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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by BklynJames, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. BklynJames

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    Hi All,

    What significance does the Sanshin no kata have? Why do we learn it?
    Yes, this is a very Noob-esque question.

    Thank you,
  2. Dunc

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    For beginners it's primarily about building strength in the legs, flexibility and developing key muscle memory

    Train slow and as correctly as possible checking in a mirror (or video) if possible

    Oh and don't do that upwards striking thing on the 1st kata - it should go forwards (like a spear thrust)
  3. Pankeeki

    Pankeeki Valued Member

    Sanshin no kata used to be the gokui of Gyokko Ryu only transmitted from one to one.
    Its designed for fighting and each movement is very precise and is directly applicable in a fight. Its is an essential building block for everything we do in the BJK.

    Nowadays, due to a lack of knowledge and proper transmission people see it as a warmup exercise, a way to condition the body or as something not meant for fighting.
    That means the movement is wrong.
  4. hatsie

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    Isn't it for 'keep fit' but you have to do it to music wearing a crop top.( which actually came about by your average bujinkan student wearing a normal tee shirt)
    One Secret revealed.

    The movements are, done correctly, very involved and take many many years to master. So don't think it's just some boring tosh you need to fly through to get to the 'good stuff', as my teacher always said " this is the good stuff!"

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