To the tkd ladies! (pregnancy & training)

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by gemtkd, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    OMG bed rest after 18 weeks, I couldn't manage that!! I've wrote my birth plan saying that unless ABSOLUTELY necessary I do not want to stay in hospital!! I don't want to even be in the hospital unless I have to. (not scared) my sis had quite a crappy experience, they kept her in for no reason, and she even woke up in the middle of the night to find her baby gone!!! One of the midwives took him without telling her.
  2. ember

    ember Valued Member

    So how long would you wait before getting back into sparring?
  3. AmberLB

    AmberLB New Member

    I waited about 6 months (with my dr.'s advice), although I did drills with light contact earlier. But, I also had a c-section and problems with the incision healing, and I kept getting microtears in the incision/adhesions. Other ladies that had c-sections in our school told me they waited about 6 months as well.

    An uncomplicated v. delivery would be less problematic. With bfing, after a few months, you don't experience that sort of painful fullness.
  4. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    Wow, yeah, I think I'd go crazy on bedrest for that long :eek: !

    LOL, I hadn't thought about breastfeeding and sparring...I'm glad you brought it up. I planned on waiting 6 months anyway mostly because of convenience (I don't supplement with bottles or pump so I'd rather not gear up just to gear down to feed the baby).

    gem, if we were having a hospital birth I'd be the same way...wouldn't want to be there any longer than I absolutely had to be! I have no fear of hospitals or drs either, I just would rather be home.

    Kickchick, thanks for the link! Those pics are awesome!! This is really the first time I've had the courage to get a bare-belly pic and I regret not having done it with my other pgs.

  5. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I'm glad too. From what I see online, our next tournament is scheduled about eight weeks after I'm due. I kinda figured sparring would be out, now I'm sure it is.

    (Three months.)
  6. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I'm trying to get everything I need for baby in advance so was wondering if anyone knows how much of everything I'll need? I think I have far too much of some things and ridiculously short in other things
  7. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    After reading this thread, I've decided I'm going to go and sacrifice something, to whatever spawned me, in thanks for making me a man ;).
  8. AmberLB

    AmberLB New Member

    Is this your first baby? I have a list of things that I give to my friends when they are expecting their first (or first in a long time) and it includes:

    2 doz. white diapers (which I use as burp cloths)

    10 baby washclothes (the tiny, super soft ones, just two packages will do for years and years. They are perfect for tiny messes, runny noses, milk running down the face, etc.)

    6-12 baby blankets (3 or 4 of the very lightweight cotton ones, and a couple of the larger/slightly heavier cotton one -- like they have at Old Navy or Gymboree. If it is cold where you live, you might always want a couple of the super soft fleece blankets. Also, a nice soft quilt, for when you baby has floor time.)

    1 baby sling (LOVED my slings, very easy to make if you having a sewing machine. I used my daily until my kids were toddlers. I can tell you how to make one, if you like. Otherwise, I highly recommend an unpadded sling.)

    6-12 onesies in small sizes

    3 pair of cotton lightweight baby pants

    6 baby nightgowns

    12 pair of baby socks

    2 boxes of nursing pads (the super thin ones are quite comfortable, but may not be absorbent enough in the beginning)

    breast pump (Avent Isis if you are a SAHM, Ameda Purely Yours if you are a working-outside-of-the-home mom. I have a LOT of pumping experience, and have tried/used a lot of different pumps, including hospital pumps, as all 3 of my kids were preemies. The Ameda Purely Yours is the best in every way, and is less expensive than the Medela comparable pump).

    Breast milk storage bags or bottles (I have a great suggestion for BM storage bottles for when you freeze milk. Basically, you can buy 100 sterile cups, you know the kind drs. have to pee in, for about $25. These can be sterilized several times and will last until you stop pumping. Seriously! The BM bags are great, but very pricey).

    3 Avent infant bottles (or whatever bottle you use. I breast fed exclusively, so I didn't need the bottles until I went back to work, but even if you BF, you will want to get them used to a bottle about a week before hand. If you use formula, you will need more bottles).

    Avent Microwave Sterilizer (This was the BEST gift I ever received. I still use it, for sterilizing sippy cups, etc., and it is so easy and so fast!)

    Somewhere for Baby to Sleep. We used an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper for two babies, and an Amby Baby Hammock with my last baby. I highly recommend either of those two options, especially the baby hammock -- see it on, or buy one on eBay. Since my babies were preemies we had to deal with issues like reflux, high sensitivity, etc., and the Amby baby bed was nothing short of miraculous. It's expensive, but I slept more than I did with my other two kids. I don't recommend a crib -- we had two, and my kids never slept in there, even once. It became an expensive toy box.

    car seat/stroller --- My favorite is the Graco Lite Rider. It's very lightweight, can be opened with one hand (important when you are carry baby and trying to unload from the car) and doesn't take up too much room in the car. My sisters used the Eddie Bauer set, and couldnt' put anything else in their trunks.

    2 binkies (just in case -- I suggest silicone, and I bought the type my kids used in the NICU. Of my kids, two used binkies, and only one used his a lot, each child stopped on his own at about 3 months).

    Boppy pillow. This is great to let your little one snuggle in while looking at toys. Later, it will help your baby to learn to sit up. I also used my Boppy when nursing. I bought one that I used for all 3 kids, and you can get covers as well --- perfect when I had my last, a little girl.

    I have two other recommendations, which are not necessities, but are very helpful. First, a swing. My two boys loved the swing, and it was a sanity saver when #1 had colic, it was the only thing that calmed him.

    Second, a Baby Bumbo chair. Look at the Target website! I read about it and it's great rating, and bought one for my baby girl. So incredible! Comfy, and can be used for babies as young as a few months, up through about age 4. This is what I like to get my friends as a birth present. I have never bought a high chair or any such device, with the Bumbo you can feed the baby, he or she can sit up and play at a baby gym or watch Baby Einstein or watch you from the side of the class, when you are back at TKD.

    The things I NEVER used -- crib, playpen, high chair, my kids hated bouncy seats so those just took up room, wipes warmer, bottle warmer, formula, infant feeder (like a bottle but with a wider hole to feed your baby cereal).

    I highly recommend an ear or temporal artery thermometer. Also, the best baby products I've used are the Burt's Bees --- lotion, baby wash, baby shampoo, diaper cream (like a miracle, takes away any rash over night), baby powder.
  9. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    In regards to breast-pads, having tried every washable and disposable type locally available, I love the Lansinoh brand. I leak A TON and they're the only ones that hold up. They're thin, comfortable and conform nicely. I plan on buying two boxes to have on hand.

    I also get 2 nursing sports bras and 2 underwire nursing bras (the kind that snap not clip/hook) in a size bigger than my regular cup size. The sports bras are nice for around home and in the first few days during engorgement.

    Amber gave you a pretty comprehensive list. The only two things that we do use that she didn't was a high chair (it reclines so baby can be with us during also has 5 height positions) and an infant bouncy seat (which we like because we can put it anywhere and keep baby out of reach of the dogs).

    You're getting pretty close aren't you? How many weeks do you have left Gem?


    P.S. Happy baby shopping!
  10. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    OK, so I clicked on here to find out how people were getting on and got a faceful of this if you'll pardon the expression :eek: :D !

    I'm now going to wash my memory out with carbolic :)

    Mitch with entirely too much information

    Hope everything is well with all, Mrs Mitch due end of March and everything seems well. :)
  11. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    3 weeks left!! It feels like a lifetime away! How long have you got?

    Bra's are one thing I have to get sorted out!! I think they're almost all I need for the moment as I have most stuff!!
  12. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    I've got another 8 1/2 weeks left and feeling like it's an eternity away still.

    Glad to hear you've got everything around. I have a few more little things to get and then I'm all set.

    I hope the next few weeks go by fast for you!!

  13. ember

    ember Valued Member

    I know you weren't really asking me, but ~26 more weeks. The fun is just beginning. I'm glad this thread is here, I've been trying to read up whatever I can.
  14. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I've been asking my husband to get me castor oil as that can supposedly get things moving, but he's as reliable as a chocolate tea pot!!
  15. KellyOwens

    KellyOwens Valued Member

    Hey Gem, LOL!! I've done the castor oil in a past pg and although I've heard it helps get things going for some people it didn't do a thing for me other than give me horrible cramping and severe diarrhea :p . I don't ever want to try it again :eek: !!! Then again if it would have worked I probably would be singing a different tune :D .

    Ember, any baby belly yet? Seems like it was just yesterday that I was 14wks and couldn't wait to get to that half way mark of 20wks :) . Now we're down to less than 8wks (hoping for more like 5wks!).

    I'm getting to the point where even assisting in class is getting to be too much (a lot of sciatic issues and pelvic ligament pain). LOL, then again putting my shoes on is getting to be "too much" :rolleyes: . I'll most likely stop assisting in a few weeks (my last month) and just try to enjoy watching :) .

    Looking forward to hearing some good news from you soon Gem!! And Ember, it'll be fun hearing about your pg...I sure hope you get some ladies here to join you after Gem and I deliver. It's kind of nice to have another TKD trainee along side. I'll still keep checking in either way.

  16. ember

    ember Valued Member

    If you know me and are looking, my friends are starting to see it, otherwise not clear. I can tell, I'm going to need to go pants shopping this weekend. Thanks for the Old Navy tip, I'm petite too.

    I hope to have another KMA join me too. Darn Kuk Sool forum is still mostly guys :cool:
  17. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    ok castor oil doesn't work!! Well it didn't for me!! I spoke to my midwife and she reckons its the most likely thing to work, but I could try raspberry leaf tea. I went to a herbalist and got the proper stuff so I'll give that a try!! My midwife says I'm fully engaged and she thinks I'll go in to labour really soon, so any other ideas to get things moving would be appreciated!!
  18. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Errr, umm, enjoy your husband. What I'm reading suggests that oxycytone (sp?) "love hormone" plays a role in labor too.
  19. gemtkd

    gemtkd Valued Member

    I enjoy my husband at least once a day, have baths with clary sage and lavender, raspberry leaf tea and loads of pineapple!! And ofcourse I tried castor oil!! Anything else I can try?
  20. AmberLB

    AmberLB New Member

    You're probably already doing it, but walking (or anything upright, so the baby is putting additional pressure on your cervix) can be helpful.

    I never made it that far in pregnancy, so I can't give advice from experience.

    I'm so excited for you, something will be happening fairly soon!

    My "baby" is fixing to be 2 next month. Can't believe it's been that long ago, the time has zoooooomed by! Last night, before bed, she demonstrated kicks and back fists for her daddy.

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