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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Twimyo Jirugi, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. More belts = More Gradings = More money = Hot babes.

    Thus is the nature of the McDojo laid bare.
  2. Liam Cullen

    Liam Cullen Valued Member

    McDojangs do not = hot babes.

    Only the real TKD = hot babes.
  3. Sackett

    Sackett Valued Member

    Only the real TKD = hot babes

    No doubt.

    I was also taught that, rather as Ragnarok said, there were originally only white and black. You were a beginner or you wore a black belt. The whole belts for rank came in as schools grew and wanted a way to distinguish. Since it came later, it was never standardized.


    Depending on what type of school you attend and what association(s) your school belongs to or follows will help explain the colors.

    Generally though the idea is that the progression of darker colors represents your growth of knowledge.

    Ie: White Belt or 10th Kup represents the innocence and beginners mind that a new TKD student has when they first start out. and a Red Belt w/ Black Stripe represents the attainment of technical knowledge of martial combat techniques and shows that the student is a danger because of their knowledge and lack of full discipline that is attained with the grade of 1st Dan or First Degree Black Belt.

    Those are just examples I mean truly there is like a paragraph of information on each belt color. I actually remember back to a system where there was a Camoflauge belt lol but that system has been removed and is no longer practiced. The Camo belt represented your ability to utilize combat moves on the field and be like an animal that only attacks when neccessary.

    Belts in my opinion are just a way of making people feel as if they've achieved something. I think its more intimidating when someone says to me that they've been doing martial arts for 30 years instead of oh yeah i'm a 6th degree black belt. I don't know but the belt system gives me a headache with so many different schools.
  5. tkd_kicking

    tkd_kicking New Member

    cool, a poom one now i can replace the one i have
  6. -Oleg-

    -Oleg- New Member

  7. HoAmPacMan

    HoAmPacMan Proud Daddy

    Well I will add my name to the gambet as a NEWBY here...
  8. Tommie

    Tommie Valued Member

  9. masterbockler

    masterbockler New Member

    Actually, TKDMORGANVILLE, the camo belt is still widely used, especially in the ATA (which of course you knew since you are a "certified instructor" for them). And it actually represents the fledgling seed beginning its growth toward the sky, which is represented by the blue belt that follows.
  10. p_rican fighter

    p_rican fighter Valued Member

    i guess i cant grab a white belt yet lol, im not starting till july:bang:
  11. narcsarge

    narcsarge Masticated Whey

    Sure you can p_rican! Diz iz da interweb where nobody tellz da truff! LOL.

    At least your an honest one!
  12. TaeKwonDad

    TaeKwonDad Valued Member

    Any chance of a brown with white stripe down the middle?

    That's our third gup and I didn't see it on any of the posts.

    (Passed the test two weeks ago!) WOOHOO
  13. carlos

    carlos MAP Hoo Flung Dung Expert Supporter

    What's happened to these - my sig isn't showing correctly, neither are the other belts.

    Does anyone have them locally - if so, email them to me and I'll provide my photobucket links.
  14. maestro_may

    maestro_may Valued Member

    anyone fancy making me a blue belt with a red stripe running through the middle of it? :)
  15. KarlenITF

    KarlenITF Valued Member

    yay it works
  16. K ROCK

    K ROCK Valued Member

    do you have to have a certain amount of posts to use them?i can't find a place to put it in my profile.
  17. MADragon

    MADragon New Member

    I'm New To This Post But Have Been Doing TKD for 4.? Years And Have A Probationary Black Belt And Was Wondering If You Could Make That One (All Black No Stripes)?
  18. MADragon

    MADragon New Member

    Sorry Nevermind I've Got it
  19. Tryak

    Tryak Valued Member

    There is one other rank our school has. It is a blue belt that has a horizontal red stripe much the same as the red black stripe one you have pictured here.
  20. TKDstudent

    TKDstudent Valued Member

    I am not sure about what you call ITF style, but there is no purple or brown in TKD, as that would be too karate like which was very important in making TKD different from karate. I know that many may use those colors, but they are not Korean based. Please refer to the color scheme of the Korean Tourism organization

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