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  1. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

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    I thought a DVD section might be worthwhile, to accompany the books thread.

    Strong recomendation for Iain ABernethy's "Kata Based Sparring" DVD. For those interested in self defence application of patterns, the close range techniques which they cover and how to drill these things in class, this DVD is an excellent source of information.

  2. miles

    miles Valued Member

    I recommend the Kukkiwon Textbook which is now available on DVD.

    Other excellent sources of information are Revolution of Kicking DVDs from Mooto featuring GM KANG, Shin Chul and the Dartfish Standard WTF Poomsae DVDs.

  3. StuartA

    StuartA Guardian of real TKD :-)

    Rayners Lane Syllabus DVD

    A low resolution preview of the Syllabus DVD we been filming at the Academy has been uploaded to to 'Youtube'.

    If you fancy a look, click : [ame][/ame]

    This is the 10th to 7th Kup one.

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  4. StuartA

    StuartA Guardian of real TKD :-)

    Just to let you know (for those that are interested), the 2nd of the DVDs - 6th to 4th Kup - has a preview up.

    The link is: [ame=""]YouTube[/ame]


  5. Alexander

    Alexander Possibly insane.

    Nice choice of music. I liked the lyrics "...knowledge and wisdom and understanding, possesed by god and transfered to man..." :D
  6. StuartA

    StuartA Guardian of real TKD :-)

    Blimey.. Alex likes the music... cool :)

    Sorry, had to re-upload... link is [ame=""]Rayners Lane Syllabus DVD Preview - 6th to 3rd Kup - YouTube[/ame]

  7. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Anyone able to recommend a good WTF sparring drills DVD (I used to have an old Sang Lee (?) tape that was really good)?

    I just saw "Fighting Taekwondo" (Rising Sun Productions) advertised on their website... looks pretty decent, anyone seen it yet?
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  8. Liam Cullen

    Liam Cullen Valued Member

    Hey Thomas, I've got that DVD and have to say I'm not that impressed with it on the whole. I can't remember off the top of my head all the reasons why but I'll stick it on again tonight and let you know. Are you just after something going over the basics of WTF sparring?
  9. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Thanks - actually I'm looking for more advanced footwork/kicking/sparring drills to add a bit of spice to class! :D
  10. ai_thum

    ai_thum Valued Member

    i dont know if i can put this in this thread But im looking for TKD movie

    Ex. Spin Kick
  11. Liam Cullen

    Liam Cullen Valued Member

    Ok, very briefly here's a few reason why I didn't think this was so good. I'll just stick them down in bullet point as I made them while going over the DVD, any further questions just ask I'm going to do a proper review some point before xmas along with some other disks.

    - DVD is French, the English subtitles don't seem to work and the English dub isn't translated very well or descriptive. Actually sounds like some of the English translation has just been put through an internet translator.
    - When showing some kicks from the side the camera is positioned so that the only part of the guy showing is from the waist UP.
    - Kicks shown from limited stationary camera angles.
    - Lots of repeats of the same kick without much detail of description of what is going on, or pointers.
    - No mention of upper body position when exectuing techniques.
    - No details about pivoting on rear foot.
    - Can't really tell my difference between the half and full turning kicks demonstrated.
    - All kick demonstration follow the same pattern of being demonstrated to the front, then side, then against a pad, then against a guy stating still in a hogu. Gets a bit boring to sit through.
    - States hook kick is only used to strike the face.
    - Odd ordering of kicks.
    - Blocking section is so basic its pretty much pointless. However it is sometimes cut with clips from tournament fighting demonstrating that technique being used which is nice.
    - Footwork has some nice variations in, but would have been nice to have seen it combined with some kicks.
    - There's a section dedicated to just tilting your head back out the way of a head kick.
    - Pretty much all the target kicking drills only feature one style of kick, no combinations.
    - Basic counters with no follow ups.

    The main bulk of the disk is just going over a handful of basic kicks. The information on offer in these sections isn't bad, but I've certainly seen a lot better. You'd be far better off either picking up a copy of The Revolution of Kicking or The Art of High Impact Kicking if that's what you're after. They both cover that stuff in more detail, more clearly, more interestingly, and with more content.
    As an aid for advanced footwork and sparring drills I'd also look elsewhere as this really is just covering the basics. While it may have some value for newer people to the art to pick up some pointers and little tricks its not really the sort of material you could use to keep a class busy with.

    Don't get me wrong, its not a bad DVD, its just quite basic and there are already a lot of other disks out there that cover the basics and do it better.
  12. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Huge thanks - I think you just saved me some $$$ - :)
  13. miles

    miles Valued Member

    I highly recommend the series by Dr. Jin Bang Yang and produced by TERC.

  14. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Here's my review of the DVD's of the syllabus from his Rayner Lane club which Stuart mentions above:

    Many will know Stuart Anslow from his recent book, TaeKwon Do Ch’ang Hon Hae Sul. This studied the Ch’ang Hon pattern set in depth, looking at patterns up to Joong Gun Tul and seeking applications for the movements which make more sense than some of the traditional interpretations.

    This series of DVD’s covers the syllabus of the Rayner Lane Academy as taught by Stuart. The DVDs were originally produced for his own students after requests for something to practice from at home, but after putting some clips on the Academy website enquires started coming in from other places so he decided to release them to anyone that would like a copy.

    This is specifically the Rayner Lane Syllabus: ITF based but not identical, with different Set Sparring to TAGB for example. This isn’t a syllabus that I follow, so I don’t want to comment on the contents of the syllabus; his Set Sparring is different to what I learn and teach for example. Rather I’m reviewing the way the DVD is presented and the techniques used in helping the student learn.

    The first DVD covers 10th Kup White Belt to 7th Kup Green Stripe. For each grade there is a demonstration of the basics required and here the DVD really does well. The camera work is clear, the techniques are shown from both the front and in side view, and are then also shown in slow motion. This is an excellent use of video, allowing a student to really follow the detail of how a technique both develops and is delivered.

    Furthermore, the screen is annotated with hints and instructions on each technique, ensuring the student gets some advice as well as demonstration of the techniques

    This same device of annotated front, side and slow motion views is used for the demonstration of patterns. This will make an excellent resource for the prospective student.

    Set Sparring (Three Step and Two Step, Semi Free) given the same treatment at the appropriate grades: demonstrated at full speed and in slow motion with instructions and comments added on screen.

    The required elements of destruction for grades are demonstrated too. A nice touch is Mr Anslow demonstrating how to measure out distance and angles for the assorted break, an important step which is sometimes missed out on demonstration footage. Again slow motion footage is used to allow a student to more closely follow techniques and on-screen text gives further information.

    The section for each grade then ends with a summary of the theoretical knowledge required for that grade. Pattern meanings, names of techniques in Korean etc. are all covered.

    The second DVD, 6th Kup Green Belt to 3rd Kup red Stripe differs only in that no basics are demonstrated. By this point basics are often simply at the examiners discretion rather than pre-defined.

    There are also full speed demonstrations of Free Sparring, with the usual hints and tips displayed as text on the screen.

    The second DVD also offers an example of Two onto One Sparring, another grading requirement at Rayner Lane.

    Where the DVD suffers is in the environment for the filming. The background is a normal gym floor and familiar green curtain screening off part of the room. This gives a cluttered backdrop to the action that can detract from it slightly.

    The main problem with the environment though is the background noise. The footage is obviously shot during the time of a normal class. This unfortunately means that there is some intrusive noise from commands, exercises and even breaking impinging on the demonstrations. Although you may tune this out as you watch I did find it detracted from my concentration on the subject matter on several occasions.

    Overall the DVDs are an excellent tool for supplementing a student’s learning; they will see demonstration of all required linework techniques, patterns and set sparring to really get into the detail, the nitty gritty, of stance technique and movement flowing together.

    They also score in being a complete resource. Many DVD’s will only cover one aspect of training, just patterns or just set sparring; here we have everything in one place. I have to comment though that a better environment for the filming would turn a good resource into a great one.

    Clips for both DVDs can be found at and the 2nd to 1st kup and Dan grade DVDs should be out shortly if they aren’t already.

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  15. StuartA

    StuartA Guardian of real TKD :-)

    2nd to 1st Kup Syllabus DVD Preview

    Just uploaded a preview of the final DVD in the "Kup" series.

    [ame=""]Rayners Lane Syllabus DVD Preview - 2nd to 1st Kup - YouTube[/ame]


  16. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Any recent additions, recommends to/for this thread?

    I'm looking for DVD recommendations that feature correct Taegeuk poomses, preferably with multiple camera angles, etc.,. The 'official' Korean one I've seen on a lot of WTF sites is poor quality as far as Cinematographic techniques go - also I was surprised at the lack of 'snap' in some of the patterns. Is someone hitting the rim of a bass-drum off camera as the demonstrator completes a movement??

  17. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Personally I like the AIMAA ones with GM Cho Hee Il... great snap and power. Granted, they are done the "older" way, being made shortly after the forms were created.

    If you are doing competition, I'd recommend the official WTF/KKW ones.
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  18. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Thank you kindly for the Grandmaster Cho Hee Il video library link(s)! From what I gather, the main difference between the "older" way and the current official standards is they shortened or compacted the patterns - similar to the way that simplified Chinese writing is a shortened and modernised/updated version of the traditional style.

    Correct me if I'm amiss - we are very new to TKD and MA.

  19. mastercole

    mastercole Valued Member

    That stances of the Taegeuk and Dan Poomsae are the same as they were when they were originally introduced. Compare the 1972 Korea Taekwondo Association Textbook with the latest edition of the Kukkiwon textbook.

    As for sparring video, like Miles stated, Jin Bang Yang's videos, or Sei Hyeok Kim's videos. Also a classic is the 1987 WTF: Art of Competition video, if you can find it.
  20. mjl

    mjl ITF Taekwon-Do (1st Dan)

    Since this thread is a few years old now, are there any new educational DVD's on the market (or older recommended ones) available to UK buyers? (preferably from a UK web site/supplier). Specifically focusing on sparring would be good.

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