeping track) x3 min rnds sparring

    Sparring was decent to work on a few different things but nothing too special.

    Did so little because I didn't eat this morning and my body was gassed after about 3 rnds of sparring. Holy crap was I feeling it. Going to have to hit some calisthenics and a run up later to make up for it. A little disappointed but at least I got to try out my new jump rope.
  8. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    Warmup: - 5 min of double end bag work

    4x10 60lbs - barbell explosive bicep curls

    3x10 105lbs - barbell explosive bench press

    (abs done during rest, but not consistent or significant enough to put down)


    Exercise 1: Punch-out on heavy bag (4 rnds straight punches, 4 rnds up cuts)
    2 min break
    Exercise 2: Sprinters "step drill"

    5 min break

    4x1 min rnds (1:00 break) - Intense heavy bag work, meaning every punch was a power punch and fast pace. This really sucked after Tabata.

    ** Was pretty tired after this, drank an endurance supplement drink (AMP Endurance from GNC) Did some rope work, pushups and abs but nothing significant to put down, just staying warmed up.

    4x3 min rnds - Heavy bag work

    1x6 min rnd Mitt work
    Combos: 1.) Jab 2.) Jab, Jab, cross, lead hook, cross, lead hook 3.) Power upcut, lead upcut, cross, lead hook, cross, lead hook 4.) Cross, lead upcut, cross, lead hook

    1x6 min rnd holding mitts

    6 min circuit:

    1:30 - Squats
    1:30 - rope skip
    1:30 - lunges
    1:30 - rope skip
  9. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    One on one boxing session got pushed from the morning to the afternoon which screwed me up a bit. I usually don't workout after the session because there's too much going through my head to really focus on anything but didn't have much of a choice today.

    Boxing session***

    Worked on feints, some randomly inserted dirty boxing and how to get away with it, opportunities for the right hook and some defensive movements for the philly shell style.

    8x3 min rnds :)30 rest) - Heavy bag work just working on random things.

    1x3 min rnd ab exercises involving a 6 lbs rubber medicine ball and a wall while laying down

    2x15 45 lbs standing lateral crunches (each side)
  10. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    2x3 min rnds (1:00 break) - Double End bag, dynamic leg stretches during break
    - Random upper body dynamic stretches


    Exercise 1 - Punch out on heavy bag
    2 min break
    Exercise 2 - Sprinters step drill
    2 min break
    Exercise 3 - Squat thrusts w/ 8lbs medicine ball

    5 min break

    4x1:10 min rnds (1:00 break) - Heavy bag, all power punches/fast pace

    5x10 185 lbs - Deadlifts
    10 Pushups after each deadlift set

    *** AMP Endurance drink, 20 min. rest ***

    Combo of shadow boxing/crunches over 6 min. to re-warmup

    1x8 min rnd - Heavy bag work

    1x3 min rnd - Mitt work - Combos- 1.) Jab 2.)Jab, Cross, Lead Hook 3.) Jab, Jab, Lead Hook 4.) Lead Upcut, Cross, Cross, Lead Hook

    1x9 min rnd - Random calisthenics changing every 1 min (Wall sit, crunches, bag work, lunges)

    3 min circuit - Squats, Pushups, lunges (alternate every 1 min)

    4x3 min rnds sparring

    **** Got some good work in sparring. Wasn't hard sparring but I learned a very useful technique using the philly shell style while pinned in the corner and the person I was sparring with was skilled.
  11. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Holy craptastic crapasms I'm sore today. Thighs and traps are feeling wonderful. What's funny is I don't think it's from the deadlifts as the type of sore I am has never been associated with deadlifts with me before. I'm thinking I got to activate a lot of different muscle fibers due to the tabata to complete the deadlifts which is why I'm sore like I am. Never had deadlifts make my inner thigh or lower mid-traps sore before, especially with not such a light weight.

    Anywho, did my last one on one boxing session today. Was kinda' crappy as far as learning went but I'm not complaining because I was given a free session. Went over some VERY beginner basics, glad I mentioned I wanted to spar last night though because the sparring was great.

    3x6 min rnds - 3rnds - 5 min review, 3 rnds, all intense sparring.

    The sparring was really great and was the type of sparring I've been wanting to really do as it was against the instructor and well . . . he can go hard, take a hit, and deal it right back no problem. The majority of the sparring was against him in his natural boxing stance, southpaw, and it made things intensely more difficult for me.

    The first three rounds were ok but I was taking a lot more hits without retaliation then I should have. I was landing enough, but when you get popped two or three times in a combo and only come back with a hard jab or cross you look like crap. We recapped on it and my biggest flaw was simply not thinking about fighting and I was just in there "fighting." Second three rounds I still got popped quite a bit but I was able to set different things up, retaliated with combos and was able to counter punch really well too. I was able to apply a defensive technique with the philly shell style which involves bending over at the waist almost to 90 degrees which kept me from getting a left cross to the face on a few different occasions.

    Biggest thing I took from this is I can no longer go in and "spar" anymore if I want to keep progressing, I need to start really thinking in the ring from the start. My reaction time, speed, and familiarity with boxing is allowing me to really make use of setting things up, counter punching, and attacking with a well formed plan now because I can "see" what's going on rather then just always reacting or just throwing punches to attack, which is great. All in all I'm pretty happy with the 6 sessions I purchased and what I got out of them. I started "seeing" things during sparring earlier in the month and I think I refined that skill/ability tremendously with the six sessions in a way I wouldn't have if I hadn't done the one-on-ones.
  12. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I think it was about a year ago as part of some mad workout: how many 1x bodyweight reps can you do in 3 minutes. I only did the Deadlift, though the Squat might have been doable with a belt. Anyway 46 reps @ 65kg (143lbs), hurt a bit the following day. More than my 2 @ 130kg (287lbs), but the worst suffering at the gym by far was when I did a tabata style workout of SeikenSteve's, involving Snatch grip Deadlift (60kg), KB Swings (24kg) and Shrugs (2 x 20kg) 10 reps down to 1 rep (55 reps total). The only time I thought I'd hurt myself from DL, back was killing me for most of the week. So yeah, wide grip DLs beware! I'd still consider 60kg a warmup weight though :)
  13. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    4x10 120lbs - explosive bench press
    4x10 25 lbs - single arm, explosive curls
    3x10 35 lbs plate - front shoulder raise, 15 curls following up (did this just to get some blood pumping in the arms so I could check myself out in the mirror : P!)

    5x5 :)30 break) min rnds jumping rope

    Boxing class which I totally gaffed off and went easy during, burned calories and all but it's not even worth putting down. Didn't focus on anything or do anything with real intent from 15 min. of bag work to mitt work. Did 4 rnds of sparring but the sparring was me teaching somebody some different stuff and working on them.

    *** Jumping rope was so easy it was extra boring. Although I worked up a damn good sweat I was about as winded as one would be going for a walk. Must mean I'm starting to get conditioned a little.
  14. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Was a rest day today, almost forgot to log it in : P.
  15. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oh look, another rest day! Woke up extremely grouchy, went to the gym and forgot my necessary equipment for Boxing and didn't have time to run back and get it. Spent all day watching Star Trek. Screw you life. I win.

    (There will be hell to pay tomorrow though)
  16. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I thought it was just us old 'uns who forgot our gym kit (or having taken it to the gym forgot to take it all home again)? ;)
  17. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have 7 exits to pass on the roadway to the gym. At exit 6 I remembered I forgot my kit. However, I left my awesome leather jacket at the gym on Friday (and it's closed Sat.) so I had to continue. Never a big deal to leave stuff at the gym ( I do it all the time :p ) but disastrous if you don't bring your stuff with you :(
  18. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter


    2x3 min rnds (1:00 break) - Double End Bag warmup, dynamic stretches during break


    Exercise 1 - Heavy bag punch out
    1 min rest
    Exercise 2 - Sprinters step drill
    1 min rest
    Exercise 3 - Squat thrusts, 8 lbs med ball
    2 min rest

    4x1:20 rnd (1:00 rest) - Heavybag work, all power punches, fast paced

    1x3 min rnd flipping a tire with a partner
    1x3 min rnd hitting tire with 16lb sledge hammer

    2x3 min rnds sparring

    Tabata - I had to continuously monitor my heartrate to make sure I was reaching the red zone heart rate because I just wasn't feeling like I was dying. End of every exercise I hit 180 bpm which is good. I just felt like I could put out more while I was doing the tabata, funny thing was when I tried during the tabata round I couldn't : P.

    Sparring - Was a good 2 rnds to judge my current skill level. Was with a guy that is my height/weight and has fought amateur fights before. Biggest thing was me not dropping down and counter punching during his combinations which resulted in me getting hit. Was intense sparring and a lot of tactics, biggest flaw was not reacting (dropping down to counter) due to fatigue but I feel like I can fix that pretty easily.

    *** Due to Tabata feeling easier and I'm probably maxing out the number count for the exercises I'm doing (ex: 50 jab/cross punch outs in 20 sec) being the most likely cause for me not feeling like I can "put out" more, I'll be adding another tabata exercise for the rest of this week and then start implementing some harder bodyweight movements like burpees for one of the tabata exercises. It will probably end up being something like:

    Exercise 1 - Medium Level Exercise (Punch outs)
    Exercise 2 - Hard level Exercise (Burpees)
    Exercise 3 - Easy exercise - Sprinters step drill
    Exercise 4 - Medium Level - Ball slams
  19. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Interesting workout today, did a little powerlifting.


    Bench Press

    3x5 185 lbs
    3x5 135 lbs - explosive bench (half rep, full rep) Immediately after a set of 185lbs.

    Hang cleans -

    2x8 135lbs
    1x8 155lbs
    1x5 165lbs
    1x5 185lbs


    3x5 275lbs

    6x3min rnds light sparring

    3x8min rnds :)30 break) heavy bag work

    Lifting was more of an experiment today to see how different weights felt. All exercises were rather easy with no hint of failure in any reps, could definitely start throwing some decent weight on in a couple weeks. Deadlift was surprisingly light for not having done anything heavy-ish in a long time. Was happy that my shoulder didn't bother me during the bench press, and bench was surprisingly light as well for not having done bench press in (years) a while with any weight near my own bodyweight. Considering making some weight lifting a part of the normal routine, but I'm not too sure as I just wanted to do something a little different today.

    Edit*** It's not even tomorrow yet, and I'm already dreading Tabata.
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  20. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    Holy crap, nice bench press and deadlift man.
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