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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Hapuka, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Those pieces of wood in that clip that they were breaking were really thin. :eek:
  2. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    I liked the Demach(sp) punch (aka phantom punch) and the resulting break! LMAO! I have seen that happen more then once... :D
  3. I've been competing all day at St. Albans.
    And fought through 4 fights to get a 2nd place in adult red belt sparring.

    Currently uploading to YouTube. Will have vids to link you too soon...[ish]
  4. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Great, I'm sure we would love to watch them :)
    Ive been looking at your other videos. They are quite good. Your patterns are interesting to watch, Its like a mixture of karate and Taekwon-do, (Old school ITF) Is there a reason why you went through the so pattern fast?

    This is how we do at our TKD school; [ame=]Hwa Rang tul [/ame]
  5. Gizmo

    Gizmo Valued Member

    For those interested, here's my collection of videos on Youtube . There is something new added regularly, plus there are downloadable versions of the newer clips on our website .

    These are mostly videoclips from the tournaments we participate in, but also some other stuff, like patterns performed by some masters.


  6. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Nice videos Gizmo, Thanks for sharing. :)
  7. Okay.

    Comments please. :) Share the link.


    And obviously rate it 5.
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  8. Counter

    Counter Train more. Train harder.

    My favorite:

    [ame=""]what is taekwondo?? - YouTube[/ame]
  9. HwaRang

    HwaRang Just don't call me flower

    Nice pattern, is that with sine wave added?
    The way we perform is less stop-startey, if you get what I mean. Some moves are done as a sequence (like the double punch after the sitting stance palmheel "strike"). It get quite awkward with patterns like Kwang Gae where you have to remember which moves are to be done slowly with focus and tension, and which moves are supposed to be done fast.
  10. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

  11. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    I'm sorry but I had to post these;

    [ame=]Self defense against dragons [/ame]

    [ame=]Sleeping in the dojang[/ame]

    [ame=]Pants fall down in TKD class[/ame]
  12. karate princess

    karate princess Savvy??

    Go Rags! Lol, you're pretty good for a girl! Hehehe.... : )
  13. Thanks girls. :p

    Go rate it 5 and tell me how much you love me in the comments box.

    As if I can restrain you from doing that. Of course.
  14. baron

    baron Valued Member


    As you are the biggest critic of fighters keeping their hands down, I would expect you to kind of, you know, not keep them down.
  15. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    No, theres a reason rags lowered his guard, he was adjusting his belt :D
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  16. mystik

    mystik In for a challenge

    Rag you have very nice kicks, the sparring was good besides the guard not hardly ever being up and some of your punches were kind of sloppy other than that it was great :D
  17. It's inexcusable. It honestly is. And I've got two instructors constantly yelling at me for it.
    Firstly because it's stupid.
    Second, because its so easily remedied
    And thirdly because it looks like I'm tired.
  18. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Heres another video, [ame=]Revolution of Kicking[/ame]

    The DVD looks very good, I might plan on buying it.

    And heres an ITF one,

    [ame=]What is Taekwon-do?[/ame]
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  19. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Yeah the pattern is done with sine wave. We are taught at our TKD club to do each move before doing the next move, hold each move for 1-2 seconds. If you have a video at how you do it at your club I would love to see. :eek:
  20. bmcgonag

    bmcgonag Valued Member

    I don't think you look tired, you look confident. very open to attack, but confident. :D

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