This guy is STRONG...

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by GhostOfYourMind, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Have you ever heard of the power team? They are a Christian group of men ( a really large group of men ) who go around ministering to people and doing feats of strength like that in their shows. They also do other things which I've been witness to, like blowing up hot water bottles like balloons, busting bats over there knees, and one guy broke out of two pairs hand cuffs. These people are crazy though! I can only imagine how much mental strength these people must have to do this stuff. I've never heard of the guy you posted, but he seems to be pretty crazy too. I wish I could roll a frying pan, heck, you'd get ready to get into a fight and just roll it right there and the guy wouldn't even think twice about messing with you would he: P?
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    Nice link.

    Watched a few of his clips. Interesting stuff.
    You gotta love anyone that gives props to the oldtime strongmen. :D

    The rolling the frying pan cracked me up. Though I would have been just a tad more impressed if it had been a cast iron skillet intead of an aluminium one. :D
    Not that I could even put a dent in the aluminium one..... :cry:
  4. Blake_AE

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    Man thats incredible strength for his size. I've never seen functional strength like that... card notching? Wow! He's a mutant. Something was obviously off anyway if he only weighed 88 pounds in grade 11. Thats nutty.

    I've seen some guys who grew up on a farm get pretty danm strong without being big... but this is a completely different league.
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    How does he come up with the "feats" he decides to do?? What would make you think you need to tear a notch in a deck of cards... or rip a miniature deck of cards in two? Did the pizza delivery make him so mad he had to tear up the phone book... five or six different ways??
    This guy has got to be a little whacked! lmao!
  6. slipthejab

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    Many of these feats of strength are from the days of circus strongmen... something that has a close tie to vaudeville. Much of it from around the turn of the century. The world was a very different place then. Remember no TV and no internet.:D
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    Im glad he's the strongest pound for pound now not that little kid with a goofy face who used be.
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    yeah I hate little kids with goofy faces too! Especially if they are stronger than me! :D
  9. Kyouretsu

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  10. GhostOfYourMind

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    The fact that this guy can prevent to T-34's from taking off, or 4 harleys from riding away, is just sick. He must have very very very good genetics and probably has a super efficient CNS and probably is fast twitch dominant. What gets me is that he did a lot of that stuff at 148 lbs... :eek: I'd love to see this guy in a powerlifting competition or strong man games...:D
  11. Ad McG

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    I've seen him before on TV a couple of times - incredible. The guy is truly a legend. Have a look at Bud Jeffries website if you are into strongman stuff - the guy holds a ridiculous number of insane achievements including a 1000lb bottom squat :eek: Then again he is over 300lbs! :D
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    Never judge someone by there apperance.

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