Things I wish I'd known when I started training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Frodocious, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I would argue the big muscular guys have proved something. :cool:
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    You said right that diet plays a key role in weight gain, as well as weight loss. But unfortunately this is overlooked by many athletes, but now people are much aware about the role of diet in fitness of human body.
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    Diet is really important to keep your health well maintained. People often focus on exercise but they overlook the role of diet in fitness. I think besides workout plan, diet plan should also be followed, which must be customized on the basis of fitness and the goals to achieve in near future.
  4. Terry7987979

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    In my experience taking not enough rest was a big reason for injury during training. It occurs due to not following a workout plan to do exercises. I wish I knew that before to keep myself fit during injury.
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    This is so important and people love to cheat and overtrain for extra gains only to lose even more when something snaps. I got a really bad muscle spasm near my rib this weekend after mowing my lawn and doing Tai Chi class right after. Not sure what I was thinking but Tai Chi does kick my butt a little for now, it's definitely not easy. I guess I expected it to be a nice wind-down after mowing in the heat. Nope! :D It definitely pays to have definite a workout-recovery plan (even if the workout is gardening), especially one that involves nutrition as well as rest. I know far too many people who love to work out all day, then blow it by coming home and soaking themselves in beer or fried food and other post workout "rewards". My personal demon was once a huge Dunkin Donuts Orange Coolata after training. So much sugar, so bad for you, even without the whipped cream (which I thankfully left out).

    Which reminds me, believe it or not one of the best if not THE best post-workout drinks is basic chocolate milk, which hits the same sort of craving as carbs after a hard workout, but with apparently better results than most sports drinks. This is why we need to protect science in America and around the world, right here:

    "Chocolate milk (CM) contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, as well as water and electrolytes, which may be ideal for post-exercise recovery. "

    Chocolate milk for recovery from exercise: a systematic review and meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials | European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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    I know the importance of post-workout drinks. They keep muscles hydrated and prevent fatigue after a workout. Sometimes I like that fatigue, which helps me in enjoying a deep sleep. I often take a protein shake from here Green Origins Organic Protein Shake Cacao & Maca 250g . What's your suggestion about that? I mean which one to drink after exercise. Which helps in strengthening muscles? I think proteins are made up of amino acids which are the building block of muscles, so it might be a better drink to take

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