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    Tiger Schulman Cost

    Here is what I wish someone had posted here a long time ago.

    Tiger Schulman's instructors in my mind are excellent. They are very skilled and very good teachers. I really enjoyed my time there. What I did not enjoy was the pressured sales of membership. I felt like I was buying a car.

    Here's the process.

    You pay $99 for one month of unlimited classes and a uniform. They will not tell you the price beyond that month.

    After two weeks of classes you meet with your program manager, who I believe is whoever happened to be standing near the door when you first came in and signed up for the month promotion. At that time they go over prices with you. I tried to get them to tell me over the phone, or email me the prices, they refused until I was physically sitting in front of them.

    Here's the skinny. You buy groups of classes. The smalled group is 65 classes. Depending on the payment plan you select and whether or not you geta $200 discount the cost is $1300-$1500. What does 65 classes mean? It means if you go 3 times per week you have classes for 6 months. If you get the discount and pay up front the cost is already over $200 per month. If you pay in installments and don't get the discount you are looking at closer to $250/month.

    Their cheap $99 for unlimited classes for a month is misleading. I've gone to other school that charge $150 for a monthly promotion and then charge $900 for a six month membership. Based on Tiger Schulman's $99 promotion I expected the price to be closer to the $900 for six months.

    I hope this helps someone save valuable time and money. Why can't these schools give the prices up fron rather than the high pressure sales pitch?
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    You're right, it does sound like buying something expensive.
    But most of the time they will tell you what you'll be paying. Isn't it kind of, well, the law? Or at least reasonable business practice?
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    I'm not doubting you Stevecal, but are these schools spread all over the U.S.? Isn't it difficult for the instructors to be crossing that huge land mass every week?
    I guess it would work if they were all close by though, and I would imagine a lot of them would be full time instructors.
    Preparing to be stood corrected,
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    TSK is a great way to get a "base" in Kickboxing and grappling.

    The two schools i've seen had Grappling instructors that were solid blue belts in BJJ.

    They seemed very good at communicating as well...

    So if you have little experience it might be a good place to start.

    And if you really like something certain (like grappling) you can try to find another school to continue your training.

    If you have a purple belt in BJJ or a brown belt in Judo... don't even think about TSK unless it is only for the kickboxing.
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    ...and the ones in real life?


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