This man needs help (US VET)

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by SickDevildog, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Taffyleigh

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  2. Taffyleigh

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    The one decison Gordon Brown made that i agree with - - how can you have a law that says government buildings can only fly the national flag for 18 days a year!!! Its our country, our flags and if people don't like the sight of our flags don't come to our country!!!
  3. holyheadjch

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    Police are not allowed to display emblems of any kind, this is just an application of a perfectly reasonable regulation. It is a blanket ban that had no exceptions listed, the union jack wasn't explicitly banned, it just wasn't exempted from the regulations. Just like the welsh flag on license plates, it wasn't explicitly banned, it just was just not previously exempted.

    All of these regulations were drawn up before the phrase 'political correctness' had even been dreamt up.
  4. holyheadjch

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    Again, it's an old old law that has nothing to do with political correctness or immigrants. I grew up near a fire station that has flown the Union Flag every day for as long as I can remember - long before New Labour and political correctness, so all Brown did, was repeal a law that no one paid attention to anyway.

    Seriously, are these all you could find? Issues regarding license plates and police impartiality regulations being misinterpreted? So...nothing about ordinary citizens being told they couldn't fly their national flag because of teh evil foreignerz, which is what you intimated in your original post.
  5. Mike Flanagan

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    Surely all you need to keep with the Jones's in a Leeds back-to-back is a couple of black bin bags left over from the bin strike, possibly ripped open a cat / urban fox / scumbag who like rifling through other people's rubbish and leaving it strewn across the street?

    You could always mount the bin bags on your shiny new flagpole.

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    YouKnowWho, considering what this man has been through, his outlook is going to be very different than yours. Risking his life to no end to protect the freedom of us back home, the man loves his country let him fly a flag. It is not infringing on anyone elses rights. No offense but your last post seemed pretty ignorant, no he doesn't have to raise a flag but he wants to, to SHOW his love for his country. Going by what your saying representing something you believe in is either odd or wrong to you, correct me if im wrong.

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