Thinking of taking a 3 month Japan trip

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Kikaku, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    Just last night whilst watching the world cup, it dawned on me the possibility of taking an extended trip to Japan to really push my training. I'm seriously contemplating, selling my prized possession, which is a top of the line guitar amplifier and one of my guitars, and moving down to Noda for 3 months.

    I'm heading up to Japan in October for 3 weeks, and the possibility to return at the end of January is proving to be very tempting.

    I'd be aiming to raise enough cash to train almost everyday, during that time. By the same token it would be a great opportunity to get a grasp of the Japanese language, and because of this my girlfriend is going to come with me, primarily to learn Japanese.

    Accommodation wise, I'm planning on staying at a basic Inn, or an apartment, provided it's reasonably priced. Any suggestions ?

    I've been researching, and the best place which I came up with is the Hanata guest house, but after doing a search, I hear it's closed down now. The Kikusui seems like a great option, but 9000 yen per night for two people is way out of my budget. Does anybody have any info on the Ashibi in terms of prices and distance from the Hombu dojo ?

    The Azuza seems decently priced, but 4500 Yen per person is out of my budget. I came across the Bujinkan mansions. 6000 Yen per night, per room would be perfect but it states (single person). I'm wondering if they would allow 2 people to stay in the room for the same price,since my girlfriend and I don't mind sharing a single bed :D

    Does any of you cats here live in Noda ?

    Do you guys think it's a good idea ?
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  2. kouryuu

    kouryuu Kouryuu

    Jonathan, how many more times???, the guest house has NOT closed down, it never has, it`s under new management!
    2 people sharing will bring the price down, and you`re also paying by the month which reduces it a little more, tell me the dates and i`ll get you booked in.
  3. SilentNightfall

    SilentNightfall Eien no Ninja

    Wait one second... Jonathan, I have some advice for you... If you're going to save money to stay for that long, don't do it during a period of time that goes through December. Soke stops teaching after December 1st or so, and I believe many of the shihan do as well. Even Shiraishi-sensei takes a break from about December 23rd until January 10th. If that is okay with you, I say go for it, but otherwise, just come back starting on the first day of Soke's training next year. My two yen...
  4. benkyoka

    benkyoka one million times

    That's gotta be some amplifier you have there, if selling it will allow you to live and train in japan for three months. Bring cash! Lots of it! Even more than that! When I stop and figure out how much money I spend here, I shudder, and then quickly force myself to forget.
  5. llong

    llong Valued Member

    I've only trained in Japan once, but I agree with benkyoka.....creating an accurate budget will be important for such a long stay. The Azusa is fine, and might have a cheaper rate for long term stays. I don't know.

    I've heard that training for a month in Japan is like training for three elsewhere....I'm jealous! :)
  6. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    Sorry Norm, I havn't heard anything new on the guest house. How far is it from the Hombu dojo ?

    Thanks Josh,
    If I went it would be at the end of January, onwards.

    :cool: It's a top of the range boutique amp. It's by no means paying for the whole trip, but it easiliy covers training twice a day for 3 months. I'm budgeting at the moment. The biggest killer is the accmmodation.
  7. Grimjack

    Grimjack Dangerous but not serious

    There are these apartments in Japan that you can find in many places that are furnished and you can rent by the month. I was told they were set up for businessmen who were on temporary transfer for a few months. I have never stayed in one. But if the Azusa house is booked up, then you still have a chance if you know how to go about it. Try making friends with Japanese in the area and maybe someone living in Japan through the internet.
    In my experience, food seems to be the big thing for expenses once you take out the air fare and rent. If you can cook your own stuff and try to avoid eating out, you will be able to save a ton of money. Eating out in Japan is just so expensive.
  8. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    When I was working up in Korea for a 2 months, food and alcohol was a fortune.

    You're talking the equivalent of $20 USD for a Dominos pizza, compared to the $8 dollars it costs here in Malaysia for the same pizza.

    I'm going to use my October trip to get to know the place and make a decision then. The Hanta guest house looks like the best possibility so far.

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