Theory of Internal Power (QiGong, Pranayama, Tenaga Dalam, etc.)

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    [ame=""]Various of Breathing Techniques (QiGong, Pranayama, Tenaga Dalam) - YouTube[/ame]

    Qigong and Pranayama include breath practices where there is no body movement except of the breathing apparatus itself. Such research suggests that simple breathing techniques alone may increase the amount of oxygen absorbed from the blood. Individuals who are restricted in their movement due to health problems may have access to some of the benefits that have traditionally been reserved for those who do vigorous exercise.

    Certain dynamic (active, moving) Qigong and Yoga methods increase the oxygen uptake by virtue of the greater requirement for chemical energy by the cells. Other more quiescent (inactive, still) methods tend to decrease oxygen uptake due to the the lowering of metabolic activity. It has been found that some practitioners of these traditional practices have refined their ability to the point where they actually enter into altered states where the physiological need for food, air or sleep have been almost completely suspended.

    The practice of Qigong and Yoga increase oxygen availability which potentially:
    1. Supports energy (ATP, AMP, ADP) generation.
    2. Generates water as a by product of energy metabolism which contributes a major portion to the lymph supply.
    3. Enhances immune function.
    4. Supports the body's ability to neutralize free radicals.

    1. Energy Generation
    It has been well established that the energy necessary for cell work and body heat regulation is supplied through the reaction of oxygen and glucose to form high energy phosphate bonds. There is a direct relationship between oxygen demand, the impulse to breath and the basal metabolic rate (BMR, the rate that the cells in the body consume oxygen and glucose to produce water, carbon dioxide and energy). Hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is accompanied by the release of chemical energy for cellular and muscular activity.

    Preliminary research demonstrates that ATP may be an analog to one aspect of what the Chinese call "Qi" and what the Oriental Indians call "Prana", the vital force or life energy. The aspect of the Qi that is the "basic dynamic force of all vital function" is called Zhen Qi (Genuine Energy). A study presented at the 1988 World Conference on the Academic Exchange of Medical Qigong revealed that blood ATP content increased with exercises which cultivate the Qi. When the mysterious practice of Qi emission was performed the subject's ATP was found to have decreased.

    The simple methods of Qigong practice, movement, breath practice moderated with concentration, relaxation and intention may bring a primary substrate of Qi or Prana production, namely oxygen, into the body's energy metabolism cycle. This chain of events is called the "cycle of the transformation of energy" by the chinese. It is likely, however, that this is only one of the components of the broad array of possible energetic mechanisms involved in acupuncture, Qi Gong and other oriental health practices.

    In the west we generally characterize ancient medicine as unscientific or even primitive. The Chinese "formula" for the transformation of Qi seems overly simplified. Gu Qi (grain qi), the essence or life force of food, mixes with Kong Qi (28) or Qing Qi (natural air qi), the essence or life force of air to form Zhen Qi (true qi) or the life force of the body.

    Energy of Food + Energi of Air = Body Energy

    However, it is his same basic formula, disguised in the vocalbulary of Western science, that is used in modern physiology

    6O2 + C6H12O6 + (BMR) = Ergs + 6CO2 + 6H2O

    Air + Food + (BMR) = Energy + Carbon Dioxide + Water

    Oxygen (O2) plus glucose (C6H12O6) through BMR yields energy in the form of high energy phosphate bonds (especially ATP) plus water (H2O) which dissolves carbon dioxide (CO2) and facilitates the hydrolysis of energy yielding phosphate bonds. It seems that the chinese knew, without a particularly refined scientific method, that only a portion of the air and food, the essence, was employed in the process: only 20% of air is oxygen and glucose is approximately 60% of food.

    The Chinese knew about circulation of the blood approximately 2000 years before William Harvey described it in 1616. They knew about the energy generating relationship of food and air 2300 years before the elaboration of the Krebs cycle. The simplicity of the Chinese formula encourages the use of the movement and breath as a health enhancing factor while the complexity of the Western scientific formula tends to mask the importance of the breath and makes the benefits of simple breath practice less access able to the average health seeker?
    2. Water Production
    A second critical benefit of increased oxygen metabolism generated through the practice of moderate body movement and breathing exercises is linked to the lymph system. Besides the production of energy, in the phosphorylization cycle, there is also the generation of pure water as a waste product or by product. This water is dramatically and directly increased when oxygen consumption is increased at the cell. Because this water becomes involved with the internal cleansing performed by the lymph it is a major link between the breath and lymphatic system function. (Discussion follows in lymph section)
    3. Immune Function
    ATP drives the activity of every cell. Therefore, immune function as well as the production of immune resources (white blood cells, lymphocytes, t-cells, killer cells, etc) are indirectly dependent on oxygen consumption. These activities become deficient in individuals who are unwell. It has been shown that exercise can mobilize the effect of natural killer(NK) cells. In individuals who exercise so vigorously that they exceed the aerobic level and cross the anaerobic threshold immune function is decreased. Both suggest that oxygen deficiency leads to decreased immune function and that moderate exercise increases immune function.

    In his research, Nobel Prize recipient Otto Warburg found that oxygen deficiency was typical of cancer cells. There are numerous studies that associate reduced oxygen intake with increased mortality and reduced resistance to disease. In studies with elders immunodeficiency was found to be one of several consequences of reduced oxygen metabolism.

    Oxygen's effect on the immune function has been demonstrated through research studies on two nutrients that have been shown to have immunomodulating capability. Germanium, an element that bonds easily with oxygen, is thought to increase the efficiency of the use of oxygen in the mitochondria of the cell. In addition, it may help to decrease free radicals in the blood. In a German study it was found that in elderly, injured, stressed and hospitalized individuals the arterial oxygen content is often reduced from normal levels. Administration of oxygen was found to elevate the arterial oxygen content and increase recovery rates. The experimental addition of germanium to the treatment protocol increased oxygen utilization and further accelerated the healing process.

    Blood studies on patients with AIDS revealed, in addition to deficient immune capability, low concentrations of Co enzyme Q10, a co enzyme present in all healthy cells. The patients were administered CoQ10 and their symptoms as well as blood immune factors improved. Co Q10 apparently improves the ability of oxygen to produce ATP. Both germanium and Co Q10 enhance the ability of oxygen to support immune function with the implication that increased oxygen through Qigong or Yoga/Pranayama may have a direct impact on immune deficiency states.
    4. Free Radical Balance
    There are multiple factors that modify oxygen demand and uptake besides the cell work of body movement and organ function. Such factors include the effects of chemical and environmental stress caused by foods, water and airborne pollution. Emotional, relational or career stressors, the stress of injury and the stress of infection also effect the body's ability to absorb and utilize oxygen. Accumulation of these effects can negatively impact on oxygen metabolism and precipitate functional imbalances in the human system.

    The normal activity of energy metabolism creates a certain number of by-products. These molecules are called free radicals. With the impact of the above mentioned stressors greater amounts of free radicals are produced. All normal molecules have paired electrons in their outer electron orbits. Free radicals are unstable molecules with an unpaired electron in their outermost electron orbit. In an effort to return to a stable state these renegade molecules steal electrons from healthy molecules causing tissue damage and aging.

    The body produces a number of antioxidant enzymes, superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and methione reductase, whose job is to neutralize the free radicals produced in normal energy metabolism. However, in an imbalanced or unwell system demand for antioxidant enzymes is high and natural productivity, due to pathology, may be low.

    When slow, deep breathing and moderate body motion is activated there is an increased demand for oxygen molecules which are taken up from the blood. The potential for free radicals to bond with this available oxygen, neutralizing the free radical population, may be greatly accelerated when regular Qigong or Yoga/Pranayama is included in a person's daily health routine.

    There are a number of strategies for resolution of oxygen deficiency disease (ODD) including the use of antioxidant nutrients (Vitamins A, C, E and selenium), antioxidant enzymes, coenzyme Q10, germanium and germanium bearing herbs and hyperbaric oxygen. There is, however, nothing more available, inexpensive and obvious than oxygen itself taken in maximum daily doses through moderate exercise and breathing exercises.

    Getaran (Vibravision) Technique
    "Vibravision" (getaran) is an aspect of Silat Merpati Putih (MP) training that focuses on the development of heightened senses and intuition to the point where a Silat practitioner can effectively perceive their surroundings without the use of their eyesight.
    This technique allows Silat practitioners to sense the sub-atomic vibrations of their surroundings and to differentiate between these vibrations. Silat practitioners are able to differentiate between the different energies and perceive the weight, volume, velocity, color, shape and substance of ANY object.

    Explanation and Benefits
    [ame=""]Explanation of Getaran (Vibravision) Technique - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Merpati Putih (MP) For Blind People Program (HD 720 px) - YouTube[/ame]
    Blindfolded Sparring
    [ame=""]blindfolds merpati putih (Indonesia) - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]VID 04 boy fight nur wid x264 - YouTube[/ame]

    Vibravision Demo
    [ame=""]Silat Merpati Putih (getaran) - Vibravision Techniques - Detect Colors - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Getaran (Vibravision) Demonstration - Silat Merpati Putih - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]MP USA Vibravision Demo 3 11 2016 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Where was this copy and pasted from please?
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    More on "Vibravision" - Testing via the Randi Randi Challenge

    TEST Merpati Putih
    Vibravision Test Results Report
    Test failed to achieve higher than random chance.
    Of a total of 19 trials there were three correct responses.
    There were 6 choices per trial.
    The statistically expected response rate was 19/6 = 3.2.
    This is in exact agreement with the results.


    Subject 1:

    Pre-trial demo: success rate = 100% using their blindfolds.
    Pre-trial demo time: 6 colors selected in under a minute.

    Actual Test Data with our blindfolds:
    Positive outcomes marked with ""
    Trial Displayed Selected
    1 ----GRN -------GRN
    2 --- BLU ------- BLK
    3 --- WHT ------ BLU
    4 --- BLU ------WHT
    5 WHT YEL
    6 YEL GRN
    7 WHT GRN
    8 RED BLK
    9 YEL WHT
    10 YEL BLU
    11 RED WHT
    12 BLK RED

    Total time was approximately 10 minutes.

    As per a request by Nate, Trials 7-12 were done with a slightly different test procedure. The colored cloth swaths were stored at floor level and the die was rolled on the carpet to omit the noise of the die on the table. Also, most of these flags were displayed by the claimant, Nate.

    Subject 2:

    There were many delays with this subject. He was clearly nervous. Nate expressed concerns about the subject's
    skills and we repeatedly asked Nate to have their BEST person take the test. The "Master" continuously refused
    and so subject number 2 (with a claim by Nate that the subject had over 20 years of Vibravision experience) continued.

    After repeated requests, he refused to do a pre-trial demo. Subject voiced repeated concern about the blindfold and
    was clearly upset about the blindfold. After over 45 minutes of delays he managed to free the blindfold enough to see (which is caught completely on video tape) and stood up with great confidence slapped the table with his hands a couple times
    grasping paper off the table. The clearly loose blindfolds were reapplied at which point the subject clearly became distressed again. Finally, after many delays the subject ran the test with the following results:
    Positive outcomes marked with ""

    Trial Displayed Selected
    1 YEL WHT (There was a stray noise.)
    2 RED BLU (There was a stray noise.)
    3 YEL BLK
    4 GRN GRN
    5 BLU BLU
    6 RED YEL (Had to ask to repeat.)
    7 BLK GRN


    Total time was approximately 6 minutes. This was after a set of subject induced delays totaling over an hour.

    Additional comments: The second subject complained of alcohol in his eyes. Paul (who applied the blindfolds) insists
    that the alcohol never got closer than 1/4 inch to the lid margins. Later calls to me personally by Nate contained
    complaints that their eye lashes were being pulled on and that they were distracted by it.

    Further notes:
    Nate informed me that they were teaching blind people from Indonesia for free. This is not the case for Americans.
    As clear evidence that they are attempting to take blind people's money, I refer you to the following URL:

    As you can see, the total cost for the full 18 month three-part training is about $110,000 per participant (not
    counting air faire to Indonesia). The fees are not refundable in the case that VV ability in not achieved.

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    RP 110.000 Rupiah a month, not $
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    Why is this in the "Internal Martial Arts" forum? Surely it would be better in the 'traditional healing' sub-section, and/or being split into the Filipino section?
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    Because you don't want you happy hands lot over in FMA. :D

    Get off my land. ;)
  8. Mianbao shifu

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    The first guy in the Shaolin robes is doing Drawing the Bow from Baduanjin, I use to do Baduanjin regularly. I was also got some training in Pranayama breathing in my youth. whether or not it increased my oxygen uptake, I have no idea. Whether or not it increased oxygen uptake anymore than riding a bike, again I have no idea. I felt I could take hot humid weather much better and I did not seem to get sick. But whether or not that had anything to do with those practices, don't really know. Could have been the bike riding I was doing then too, or a combination of both, or simply the fact I was in my 20s and still indestructible. I was not testing it nor was I a test subject at the time. I just liked them, so I did them.

    These days it all Zhan Zhuang and its many variations and they seem to be doing the same thing, it was just that Santi Shi was much more painful in the beginning. And to be honest, I think the lack of movement and the lack of focusing on breathing goes a lot further as it applies to the internal work, unification of upper and lower and figuring out linkages in the body (the how to get energy/force, from point A to point B stuff)
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    This thread's like deja vu' all over again.This questionable sect,their ridiculous claims and vids,some bio-chem observations, and the Randi report.We done seen it all before.

    Were we supposed to be impressed by that blindfolded sparring garbage?

    My first TC teacher used to have us do that on occasion,and I note two differences between what we did and the junk in that video.
    1) We were "somewhat" more "violent".

    2) We practiced in a continuous fashion,rather than stopping every 3 seconds.

    Oh,sure.The likes o' ya say such denigrating things,but then how many o' yer ilk cash in on TC by supposedly -(trans:delusionally)- adding/integrating TC into their methods when they don't even have a knowledge of TC mechanics beyond the pre-school level?:p

    Make no snide implications in our direction,youngster.

    We here have enough snide to go around .

  10. EdiSco

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    @MouzalinaMahfud. I'm sorry, but this is bonkers! Are you guys escaped lunatics? Or just completely delusional? Here's some advice: Try your power/chi/vibravision/whatever against a boxer/thai boxer/wrestler. Have a full contact fight and see if you last more than 7 seconds. Better you get your delusions and egos smashed in a "safe environment" than in a real life self defense situation where you could get a lot more smashed than just your egos and delusions. There may be many gullible students in your cult who think they've acquired some sort of powers and could get seriously hurt in a real self defense situation because of this nonsense! That's why some people get annoyed at posts like these!

    I can't believe they are a "Valued Members"! In martial arts, look for honest teachers and have realistic expectations. Honestly...

    EDIT: Ahh. I see. for only "RP 110.000 Rupiah a month", anybody could acquire these powers? You're just on these forums to bait gullible people, aren't you? The Nigerian Prince scam not working anymore?
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    They had the chance to fight a member on MAP and backed out

    In wonder why.....
  12. TwirlinMerlin

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    I once experienced the extraordinary and awe inspiring power of Chi. During pad drills with a partner I was attempting to generate tremendous power. As I concentrated I could could feel the overwhelming force building in my core and begin to have a ripple effect throughout my body. In one dynamic thrust I dropped forward into a low stance and delivered everything I had into a vicious reverse punch while bellowing the hardiest kiai of my life. After the punch landed my partner turned and recoiled in fear. And then I felt it. The horrific aftermath of explosive diarrhea.
  13. MouzalinaMahfud

    MouzalinaMahfud Valued Member

    being healthy, happy and you love it to doing so are a primary benefits that you got, become good at self defense and fighting are secondary benefits. Just like you working out at the gym

    sorry for making you annoyed by my post, here's some advace If you are interested in my posts then go read it, if you're not then LEAVE it. no need to be rude and become troll in here.

    i'm just sharing information, if you're disagree, please criticize me in a good way

    here some Silat MP fight
    [ame=""]Silat Merpati Putih (Marsyel Ririhena) wins againts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in MMA - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Merpati Putih VS Tapak Suci - YouTube[/ame]

    Silat has their own tournament and culture
    [ame=""]Silat Brutal Martial Art - - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Hannibal

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    But you're posts are the worst kind of popular tripe, your methods questionable you are a poor scientist Dr Benjamin
  15. Tom bayley

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    I have been fortunate to spend some time traveling in Indonesia. As I practice my kung fu most mornings I have naturally had many conversations with local people about my kung fu. The Indonesians are a polite and sociable people.

    when I ask about silat however I am shown at most just few steps from a form/kata which is then followed with a polite change of topic.

    Could you tell me a little more about the different styles of silat and about the background to the styles that you practice?
  16. MouzalinaMahfud

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    Merpati Putih is the royal inheritance of the Kings and Heirs of the Mataram Kingdom (8th centuries) in Central Java , Indonesia . This style of Pencak is formed since the 1550s after Mataram Kingdom was split into Sultanate (Kraton Yogyakarta) and used by Royal Army. Merpati Putih is a complete system of Fitness, Breathwork, Meditation, Energy Development, Personal Empowerment and Combative Martial Arts that used by Indonesian Military since 1912 and released to the Indonesian public in 1963

    note: Pencak is Javanese martial arts system, Silat is Malay martial arts system, Pencak Silat is Indonesian martial arts system

    70% of the styles are the same

    i can't find the english sub for tutorial video, this is some moves from 3rd rank belt (there are 12 rank total)

    [ame=""]RGT Balik I - YouTube[/ame]

    these are the Art of Silat in highschool
    [ame=""]Ganda putra silat. merpati putih cabang medan... - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=""]Merpati Putih VS Tapak Suci - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    It is my understanding that there are differences between the styles practiced by Muslim, Catholic, and /or Animist communities. Is this correct? if so what are the differences?

    In the clips that you post there are a lot of high kick/leg techniques. Is this characteristic of most styles?
  18. MouzalinaMahfud

    MouzalinaMahfud Valued Member

    nope, there is no connection between religion and martial arts, it's only add more value in martial arts, teach you how to be calm, polite and humble

    yes, we do a lot of kick, Silat have 7 basic techniques
    Punching, Kicking, Elbow, Sweeping, Catching, Locking, Counter Attack
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
  19. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    My apologies I did not express myself well. I was not suggesting that belonging to any religion was mandatory to practice silat. I agree that it is easily possible to practice an art associated with a particular religion / belief system without adhering to that belief. I am not Buddhist but practice principally arts associated with Buddhism. My great grandfather teacher was a Buddhist monk but was known for his skills in Baguazhang an art associated with Taoism.

    But I was given to understand that silat includes animal styles often associated with animist traditions and that these traditions had a particular habit of secrecy towards people outside of thier tradition. You state that 70 % of silat is the same. I was wondering what the similarities in strategy / approach / technique / and training method were in the 70% and what the differences were in the 30%.
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  20. MouzalinaMahfud

    MouzalinaMahfud Valued Member

    Characteristics such as low stances, high stances, locking, throwing, sweeping, hitting, jumping, kicking are all part of Silat. Traditional Silat is for Killing purpose, take down your opponent as fast as you can. Silat brutality has been reduced since Islam came to Indonesia after hinduism and buddhism, and Silat was complitely banned before in colonization era

    like i said before, Pencak Silat was born in archipelago of Indonesian kingdom (Nusantara)

    30% Style of silat are Traditional Silat of Royal heritage
    40% Style of silat are variation of Traditional Silat that created by natives in colonization era

    another 30% Style of silat are influenced from outside, such as kung fu and karate
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