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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Ad McG, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    Yo great stuff! I've been a martial artist since I was a "younglin" *chuckles* lmao, anyways I'm new to the whole Bodybuilding/Weightlifting aspects, so It's good to be pointed in the right direction, about the books, do you go to bookstores? I'm not down with the whole online shopping thing... Great post:D
  2. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    Added a great link stolen from Harhar to a huge thread of links on Bill Starrs 5x5.
  3. SickDevildog

    SickDevildog Lost In The Sauce

  4. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    Correct, there actually is tons of good stuff there. I will bung it on thanks.
  5. Taliesin

    Taliesin Valued Member

    jus' one more link

    You've got a lot of good stuff there, there's just one of my favourites that's missing ;)

    I find that is one of the best sources of top notch no-nonsense info on most aspects of physical training :D
  6. Prophet

    Prophet ♥ H&F ♥

    AHHH Adam! You forgot avant labs! :eek:

    Unless you are keeping it from everyone for some reason :D

    I mean, with gems like this, I would certainly consider M&M mag a darn fine publication. Easily worthy of this thread :woo:
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  7. BoxBabaX

    BoxBabaX H+F Baba ^^

    WOW he really did haha, cant believe that wasnt caught earlier :p
  8. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    I thought about it but I decided against it because it's mostly bodybuilding and science rather than pure training information. However, as I've included and a bunch of other sites on a similar theme, I might as well wack it on. I've been lurking there loads recently now you guys mention it :)
  9. BoxBabaX

    BoxBabaX H+F Baba ^^

    umm, anyone know when chris sommers book is actually coming out??? :bang: Ive been waiting for this for a while.
  10. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    He never responded to 2 emails I sent. Either it's a junk filter or he's just ignoring everyone. :woo:
  11. Svarog

    Svarog New Member

    BTW, great guide!
    And lots of browsing/reading -> training for me.
  12. aml01_ph

    aml01_ph Urrgggh...

    Adam, this must have taken you a really long time. Worth the wait though!
  13. Ad McG

    Ad McG Troll-killer Supporter

    I'm not sure how long but it's not more than 3 hours total, possibly even 2. I reeled it all off the top of my head so I didn't have to mooch around for references :D
  14. Sun_Tzu6

    Sun_Tzu6 Valued Member

    Hello Bruce Lee was not geneticlly gifted :bang: (sigh)
    many people say that but he wasn't if you want a debate I need cold
    proof about his 'genetic gift'
  15. Prophet

    Prophet ♥ H&F ♥

    Don't bring that into this thread. Start a new one.
  16. BoxBabaX

    BoxBabaX H+F Baba ^^

    make sure to put it into the general discussion too, im sure everyone there will love it lol
  17. Unisonus

    Unisonus Bloody Rare, Please

    Thanks a lot, Mr. McG!
  18. TheAngle

    TheAngle Valued Member

    You are the man for brininging it out in the open.
  19. GhostOfYourMind

    GhostOfYourMind Bewaters lil Iron Monkey

    Some time this december or maybe january. Forgot where I read that at, either dragondoor (was looking for GTG stuff for the hell of it) or at t-nation, not sure which one. :D
  20. BoxBabaX

    BoxBabaX H+F Baba ^^

    cool, lets hope it doesnt get delayed more :D

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