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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by NaughtyKnight, Apr 8, 2005.

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    I finished your sentence for you.

    That's not an anti-TKD argument. If said 15 year old girl does Muay Thai and finds herself stuck with an older ('cos let's be honest, what 15 year old girl would be seen with a boyfriend the same age - ugh!), stronger male who trains in martial arts himself, then her sole advantage (being a martial artist) disappears. For children and young women self defence is about avoiding dangerous situation and dodgy people and Muay Thai is pathetically inadequate in that field (as are most fighting arts).
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    since when did any class show how to avoid confrontation surly you would need to delve into street psychology/mentality unless your talking your state of mind or common sense which comes with the territory anyway (well with most people)

    avoiding confrontation takes practice and you need to know what type of people you are dealing with really, im talking direct confrontation not crossing the road when a big bad scary bald guy is walking towards you :rolleyes:
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    I just want everybody to...

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    lol listen to this guy ^
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Judo is a very good self-defense art. It teaches smaller people to throw bigger people on their heads. How handy a skill in this situation, eh?

    Size will still matter, but she actually has a chance with Judo. No chance with TKD.

    Yukuji: Go to a boxing gym and compare your punches to theirs. If all you do are straight Kiai punches, then no, you don't train punches penty.
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    How can you sit here and tell an entire system that its wrong? Go back to bullshido.
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    I have just read through the first 35 pages of this thread and then the last couple of pages, I just did not have the concentration to read the whole thing.

    I have read a lot of tosh from various people, I have read some very good points - sometime even from the same people.

    Knight asked a few times who has fought a TKDer, I have, in a rock disco in Germany one Friday night in the late 80s the local neo nazi skins had a decider with us. There had been fights the previous 4 weeks, one of my mates had been CSed in the face, another mates GF had been beaten for going out with a Brit, I had knocked out a huge fat skinhead and one of the skins had been stabbed in the buttocks by a small Scottish bloke.

    Anyway on this night the skinheads ahd disguised themselves by wearing Hawai shirts for some reason and about 20 of them had got in in small groups. The scum had waited untill I had left squaddie corner to get my round in (the bar was in a different room from the dancehall). Then the main group had attacked my half a dozen mates when their hitman had come for me. They had bought in a ringer to deal with me, a 6ft 6 odds muscly guy. Now bear in mind this is not the peacefull clean living Adouglasmhor of now but the 19st beer swilling regimental prop forward, ex regimental boxer who trained at least 3 hours every day except match days.

    Anyway Lurch waited untill I was carrying the tray of beers back into the dancehall, seen the rucktion in their and put down the tray before courageously landing a kick into the back of my head. i don't know how but i mannaged to roll and cone up facing him, launched a volley of kicks that hurt but did not seem to have any stopping power in them (showing the virtue of point sparring), He backed away as I got my guard together and started moving towards him, but he still landed a few kicks while he shouted at me what are you going to do just stand there with your hands up. Then I managed to get close to him, I think someone moved behind him and his concentration broke but I closed on him and strted taking him to bits, he had no close ranage at all, same as I had had no long range, He took a couple of full punches and collapsed, he even caught an uppercut on his way down, He was lying on the floor when I decided he had had enough but still had to pay for kicking me in the back off the head at the start so I did a rugby players stamp on his hamstrings (heel in and twist hard). Now if he could have put some force into his kicks I would have lost. But he could not. I was shorter than him, probably a bit heavier. This says nothing about TKD or Boxing but it says everything about bottle and determination.

    Oh and my mates managed to beat the crud out of the main group of skins and were joined in doing so by a couple of decent German blokes we knew, so nobody take this as an anti German post.

    And the beers were unharmed!

    And I pulled the club managaress afte the bouncers and her came to sort the place out.

    (she wasn't that hot really)
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    Couldn't agree more.

    There's nothing wrong women and children studying combat sport martial arts, just as long as they are taught to avoid dangerous situations. To be honest, I think judo and bjj are the best sport arts for self-defense, because if they're standing and not being grasped, they should be running. Judo and bjj can help them if running fails.
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    why only women and children? surely anything that claims self defence as an aspect of its training should teach as much about avoidance and de-escalation as it does about fighting, whether the students and 11 year old girl or a 25 year old body builder?
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    this thread has become ridiculous :bang:
    lets all just have a royal rumble and whoever wins has t3h ultimate art
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    TKD taken apart.

    The great thing about TKD is that i've been doing it long enough to know how to take it apart and disect a practitioner of it. It's the most common martial art, so odds are you might come in contact with someone whose been trained in it. Now i move on to another art.
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    I've been on lots of courses where they teach you "de-escalation" like a lot of RBSD it's complete rubbish. The instructor will have theories on the best way of calming a situation down, although it is rare that they actually have any particular insight into human nature or talent for dealing with difficult people. Going to classes to have somebody else teach you how to deal with people, is a waste of time and money. Unless you're the type of person who needs a self appointed guru.
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    I have personally found that,the best way, to calm an individual, without conflict from the opposing party, is to take them out.
    No de-escalation.
    But I love it ;)
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    That just means the courses you've been going on are rubbish, doesn't affect the fact that these skills are more likely to stop you getting hurt than any degree of martial ability.

    But then learning to drive safer (advanced driving course) or quitting drinking would both be better for "self defence" than almost any martial art. *shrugs*

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