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    Hi to everyone. I need ur help. i need informations or sources about tkd and psycology (athlete, instructor, after wounding, sparring psycology, psycology in athletes with disabilities, people with stress etc.)

    thanks in advance
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    Is this for academic reasons?
  4. Prizewriter

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    Above what Holyhead recommended, also consult:

    Journal of Korean Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women (2015)


    Korean Journal of Sports Science (2015)

    Both have a huge amount of research on all areas of TKD participants. Specific examples include:

    Effects of Taekwondo Participation on Factors Relative to the Brain Nerve Growth in Elementary School Girls Journal of Korean Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women. 2015-06 29:129-142

    The Effects of Taekwondo Performance Group Members` Psychological Ownership on Role Performance and Performance Achievement Korean Journal of Sports Science. 2015-06 24:643-659

    And also

    A Study on the Educational Value of Taekwondo Spirit : Focused on `Perseverance` and `a Sense of Shame` Institute of Living Improvement and Practical Science, Keimyung University
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    Yes it's for academic reasons and excacly an exam for black belt. I need informations how tkd improve the psychology of athletes , the stress , to don't feel fear for sparring... If someone has an accident , he must not stop tkd.. So I hope to help you to understand me .. I want generally the psychology in tkd..

    Thanks a lot...!!!!
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    You may also want to look at "The Fighter's Mind: Inside the Mental Game" by Sam Sheridan
  8. SWC Sifu Ben

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    +1 for this book. Gotta dig it out from the shelf for a reread again.
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    Hi .. so i live in Greece and we have capital controls, we cant buy from other countries. So i will prefer informations from web. :/
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    Hi magdakar,

    Have you performed any other internet searches?

    Indeed, Greece's Capital Controls are disheartening
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    thanks all for your reply. I need for this time information for psycology and tkd.. All ur sources its too helpful.. thanks a lot.

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