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    well if that was the question, then its because it provides a false sense of security for weekend warriors for one, and because its not reality competition oriented its easy to mcdojoise. but that would be of course, if that was the real topic.
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    :cry: the link didnt work for me! Any other way i can view it please???
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    I hope you realise what you have done.

    Thanks for re-opening pandora's box.
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    Which fruitloop resurrected this?!?!?! :eek: :bang:
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    Twas the one they call taescharnhorst, my lord.... (hisssss)
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    hi the vid doesnt seem to be working anymore does anyone mind rehosting it?

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    Yeah, flame war aside I was excited to see this. Now my night is ruined! RUINED! :cry:

    ....or maybe some merciful mod or admin will let this poor thread deserves to sleep.... God willing, forever.

    And on a side note, my style would pwn your style even if mine was never invented so there0rz!!
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    I don't mind hosting it, anyone got a copy?
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    OK, I HAVE To reply to this, I know I'm just beating a dead horse, but someone already revived the thread so.... The point of being able to do high spinning kicks isn't necessarily to do them exclusively. If I got into a fight outside of my dojo, where there were no rules about where I could kick, then instead of kicking moderately hard 6 inches over my head, I would kick EXTREMELY hard to my oppoenents knee or thigh. The ability to kick above my head translates into the ability to kick harder at lower levels, it also gives me more precise placement of those kicks. Practicing TKD does not mean that I view the tornado kick as the perfect solution to any altercation. It just means I use my hands AND feet in a fight. The idea isn't always "Can TKD better prepare you to take on Karate, or Kung Fu, or Muay Thai?" It's, "Can TKD better prepare you to take on the average every day aggressive drunk." The answer is YES. And there is no arguing against that. A girl who is taking TKD will be better prepared to fend off an over-zealous date. A 15 year old kid who is taking it will be better prepared to take on a schoolyard bully. It's a simple fact that there is not a disadvantage to learning how to use both your hands and feet in a fight.

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    Noooooooo! You are only stirring the coals of hatred! :bang:
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    I am probably beating a dead horse, too, so at least I won't be alone. :p

    The spinning kicks are fine. Like you said, it helps your balance and therefore helps you do regular kicks easier. But, the problem is that most of TKD's focus is on those flashy kicks. No punching, no hard kicking. Just the flashy stuff.

    If my daughter ever told me that TKD would help her fend off an overzealous date, I would beat her up myself for saying something like that. Ok, not really, but I'd tell her to go to her room.

    TKD has only one specialty: kicks.

    And it even sucks at that. No punching, no elbows, no knees, no clinch, no throws, no groundwork. Just flashy kicks.

    Oh, and the kiai's.

    I only had a year of TKD, so I might be talking out of my ass. I stopped doing TKD when I watched the Olympics and realized that the pinnacle of TKD is two morons standing 2 inches from eachother hopping in place.

    Oh, and about your "average drunk" philosphy:

    What if it turns out that overzealous boyfriend does boxing? Or Muay Thai? Or Judo? Or anything good? The 15 year old girl is screwed. Pun intended.
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    I cant believe you guys would re awaken this thread....
  13. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

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    yeah...he is ITF tho
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    Plus he's Polish, which automatically makes him a badass.
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  17. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    LOl :D
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    well he must be cross training, his punches looked a bit sloppy at times and we dont really know the quality of the fighters hes facing. im sure i saw some kicking with the shin in there too, not ragging on TKD or anything.

    By the way what traditional martial art did Andy Hug learn?
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    Ah yes. The mighty "TKD sucks all ways" post. A familiar foe that will undoubtably put a full-fledged flame war in effect.

    In our TKD club we use punches plenty. So there. :p
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