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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Chazz, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Infesticon #1

    Infesticon #1 Majesticon

    Rejoining an ITF School in my hometown.

  2. LLAP-Goch

    LLAP-Goch New Member

    Hello there, new to TKD, from Adelaide, background in grappling but as I get older and the shoulders are shot I am looking forward to learning the art and flexibility from ITF TKD
  3. Blade Kemp

    Blade Kemp New Member

    England, Essex. ITF style, 8th kup
  4. tkdhanna

    tkdhanna New Member


    WTF in Mudgee, Central West NSW Australia.
    My Master Eric Hochmuth trained under Grandmaster Sung H Kim, of the USA.
    Love it :)
  5. Ruark

    Ruark New Member

    Texas. I'm 63, getting arthritis in my joints and feeling the years, but still work out as much as I can at home. I got a hard-earned orange belt in 1970, in the Allen Steen/J. Pat Burleson/Chuck Loven lineage.
  6. brookieeto

    brookieeto New Member

    London, WTF Taekwondo, yellow belt.
  7. Nightingale

    Nightingale New Member

    Hello, I've been training in WTF TKD for about a year now, this is in Slough, which is just outside of London. It's very demanding on the warm-ups, we do a lot of tournament techniques. The club's master was an international champion from Anguilla, though we hardly do patterns, which I like a lot. I've known Taegeuk Il Jang for many months, but haven't been graded a second time, I'm a yellow tab which is disappointing since I wanted to double grade about half a year ago, but that's all.
  8. rosalinda

    rosalinda New Member


    Started TKD last September.

    I am in Dundee, Scotland and do ITF.

    Hopefully 8th kup/yellow belt but I don't get my grading results for another few days so I guess I am still technically 9th kup at the moment.

  9. Indie12

    Indie12 Valued Member

    Chun Do Kwan TKD (10 Years)
    World Tae Kwon Do Federation WTF-TKD (25 Years)

    Recently retired after 25 years- USA.
  10. Kishi

    Kishi Valued Member

    WTF, Red belt.
    Started in the Philippines, continued in London.
    I've been doing it for about 7 years now. I still don't think I'm ready to grade for black.
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  11. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Thought I'd check in here as I handed my licence application in at my new TKD club last night so I'm officially back in the head kicking game.
    Roughly 16 years after leaving the TAGB I've been drawn back in again.
    My daughter's also joining the same club so it's become a family affair which I'm pleased about. :)
  12. Antonius

    Antonius Valued Member

    Geleen (Netherlands), WTF, red stripe.
  13. SoTkd

    SoTkd New Member

    WTF Style Bo Dan Belt (Solid Black belt) in Taekwondo Canada British Columcia
  14. Antonius

    Antonius Valued Member

    Quit my dojang. Old teacher quit taekwondo completely. New teachers are not to my satisfaction. Last straw were two unjustified red belt promotions. I fear the school is becoming a McDojang.

    I still am training at home though (as well as sparring with a friend) so should I still be on the list or not?
  15. kicktshirts

    kicktshirts New Member

    London, UK.
    2nd Dan black belt, WTF taekwondo.
  16. hop_chop2

    hop_chop2 New Member

    Hi, I do WTF in England - London
    Green belt
  17. invicticated

    invicticated New Member

    I quit my dojang too. I don't officially train with anyone, and will practice at times on my own. I hold a second degree black belt ITF Taekwondo - Canada
  18. Tkdfanman

    Tkdfanman New Member

    Tkdfanman - ATF / ITA Louisiana

    Hey, i might as well do this after reviving a thread from 2005!

    Anyway this will only help me get a good nights sleep! More seriously i may use this to bump into some folks that may want to train and stuff or hun down a WTF school to play around in 2-4 times a month ( sorry im not even close to thinking about replacing my school! )

    I'm out of that small ATF since 2011 at some point. Before that for at least a few years? The details are hazy....ITA when i was a kid, from around 8-10. Stopped just short of black belt, so it was nice to become black belt at my current school, because hey, its nice and for the prior experience of falling short.
  19. christopher87

    christopher87 New Member

    Hi all,
    I Currently study Traditional Taekwondo, affiliated with the Kukkiwon/WTF and Jidokwan in Lineage (However non Competitive).
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  20. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Welcome :)

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