The Richard Sandrak disscussion! 10 years old martial arts/body builder!

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by MATT_LIQUID, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Kwajman

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    I agree with ROnin, very few public schools and teachers worthwhile, most are awful. I would pull my own kids out of school if I had an option. The boy is lucky to be with his mom all the time. He actually does have a job, he is a spokesman for one of the supplement companies. So while most of our kids are off in school, he's making a bundle. He also travels with one of the West Coast Demonstration Teams. I don't think thats a paying position, but it sure helps his publicity.
  2. fluffydoc

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    I'm hoping you're joking.
    If not, I'll point out that he is a child and could be insufficiently mentally mature enough to make major decisions about his life. I'm certain he wasn't when he was 4!
  3. EKATZ

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    Jackson didn’t have much of a childhood because of his career. Richard is in a similar position for different reasons. However, with the possible exception of email, I think that Richard is much too smart to have anything to do with him. If I’m mistaken, he’s obviously more than a match for Jackson with those martial arts skills. I read in a former Yahoo group that some of the sexual suggestions had upset him, as they would with anyone so young. I rest my case.
  4. Kwan Jang

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    -To Kwajman, Having performed with the West Coast Demo Team off and on for decdes, I can definitely confirm that it is an unpaid position. It is a great learning experience and a lot of reasured memories, though.
  5. Shade

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    You rest your case?

    I wasnt saying that they should have a fight. Or even have a chat.

    You do understand what i WAS saying don't you??
  6. shotokanwarrior

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    i bet whoever constructed that website was just assing around.
  7. EKATZ

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    I think that I do. I’d remembered how much I love horseplaying with kids, but had some second thoughts when I saw how strong he is. In 2001 I’d realized how I could help to correct some spelling errors that were on his Website. I still don’t believe that his parents should have put so many pictures of him half naked online, though. When I’d read how much some jerks had judged him based mainly on his appearance, I’d believed that he wasn’t being treated fairly. I sometimes help underdogs.

    Since Richard and I [Jackson, too] are vegetarians, I feel somewhat of a kinship with him. I try not to judge others superficially. The few people who’ve met him understand this.
  8. Maverick

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    Bet he kissed goodbye to his epyphiseal plates years ago.
  9. Shantari

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    well, all i have to say is, that its good that the parents have there kid althletic and "healthy" i would like to raise my kids if i ever had any, to be athletic and in great shape, but this raises the bar, i dont ohwell
  10. oldshadow

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    This may be taking a good thing to far but as long as the boy is healthy and happy who am I to judge his and his parent’s choices. The boy has great talent if he wants to develop it then why not. People tend to judge on what’s best on their experiences and that might not apply to this family.

    I had a young student (10 years old) who went to school one day with a black eye from sparing. A teacher at his school asked him how he got it. He told them and the teacher called his parents in to talk to them. When she asked the boy if he liked getting hit in the face like that he said the only sane thing “no”. Then she accused his parents of abusing him by making and /or letting him go to a place that this could happen. The boy spoke up at that time and stated that no he didn’t like getting hit in the face but the sparing was great fun and sometimes you get hit even if you try to keep it from happing. He also stated that he wanted to go his classes because he loved them. The teacher then told the parents that she was sure they and the karate instructors had brained washed the boy in to this type of behavior and they were abusing him by letting him go to a place that condoned violence like this. The parents talked to the principle of the school and every thing was straightened out but if you ask that teacher I bet she still believes we are all cruel thugs for doing this to the boy.

    As long as he wants it let him do it. He could be doing a lot worse thing with his time.
  11. xxmonkeyspazzxx

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    Richard is Amazing

    Seriously, all of you who are calling him weird and mocking him are just mad that your adult bodies can't compete with a 12 year old. He has something that all of us want... he has discipline, motivation, muscles and the brains to back it. Furthermore, his parents are from the Ukraine... those people aren't like Americans. They do what they can to earn money. They've taught that to their son and now that's what he knows to do... and there's nothing wrong with that since he likes doing it. He's set for life now assuming he keeps working out. He already has movie offers. It's really no different than other parents encouraging their children to play sports or take ballet. Get over it and get over yourselves.
  12. nForce

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    OK guys i hope your all having a laugh?

    This kid is not only the ugliest kid i've ever seen, but also the most ill treated i've seen.

    His dad used to feed him 'unknown substances' from an early age of two. . *cough* steroids *cough*, hence when his dad went to prison for beating him and his mum, the kid didn't seem to grow anymore, hmmmm, i wonder why . .

    If any of you bodybuild out there you'll know this kid will be dead by a very young age, disabled by 20 etc

    And to the guy who's brother whos only 16 and can bench 140kg, although he wont say it or admit it, but he's on steroids mate

    It's hard to accept it, but it's as obvious to me as any other bodybuilder that this kid juices and so does your brother.

    When people talk about naturally strong and good genetics, they're not talking 90kg bench press at 8years old, or 140kg bench press at 16, they're talking about shape, definition, fat % etc,

    If 2 people train hard for a year, both the same routine etc, same diet, but at the end of the year, one guy can bench 5-10kg more then the other, thats genetically gifted, 50kg+ is steroid gifted.
  13. harhar

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    lol why is a 140kg bench so hard to believe? Just because you arent as strong doesnt give you the right to lash out at genetically gifted people. I prefer to use these genetic freaks as inspiration to try harder and beat them through pure hard work.

    I know a couple of guys that I taught how to do deadlifts yet they threw up weights for reps which I couldnt even lift a single time when I first began.
  14. nForce

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    Lol mate your clearly misguided, genetically gifted doesnt make you the hulk.

    Look ronnie coleman benches 230kg, he's been bodybuilding for YEARS and tanning steds for years and yes happens to be genetically gifted, so your telling me some 16 year old whos been training for a year or more (more than that and it has little affect due to body being too young) can bench 140kg? your living in a dream world

    next youll be telling me that ronnie coleman doesnt take steroids lol
  15. Moridin

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    First of all, why is it that this particular thread evokes so many reactions? Hmmm? But never mind that.

    If you ask Jackie Chan about his childhood, you'd find out that little Richard isn't that unique. Read/watch about the many children growing up in Asian/East European gymnastics institutes and you'd have more to talk about. Even in a country like the Netherlands,there was a young girl gymnast that was pressured to perfection untill her body "broke".

    Do some research about those Chinese schools that take live-in students as young as 6 to deliver Hong Kong actors or Wu Shu athletes +10 years later. What do you think Jet Li went thorugh to become Chinese Wu Shu champion? If you can pick up the Jackie Chan documentary "My Story", you'll hear Jackie saying himself it was a harsh, unhappy time. He's not hiding the truth.

    I am not pro or contra this Richard thing. Because I DON'T KNOW THEM PEOPLE. I'm just pointing to the fact that most of "us" live in a different world. I do hate children being denied their childhood. And in many countries in the regions i named, this does happen.(believe that!) But i DON'T KNOW Richard.

    One thing must be said though, if you just take some time to actually read his profile on his states he likes "hanging out with his friends", playing "Playstation" and other things popular with kids. I'm not saying you should believe the profile, but i don't think he's worse off than the average Joe. At least he's in the spotlight so that people/authorities are keeping an eye on things.

    I know there's many other kids, that are going through hell as we speak. Nobody's keeping an eye on them. But that's far away, so why should we care huh?

    PS I think a lot of people don't like the fact that he's doing things they can't. And that in a few years he'll be getting phone numbers they'll never get. :D

    PPS What is a "troll"? Or what is "trolling" on a message board?
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  16. nekogami13

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    20/20 interviewed him-he outlined his abuse at the hands of his father, his isolation, etc.

    Great way to raise a kid.
  17. MerKaBa

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    ... don't they feel that all this excessive training at such a young age may not be good? Can't this seriously stunt his growth...
  18. harhar

    harhar I hate semaphores

    Ronnie dont even train for strength lol (hes a friggin bodybuilder). I think you're the one whos misguided if you're taking Ronnie into a purely strength discussion. There are many who start weight training at the age of 10.

    I'd say its possible but in no way am I saying that its common. These types of people make up 0.01% of the population at most. My guess is that 140kg bench is a shirt bench, not RAW. Still pretty impressive though.

    Btw, the current world record bench is 455kgs (although many did not like how the guy acheived that record, including me).
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  19. nForce

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    Footballers don't train like powerlifters, they train like bodybuilders to my understanding. . And ronnie coleman is incredibly strong. I was just using it to compare him vs a 16 yr old footballer, football in USA is really driven, if 99% of them kids took steroids etc i wouldn't be suprised
  20. Moridin

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    Have you got any proof like links, recordings or even quotes of that interview? When was it? Can we find it anywhere? You do understand that many of us would like to know more about this? (at least i do)

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