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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Cervantes, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Cervantes

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    Anyone that has something to say about this? I'm living in Antwerp, Belgium and there's a school teaching this style nearby. I was unable to find something about it and i wonder if there's anybody with some knowledge on this style.

    The website of the school is here

    but there is isn't an english version of it it seems. And with me it only works in a Firefox browser.
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  2. Ciar2001

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    I have seen those pictures previously and for the life of me I can't think where but I know a man who posts on another forum who maybe able to help you out, I have a feeling the Iron Ox you are speaking about is one of the branches of Southern Praying Mantis which one of the guys who posts over on this forum http://www.tonglong.co.uk/forum/index.php
    may well be able to help you with, if you register then say hi and post down in the Iron Ox section and chances are you will get a reply :)

    from reading the first bit of the website, even though I can't speak dutch the use of Pai and Hakka suggest it is the same style,hope this is helpful.
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  3. herbert

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    In London

    There is/was a teacher in London called Sifu Eduardo Barrios-Muras.

    He is an authentic lineage holder.

    There was some info on him about the web and he also wrote a book a few years back about the system.

    "Iron-ox Praying Mantis Boxing: The Seeds,Chi and Boxing Forms"

    An essence of Iron-Ox Praying Mantis Kung Fu basics.
    The book Iron-Ox Praying Mantis Boxing was designed mainly as an introductory text on this traditional Southern style of Chinese Martial Arts. Iron-Ox Praying Mantis Boxing is also known as Dit Ngau Tong Long Pai and it has its roots in the Hakka style of Praying Mantis.Iron-Ox Praying Mantis is one of the four traditional Southern Praying Mantis styles dating back to the late Ching Dynasty (A.D. 1644-1911).This style was introduced to the United Kingdom by my late Master Ho Kung Wah during the late 1960's and it was taught exclusively to the London ChinaTown Chinese community until the mid 1980's. This book concentrates mainly on the essence of the style, the fundamentals, a brief introduction to its background, martial concepts & morality, basic techniques and the first two forms of the style. This book is suitable for any one wishing to do research on the traditional training aspects of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu or for someone whom already is a practitioner of Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu wishing to compare the two styles. There are over 200 b/w photographs to illustrate the basic exercises. Please note that this book was not meant as a teach yourself book, for such a book it would require a much larger volume and more indepth, with better quality layout and photography.
  4. Cervantes

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    i guess that's it. I was searching for tith ngaw pai, but there's more to be found via google when i typed in dit ngau pai.

    I tried to register at Tonglong.co.uk but haven't received an answer yet. I'm anxious to ask my questions there. Hopefully someone knows not only about the style, but also about the school and Sifu in Antwerp. I trained there before, received lessons only from assistent instructors and they seemed to know there kung fu very well. It's a small school with nice people. They don't use the Tong Long in their name though.
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  5. Cervantes

    Cervantes Valued Member

    I read on another forum that someone contacted Eduardo Barrios-Muras about this school in Antwerp, and he said the iron-ox praying mantis they are practising has nothing to do with the iron ox kung fu in Antwerp.

  6. Ciar2001

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    Kismet is one of the guys who run's the forum over at Tonglong, I will try and get him to register you so you can ask, Ironox who posts I think is a teacher not overly sure but he will be the man to ask.
  7. Cervantes

    Cervantes Valued Member

    Thank you, it's been a few days now and i still haven't heard of them (thonglong). I use the same name there (Cervantes).

    I'm going to find Ironox as soon as i can!! Thanks a bunch Ciar2001!
  8. Cervantes

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  9. Matmal

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    Dear fellow martial artists

    Just to clarify, 'dit ngau tong long' is one style and 'tith ngaw pai' is another style.
    Although they are both hakka styles and share some characteristics; they are not related!

    They have a different place of origin and a different content!!!

    You can find more information about Iron Buffalo style (tith ngaw pai) as is taught in Antwerpen, Belgium on:


    You can also view our video on youtube:

    Martial greetings!
  10. Kong Sifu

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    Kong Sifu

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