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  1. Fish Of Doom

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    finally got it up (yes, i said that on purpose :p):

    not much disclaiming needed other than i ramble a lot, so here it is. not much more to it really, other than actually training it to do it better and better until it can infuse itself into basically any punching motion you do, barring extremely looping punches that don't use the front of the fist.
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  2. LemonSloth

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    That was really quite awesome actually, thoroughly enjoyed that. Thanks for posting :) A couple of bits I'm still mulling over, but if I do think of anything coherent, I'll ask away :)

    P.S: Your spoken english is pretty sweet dude :)
  3. Mitch

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    Really enjoyed that Fish, thank you!

  4. Fish Of Doom

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    *pokes thread with a stick* (i'll probably comment on the prior vids once i have access to a decent computer as i'm confined to phone and tablet while travelling and youtube works like crap)
  5. Hannibal

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    Dan Tien is "Hara" in Japanese ;)
  6. Fish Of Doom

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    no, hara means belly (as in harakiri/belly cutting), and is used to mean the same thing. tanden is how the shoto people i trained with (SKIF) translated the name of the accupuncture/TCM/qi thingy point
  7. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

  8. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Can I request a basic kicking guide from Fish too :p
  9. Smitfire

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    I'd like some hair care advice. :)
  10. Fish Of Doom

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    [ ]face
    [ ]liver/spleen
    [ ]solar plexus. ---- [ ]foot
    [ ]bladder/groin. <-- [ ]shin
    [ ]inside thigh. ---- [ ]knee
    [ ]outside thigh
    [ ]outside knee

    ^basic kicking guide^ :p
  11. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Basic pinning guideline:

    Head, shoulder, solar plexus, hip, knee
    head, shoulder, solar plexus, hip or knee

    (usually dont use head on knee, make sure knee is flattened out, usually transitioning pin)
  12. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Haha, dude, you are on form today :D

    I salute you :)
  13. Fish Of Doom

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    oddly enough that is not too different from how i usually kick, although i'm conditioned by the nuances of krotty. i use generally minimal chambering, only enough to move my foot in a near straight line for front/side kicks and to let me use good knee extension on roundhouses, but never fully flexing the knee for its own sake. you can see it on basically all my bagwork vids. the only other thing i could comment on how i personally kick is to learn to recognize when your body compensates becaus it thinks you're falling, so that you can actually "fall" into the kick with all your weight (which isn't necessarily the same as overcommitting as long as you have some way of arresting your momentum if needed (preferably something squishy like the other guy's nose or knee ligaments :p)
  14. Tom bayley

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    Many Thanks for the video fish.

    Two points of interest rather than comments Per-se. In kung fu we recognise two Dantiens. The first is approximately the centre of gravity of the body, just below the belly button, the second is the centre of chi which is about an inch below the first.

    The first dantien is more involved with the skeletal (push rod, pull rod) aspects of power generation. The second is more involved with the muscular and breath aspects of power generation, its focus is the muscles of the legs and the core, and deals with circular and spiralling power generation.

    The exercises that you show for aligning the skeleton towards the end of your video are also designed to investigate and cultivate circular and spiralling muscular and breath energy.

    You probably do this already, when you do those exercises try shifting your awareness down a little and inwards and you will observe all sorts of interesting things.

    Thanks again for the vid. :)
  15. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    interesting! thanks!
  16. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    [ame=""]Figure 4 Arm Lock - YouTube[/ame][/QUOTE]

    Simon, many thanks for posting this. An excellent demonstration of how to do this technique correctly.

    This is possibly one of my least favourite techniques. There is nothing at all wrong with the technique. The reason I don't like it is that there is allot going on in it. I find that this makes it easy to get wrong, particularly under pressure.

    There are two points where it tends to go wrong for me.

    One: When I am securing the elbow against by body, either at the shoulder, chest or crook of the arm. Either it takes too long or the elbow tends to slip out.

    Two: If the opponent manages to lift my inside elbow before I can do the rotation for the take down.

    I have a fudged solution for the second problem, step in and put the inside elbow under the opponents chin, making it difficult for them to push the elbow upwards. However this invites a punch in the head from the opponents free hand. On the upside the opponent is falling away from you as they hit you. Non the less this is far from ideal.

    Regarding the first problem of establishing control over the opponents elbow.

    I like the variation you show that ends with the opponents elbow under the biceps of your inside arm because it establishes control of their elbow from the start of the technique.

    How do you establish control the opponents elbow in the first version you demonstrate?
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  17. Simon

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    Tom, at 1.17 I don't have control. There is too much space between me and Andy, and as Please Reality pointed out he has loads of opportunity to knee me. The reason for this is demonstration only at this point. Too close and the newby would see what I'm doing.

    Is there a specific point in the video you're referring to?

    In terms of the opponent lifting the elbow you are dead right and there is a good little flow drill you can do here.

    [ame=""]Arm Bar into Figure four arm lock. - YouTube[/ame]

    I'm not a big fan of the figure 4 and where possible I use the bent arm lever, which is where my right arm goes under their right arm and grabs their wrist. A lot more pressure and pain for them.
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  18. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    Just asking Simon, aside from techniques, could we also ask about sparring strategies? like for an example, how I should have taken down two opponents? if no then forgive me for asking.
  19. Simon

    Simon Back once again Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    We have a sparring technique thread.

    I don't have anything there regarding two opponents, but if you ask the question there someone will help you out.
  20. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    Thanks very much for this post Youknowwho. Could you talk us through this technique it terms of how the balance is broken and what angles / direction you take the opponent to make them fall?

    How much of the balance break is due to the arms, and which direction are the arms pulling?

    How much of the balance break is due to the leg sweep? Which direction is the leg taken?

    Are the arms still pulling as the leg is taken? If so which direction?

    Many thanks again :)

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